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    What is Enterprise Architecture Software?

    An architecture developed for the growth of an organisation through long-term evolution of IT systems, reducing system complexity, enhancing the effective IT systems & refactoring existing solutions is called an Enterprise architecture software. When the enterprise architecture is in place, it determines an organisation's success by increasing the increasing overall efficiency of the business through IT systems. Talk to our Enterprise Architecture Software developers about your business, and we will offer you the solutions that will fit your business needs.


    The Enterprise Architecture Software is simple enough to facilitate effective communication between the team members and get their viewpoints.



    The enterprise system continuously adapts to the ever-changing market demands; thus, the architecture must have a highly flexible system to incorporate changes.



    Allows creation of a simple inventory of valuable building blocks that can be constantly used to cut down development and maintenance expenditure for various projects.



    The Enterprise Architecture Software solutions should be technologically independent and should separate the business application long life cycle from the technology cycles.

    Key Features of the Enterprise Architecture Software Development

    The robust Enterprise Architecture Software come with exceptional features that help your organisation’s significant IT systems to work efficiently.

    Architecture Management

    Architecture Management

    Each enterprise needs a dedicated team for architecture management, ensuring that everyone stays on track and aligns business goals with an excellent IT infrastructure.

    Documentation artefacts

    Documentation Artefacts

    An organisation's documents strategy, plan, and workflow are set up in the documentation artefacts. The IT solutions must fit the needs set out by the framework and implementation.

    Strategic Insight

    Strategic Insight

    The Enterprise Architecture Software offers you a holistic overview of your IT parameters and provides a technological roadmap for your business strategies and goals.

    Implementation Methodology

    Implementation Methodology

    The methodology required for the implementation of the strategy laid out by the enterprise architecture framework directs the project's development to completion.

    Architecture Repository

    Architecture Repository

    It is an enterprise toolbox where all the resources and processes of an organisation are available, and the teams can use any tool to complete the goals set out by the framework.

    Offers Competitive Advantage

    Offers Competitive Advantage

    Owing to the client-centric approach, Matellio develops unique enterprise architecture solutions and designs for each customer, making your architecture exclusive.

    Architecture Management

    Architecture Framework

    The architecture framework defines the architecture of the software as the blueprint, which defines the whole picture for enterprise strategy that also includes the IT infrastructure.

    Associated Best Practices

    Associated Best Practices

    The organisation has to develop the standardisation of their operating procedures that enforces consistency of processes and compliance along with transparency.

    Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    We craft the designed architecture depending on your requirement & work processes so you get a solution for your organisation’s IT systems while being effective.

    Leverage the benefits of Enterprise Architecture Solutions for Your Business

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    Why Choose Matellio for Enterprise Architecture Software Development 

    Our experts at Matellio understands your enterprise architecture concerns and provide you with more than just solutions.

    Transparent Policies

    NDAs and Strict Policies

    Our developers follow strict policies and NDAs to keep your development information safe.

    Regular Reporting

    Continuous Reporting

    We keep you in the loop with the project progress via regular communication.

    Experienced Professionals

    Experienced Professionals

    Our developers help businesses with digital transformation with their expertise.


    Flexible Hiring Models

    Choose from our wide range of flexible engagement models for your business needs.

    Easy No Obligation Quote

    Easy No-obligation Quote

    We offer you the project estimate without binding you into obligations.

    Agile Methodology

    Strictly Agile Methodology

    We strictly adhere to agile development principles and ensure quality outcomes.

    Expert Managers

    Experienced Managers

    Never face any project management issues with our expert managers

    Seamless Communication

    Seamless Communication

    We prefer the communication channels that you like for accessible communication.

    A Glimpse of How Your Custom Enterprise Architecture Software Will Look Like

    The enterprise architecture software will come loaded with features to help improve your business processes and operations.

    Process of Hiring Enterprise Architecture Software Developers from Matellio

    We keep it simple for our clients to hire Enterprise Architecture developers for their next project with the most common hiring models.
    • 1

      Request For Quotation

      Talk to Experts
      Market Analysis
      Feasibility Check
      Cost & Time Estimation

    • 2

      Requirement Planning

      Initial Designs
      Estimated Work Hours
      Sprint Planning

    • 3

      Development & Testing

      Building the team

    • 4

      Support & Maintenance

      Software Updation
      Adding Custom Features
      Post-launch Support

    Client reviews

    We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
    Richard Sylwander

    CEO, Foxrey

    Our project was both complex & challenging, but Matellio has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, speed & communication.
    Drew Benson

    Founder, Ostrij

    Matellio successfully delivered a well-coded platform that our business essentially revolves around.
    Rajeev Sharma

    Director, Tracking Genie

    Matellio developed an efficient website and app to allow users to track a vehicle's speed and receive reports of vehicles seamlessly.
    Ticia Mcillwain

    Sky Valley, California

    We’ve worked hard to align with each other’s expectations and that makes for a great relationship.
    Jeff Lunceford

    CEO, Landscapper LLC

    I greatly appreciate the work that Matellio's team did for me. I would never been able to accomplish development without their skills.
    Chris Eberhardt

    Founder, TimeLock Documentation

    Matellio was involved in the design, development, and testing phases … They’re very well-rounded in that regard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to the most common Enterprise Architecture software development questions by the experts.

    1. What is enterprise architecture software?

    Enterprise software architecture is a software developed for the overall growth and development of the organisation’s information technology (IT) sector. The enterprise software architecture focuses on the long-term evolution of IT systems in a more advanced and future-proofed company compared to the previous systems.

    2. How does enterprise architecture software work?

    Enterprise architecture is a software developed for the overall growth and development of the organisation’s information technology (IT) sector that aims on identifying the business changes and analyses the outcomes. Enterprise architecture tools help businesses to collaborate, build reports, run tests that IT bringinto the business.

    3. What are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture software solutions?

    The six basic elements of Architecture management include 

    • Architecture framework 
    • Implementation methodology 
    • Documentation artifacts 
    • Architecture repository 
    • Associated best practices

    4. What tools and techniques are used in enterprise architecture software?

    The main tools used for the enterprise architecture management are 

    • Avolution Abacus. 
    • BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio. 
    • BOC Group Adoit. 
    • CrossCode Panoptics. 
    • Erwin. 
    • Innoslate. 
    • MEGA International Hopex. 
    • Orbus Software iServer

    5. What are the four typical domains of enterprise architecture?

    Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the alignment of these architecture domains 

    • Business 
    • Information 
    • Process 
    • Technology 

    6. What are the different types of enterprise architecture framework?

    The Enterprise Architecture Frameworks include three major types of frameworks: 

    • Template Framework (Zachman Framework) – The fundamental structure for Enterprise Architecture 
    • Content Framework – The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and the variants (MODAF and NAF) 
    • Unified Profile for EA frameworks from OMG (UDPM, UAF) 

    7. Why enterprise architecture is important?

    Enterprise architecture software looks up for the opportunities for integration which prevents inconsistency in the work processes. Additionally, it also provides an organisation with a planning that can help them better understand the business strategy, respond faster to competitive pressures and come with the suitable solutions faster.

    8. What are the most important artifacts of an enterprise architecture?

    The eight important EA artifacts are:

    • Principles 
    • Technology 
    • Reference models 
    • Guidelines 
    • Business capability models 
    • Roadmaps, 
    • Landscape diagrams 
    • Solution overviews
    • Solution designs 

    9. Why should Matellio be my partner for enterprise architecture software development?

    Matellio has years of expertise in delivering the enterprise architecture solutions to the businesses across various verticals. Our expert developers can craft solutions that will fit your business needs and will also integrate these solutions without any hassles. Moreover, we will offer the most cost-effective solutions with no compromises on quality.

    10. How can I hire enterprise architecture software developers from Matellio?

    We have created a flexible engagement model for hiring developers that include,    

    • Dedicated Developers Model    

    You can hire dedicated developers per your requirement and convenience and only pay a per hour charge.    

    • Turnkey Project Model    

    Let our experts work on project evaluation. This model is for those who are looking forward to the best.    

    • Time and Material Basis Model    

    The complete application development process is our responsibility that includes choosing the correct development path.