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What is an On-demand Music App?

On-demand music streaming apps are your way to entertaining music delivered right via your smartphones. As registered users, you can simply register to the app and get a curated list of trending music in the languages you prefer. Not only this, the apps feature a huge music library that customises your playlists with the types of the song you would love.
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The first step is to register through email id. Application users can also register using their social media accounts.

Music Browsing

Post the registration process, and users can browse through unlimited tracks available & even create their playlists.

Customised Playlists

Tracking user's behaviour enables music customisation as per user’s tastes to improve the listening experience.

Radio Stations

The app accesses the available channels in location, allowing users to listen to their favourite streaming songs.

What Features to Expect in an On-demand Music Streaming App?

Delight the music lovers by offering them an on-demand music streaming experience powered by feature-rich mobile applications
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To start with, users have to register using their email id or social media accounts

Discover The Track

Post the registration process; users can browse through unlimited songs tracks available

Download Offline

Users can download their favourite tracks offline, thus streaming in weak networks

Create Playlists

Music lovers can create public or private playlists of their favourite soundtracks and share them

Radio Channels

This feature facilitates users to enjoy their favourite radio channels, at their pace

Like & Share

Users can like & share their loved tracks on social media using third-party integrations

Know Your Music

The app has information about the song played such as artist, album & its lyrics

In-app Purchase

To access add-free, unlimited, offline subscription users have to buy a paid membership

Track Uploading

Admin can upload various music tracks for users to listen under album/artist using the app

Edit Albums

Admin can edit, i.e. add or modify music playlists from time to time using the dashboard

Delete Tracks

Besides the edit and creating the soundtracks, admin also monitors music records removal


Admin can pre-listen to tracks before adding them. This also helps with advertisements


Integrate multiple gateways for payments and provide options for users to choose from

Push Notifications

Push notifications sent by admin can enable them to boost customer engagement

Manage Subscriptions

Admins can manage subscription plans and customise them as per the need


All of the ads and promotional campaigns are managed by admin using API integrations

Want to Build an On-demand Music Streaming App?

Enable better streaming experience for music lovers across the platforms with Matellio’s expert native and cross-platform app development services.
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Types of On-demand Music Apps We Can Build For You

Choose from the features of the most popular and user-favourite pet care apps in the UK, and we can build apps like the following for you.
App like Spotify Development

Application like Spotify

We can create a Spotify clone app if you like, customised with the features you like from Spotify.

App like BBC Sounds Development

Application like BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds is a great inspiration for on-demand music app development; choose the features you want.

App like Deezer Development

Application like Deezer

Want to create an app like Deezer? Choose from the features you like an we will implement in your app.

App like Apple Development

Application like Apple Music

Choose from the best features of one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world, Apple Music.

App like Tidal Development

Application like Tidal Music

Want features on offer by the popular music app Tidal? Get your app like Tidal in the least cost and time.

App like Youtube Development

Application like Youtube Music

Youtube Music offers great features in the app; we can develop your on-demand music app with those.

App like Soundcloud Development

Application like Soundcloud

Get the perfect Soundcloud app clone; we add the features you want directly to your music streaming app.

App like Amazon Music Development

Application like Amazon Music

Get the best features with getting an app like Amazon Music developed by expert mobile app developers.

Do You Have Questions?

Get the answers to the most common questions by the expert on-demand Music app developers.

1. What are the possible monetisation models for an on-demand music app?

You can choose from one of the following proven methods to layout a monetisation plan for your app: 

  • Freemium: This model enables users unlimited access to the tracks while charging them for added services. 
  • Ads: Partner with various organisations and allow their ads to play on the app for freemium users. 
  • Paid Plans: This plan takes away the liberty of using the app for free from the user. And thus, if you want to monetise your app via the third option, you can establish your trust in the user by providing a free trial for a certain period and then extending it.

2. How much does it cost to make an app like Spotify?

The cost of apps like Spotify varies on a lot of factors, especially considering Spotify would have spent millions of dollars until now for their app. To know the development cost, simply send us your requirements, and we will send you a quote after a thorough examination.

3. How do you create a music app?

There are various ways to create a music app, and you can choose from either native development, cross-platform development, and even PWAs. We can support all development technologies for making your music app with our exceptional mobile app development teams.

4. Is Spotify a native app?

Almost all the popular apps with millions of users are native apps, including Spotify. However, when starting your online music app business, we recommend going with the cheaper alternative of cross-platform development. Not only does it help you target both popular mobile platforms, but it offer performance similar to native apps.

5. Can I create a music streaming app?

With the right music streaming app development partners, everyone can make an app for themselves. You only need to decide the features you want in your app and the idea you would base it around, and the rest will be taken care of by the mobile app development company you hire.

6. Is it mandatory to offer a web app or website with an on-demand music app?

No. It is completely your take. If you want to cater to the users on the web as well, you need to build a website. If not, a mobile app will be sufficient.

7. How to hire developers from Matellio?

There are various hiring models to choose from: 

  • Turnkey model 
  • Dedicated Hiring 
  • Time and Material based model 

You also have the option to propose your own hiring requirements, and we will do our best to fulfil them.

8. What are Matellio’s core expertise and industry experience?

At Matellio, we have been serving global clientele for a decade and have our offices across the USA and the UK, including other leading countries. Having served more than 1000 clients from different industries, we are an expert web and mobile app development company skilled at cutting-edge technologies.

9. Which platforms can Matellio develop apps for?

We can help you with: 

  • Native app development (iOS and Android) 
  • Hybrid app development 
  • Cross-platform app development

10. How are responsive websites different from mobile apps?

There are a couple of key differences between responsive web design and mobile apps. Responsive mobile design generally means that your site is designed specifically for mobile use. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are specific applications customized to each Operating System (OS) that feature unique designs and codebases.