Top 10 Mobile Application Development Trends to look for in 2021

Mobile apps have been gaining popularity massively in recent years, and 2020 has been a major year for a variety of applications which aided COVID crisis in one way or the other. The coming year is going to see a further increase in content consumption, as well as a utility based on mobile applications. It should be seen as an opportunity for those planning to establish their mobile app-based business in 2021. 

We are looking forward to the integration of new technologies, and the onset of on-demand everything, and whatnot, in the year to come. The world is pretty much shaped by mobile apps now, especially with them playing an integral part in daily chores and life. We assume the total apps and the market share of mobiles over desktops is going to further be up in 2021, and the mobile app trends are changing. 

Mobile application trends to Look for in 2021

1. AI, ML Integration

The world is moving towards being completely data-centric, to fulfil the demand for personalised everything. The worldwide investment on AI is growing at an explosive pace, and we assume a lot will be done as integration in mobile apps in the coming year. Data is essential to corporations, no matter the service they provide, it helps improve, and it helps the product evolve to better. 

Machine learning is a major part of AI, and without it, it isn’t possible to imagine a capable AI system. While it might not directly affect the users through their mobile phones, it will have major effects overall when we put the other technologies which require it in the picture. A lot of technologies depend directly on ML, and to bring out the best in them, we are assuming a massive increase in ML integration in mobile app development companies.

2. AR/VR

AR VR apps

It might feel like this technology is in the list every year, and isn’t yet making a substantial contribution to the mobile apps, but that isn’t the case. While a mixed reality was imagined as the threshold of AR/VR adoption, that isn’t likely the case. Look around, and you will see major brands implementing AR to showcase their products within their apps, and the trend is being fast adopted.

We are looking at better cameras with the latest iPhone now featuring LiDAR, along with others, and this could be a game-changer for AR. VR too is set to gain pace, but it is tough to assume the next technology which would make it possible. In case your business can leverage this technology, it is highly recommended to make use of it, while it may be in its infancy, it still houses a lot of potential in mobile apps.

3. PWAs

Progressive web apps have massively taken over the desktop department in 2020, and we assume it is coming after mobiles in 2021. While a lot of limitations surround PWAs, they are lightning-fast, and so much better than generic websites. While some may not consider them true mobile applications, the definition changes with who you ask, and they are ready to take over the smartphone market. 

4. Cross-platform Development

Technologies like React Native, Flutter are the new way to go for developing fast and capable applications for both iOS and Android in much less time. Cross-platform apps can be built with a very high code reusability ratio compared to Native app development, greatly saving costs and time for the mobile app development. We have seen an improving trend for cross-platform apps, and we hope to see an even better improvement in 2020

The main reason why cross platform app development is gaining popularity is for a reason that maintenance and support work around pretty much the same code. There are many cross-platform app development technologies available, and we think they are all serving a particular purpose for every business. Choose between what your requirements are, and the capabilities of these technologies, in case you are planning to develop a mobile app in 2021.

5. Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise solutions are built to make work easier for employees and improve business operations. While for a long, long time people did not see it beyond desktops and workstations, enterprise mobility solutions entered the scene. Mobile enterprise solutions offer flexibility and portability while ensuring the applications remain secure enough to be used for enterprise operations. 

6. On-demand Applications

The on-demand service industry has grown massively in the times of COVID, and have had the users completely stuck on it. People no longer want to move afoot, and would rather use a mobile app for ordering an item or service on-demand, and we believe this trend is only going upward in 2021. Look around, and you will see an on-demand service for anything and everything, it is a well-anticipated trend in mobile application development in 2021.

7. 5G

Though there is no particular integration of the 5G technology directly involved in the development, it is still set to revolutionise it completely. 5G enables amazingly fast internet browsing speeds, and it directly affects how a user interacts with a mobile app. While mobile apps aren’t so heavy, they can leverage the speeds in real-time, with the user getting lightning-fast responses from the app. 

The technology is going to change how we planned out mobile apps till now, there will be many more possibilities henceforth. While many things we deemed impossible right now, like hitting multiple heavy API, and everything related to bandwidth limitations, can now be taken care of through fast 5G connections. 

6. Ready-made Applications

Some people are inclined towards buying ready-made apps rather than developing it from scratch. We have seen a lot of people going on with this new trend and becoming highly successful. This methodology promises a revolution in the mobile app development industry, where the business pays for the source code and customisation, speeding up the entire development process by a huge margin. 

You would probably get the source code for any type of app, and you can get it completely customised as the source code would be yours after buying it. While it is technically a mobile app development trend, what people ought to do is customisation and addition of the features they require. We are going to see much more of this trend in the coming year and beyond that. 

7. Chatbot/Assistant Integration

The world is moving on from touching their phones, and if your app isn’t compatible with chatbots and virtual assistants, you may face a huge loss of customers. As a simple example, suppose you are building a business of music streaming and build an app for it, would people care to buy it if it doesn’t work with their home speakers from Google, Amazon, Apple? They simply wouldn’t.

Virtual assistants have taken over the majority of monotonous jobs and made them their own, people simply don’t like to scroll in for accessing functions on a functionally based app. Chatbots work the same way, no one likes waiting for support staff, they need immediate attention and answers, the only way to achieve it is chatbots, and we see this trend going majorly upwards in coming years.

8. Collapsible Displays

Be prepared to develop your mobile apps responsive for use on different resolutions of a collapsible or foldable display. Getting it right will be very difficult, and you might want to approach one of the top app development companies if you want a perfect app. This has been an ongoing trend with the mobile app development companies, and they are basically pushing developers to make compatible apps. 

You might want to target a specific audience, which can spend so much money on foldable devices, or you may simply want a total reach. But in any of the cases, getting the app resolution on point is a necessity, and you will need it in 2021. Perfection is all in with the competition that’s going on, and to make things perfect, choose who to hire as your mobile app development company wisely. 


Mobile apps are certain to become better and better each year in the future, and 2021 would be an important year for them. The above are the most likely trends to be followed in mobile app development, as these have been the popular demands to us as a mobile app development company. We at Matellio believe in creating top-notch mobile applications through all development technologies available, and create yours in minimum price and time. 

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