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Enable your users to connect better with the world, express their opinions, and reach out to more friends using a social media platform
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What is a Social Media App?

Social media apps are web-based applications that provide information sharing and publishing in the form of text, video, audio, and pictures. Registered users can create personal profiles and connect to the community better using these apps. Social media apps facilitate one to search for their friends across boundaries and connect with them breaking the barriers.
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Quick Profile Creation

Users can create a profile by registering using email to share vital information about them across their friend list


Social platform users can use a feature to opinionate, share something, and express themselves with text and media


Enable your social platform users to communicate with their friendslist using inbuilt chat dashboard seamlessly


Users can scroll through the platform’s newsfeed to check what their friends have shared and interact with these posts

What the Must-Have Features in a Social Media App?

Develop a feature-rich app that enables your users to enjoy phenomenal social networking across geographies
Need Custom Features?

Create a profile and add details to it based on what you would like to share with your friends

Login/Sign Up

Users can sign up to app using email or contact number and use these credentials to log in

Publish Content

App allows the user to publish their content that they wish to share as text, images, videos, etc.

Edit/ Delete Content

Simply delete the content if you wish to and edit the required part with this feature


Communicate with friends using an inbuilt chat board and share messages in various formats

Create Groups

Users can create public and private groups to connect with likeminded people on the app


Newsfeed is a source of posts shared by the other users on the apps added to one's friendslist

Add and Search Friend

Users can search for their friends or people they want to add by entering their name/ email


Admins can log in to the app using the combination of email/ contact number and password

Manage Users

Admins can manage user-related aspects like viewing the information and modifying it


Admins can manage the massive amount of data generated by users and interactions on them


Admins can allow users to share content in various formats and manage the types


With robust backend support, Admins can easily manage the entire system seamlessly

Manage Groups and Pages

Admins can manage the user-created groups and pages with content shared on them


Admin manages the interactions on the social media platforms and maintains a count


Manage and assign various badges to users to identify specific activities of the users.

Want to Build a Social Media App?

At Matellio, we help you develop a robust and scalable social media platform that enables you to connect users across the globe seamlessly.
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Why should I choose Matellio for social media app development?

Our team fosters app development following a quality-centric approach. We are known among our clients for:

  • Custom app development that matches unique business requirements
  • Teams that are abreast of all the latest technologies and trends
  • Willingness and flexibility to adjust to market needs
  • A seasoned team of native, hybrid, and cross-platform app developers
  • Proven work methodology that focusses on on-time project deliveries
  • Agile methodology to ensure high client satisfaction
  • Flexible engagement models that can be adapted to the client’s requirements

Can you help me build an app like Twitter?

Yes. Our team can help you with the development of:

  • Apps like Facebook
  • Apps like Twitter
  • Apps like Snapchat
  • Apps like Instagram
  • Apps like LinkedIn

Do you have expertise in building a professional networking app?

Yes. We can help you develop an app that’s specifically meant for professional networking.

I don’t want to build a social media app, but I want an app that allows people to manage their social media platforms. They’ll be able to share content via this and view their mentions to foster engagement, maybe apps like Hootsuite or Buffer. Is it something you will be able to help with?

Yes. In fact, we have already built an app like it for one of our clients. Let’s talk about it more. Share your contact details with us so our experts can reach to you.

I already have a social media app. However, it’s not performing the way it should. Can you help me identify the pitfalls and overcome them?

Yes. We can do that for you.