What Skills to Look for When Hiring a Python Developer

Skills to look in python developers

Python is a very highly rated programming language, even if we only count the possibilities through it. When hiring Python developers, you will have to be very specific, as, for such development languages, core expertise in the subject matters remains essential. Using Python, you can do almost anything, and it is far more capable in those terms, compared to other languages.

This can act as a double-edged sword to many people who are just looking for Python developers, as their project might miss the fit Python developers. This is basically due to so many applications that Python serves a purpose for, and to find those who can be fit your project needs more bifurcation of skills. To make sure you hire the right people, you need to extensively research on Python, and then post a job for what you are looking for in a Python developer. 

Python can be used for mobile applications, web development, software development, machine learning, AI, and many more. When hiring a Python developer for your project, you will need to rule down what exactly your project requires, to ensure the programmer you hire is a fit to it.  With so many things to consider when hiring a Python developer, we decided to make a list of them all. 

Let’s find out the skills to look for when hiring a Python developer

1.Knowledge of Core Python

The first and foremost skill to look for when hiring a Python developer is their knowledge in core Python. We are explicitly mentioning this because specifically with Python, you will find a lot of developers who opt-in particular uses of Python. The problem the prior leads to is the developers won’t have core knowledge of how Python works, but would still specialise in parts necessary for the project. 

While this won’t and shouldn’t be a preliminary requirement in some cases, in most cases it would matter a lot more. The core expertise of development language helps a developer work around things more efficiently. And with how spread-out Python is, the core development knowledge should be kept as a major factor while hiring a Python developer to work on your project.

2.Frameworks Proficiency

There are three types of frameworks in Python, their proficiency should be considered when hiring a developer to work on your project. Notably, there are frameworks for almost everything in Python, every possibility has been made easier through a framework. A good Python developer would not only be knowledgeable about the types of frameworks but also how to use each of the necessary ones. 

Since there are mostly frameworks for everything nowadays, you would need to see if the candidate you chose is proficient enough. You can make a list of questions based on the frameworks you think would be required for your project. Ask your heart out to the developer, just make sure you are asking for frameworks which apply to your development project, and the developer is aware of it. 

3.HTML/CSS Proficiency

For any web development projects, you would need to be double sure your choice of the developer has these skills, even if its basic knowledge. Every web development project, at some point in time, would require these skills, and it would be highly unlikely that a web developer doesn’t know of them. Checking for these would make sure if you are looking for a Python web developer, you find the right one. 

While the Python web development frameworks omit the most need for expertise in HTML/CSS, you can balance the test you take accordingly. If you are looking for web developers, you should know that Python full stack developers can take up both front-end and back-end, if you find them. The easiest path to searching full stack python developers would be to check for those experts in Django, Web2Py, or Turbogears.

Hire HTML Developers

4.Knowledge of Databases

Now this one is more like which databases, as Python also serves as a proficient language for data science. But this point is focused on generic databases which are used in software solutions and backend databases. You would have to make sure the developer you hire is highly proficient in databases, as they will have a lot of related work over a period of time. 

Databases are necessary for almost all web and mobile application projects, so as for software solutions. Without gathering and pushing data, almost nothing can be dynamic in nature, and gone are the days of static applications. Put databases as a part of your technical test to the developer, and make sure you include all possible databases you might work upon in your projects. 

5.Scripting Knowledge

Scripting languages like JavaScript enable a lot more things than we see on our website, without them we would have not been where we are today. It isn’t a must to have skill but rather a good to have skill for a python developer. Major front-end work is done using Javascript in many mobile applications and websites, so to make a perfect integration it is a skill a Python developer should possess. 

Like we said in the above point, a lot of full-stack frameworks would ease the job of integration. But the frameworks have their very own limitations, and someone with javascript skill would prove to be beneficial in that scenario. Decide if you want someone with this skill based on the individual project, as it may turn out to be irrelevant in some cases. 

6.AI/ML Proficiency

A Python can be capable of working in both artificial intelligence and machine learning. Python makes it easier for developers to implement AI and create machine learning algorithms and is one of the most preferred languages for both. If you are looking to analyze your data properly, make sure to check the Python developer’s proficiency in data science well in advance. 

Both machine learning and AI require data as primary, and the Python developer you are looking for should be proficient in data science and algorithm creation if you are looking to step into AI/ML. While many of the Python developers won’t even know about them, the ones you are looking for in case of such a project should be highly proficient in these skills. 

7.Blockchain Proficiency

If you are looking to implement your project on the blockchain or are planning to use blockchain in some way or the other, you will have to check for this skill explicitly. Generic Python developers wouldn’t have a clue about blockchain and might get easily lost and come to your doors for a job. Make sure to thoroughly check their data structure knowledge, and general blockchain knowledge before hiring. 

If your project revolves around making a custom chain, we recommend you hire expert Python blockchain developers, as generic Python developers wouldn’t be able to implement it. Many Python developers have come up as blockchain developers in recent years due to the increasing popularity of blockchain. To hire an expert blockchain developer might get tough, but if you look hard enough you might find one.


Not all of the above-mentioned skills are a must-have for all Python developers, but other than Blockchain and AI/ML, most would be needed at some point in time depending on your project. Make sure you thoroughly go through the proficiency of Python developers you select, as many would simply know the basics rather than having working proficiency. There are a lot of freelance Python developers for hire, but the best ones usually are taken by either top web development companies or blockchain development companies.

As an alternative to looking for hiring freelance Python programmers, you can also opt for hiring dedicated python developers from one of the top python development companies. We have years of experience in creating projects of all scales using Python, and our hiring models allow you to hire Python developers dedicatedly for your own project. If you are looking for Python developers, we can help you find the ones perfectly suited for your project, simply contact us to begin our journey together. 

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