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Swift is, by far, the best development language to create apps for Apple’s device lineup. Swift is fast, efficient, modern, and open-source, making it a top choice for Native app development. Swift also allows Obj-C interoperability, giving it a massive advantage over other development languages. When you hire Swift developers from Matellio, you get a perfect combination of experience and expertise.
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    What is Swift App Development ?

    Swift is the most popular app development language for building apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and more. Using Swift, developers can create high-performance apps for the complete Apple device lineup, it is the top choice for anyone looking for the best.
    Hire Swift developers to create an app for bringing your ideas to life, they will be able to quickly implement them using Swift’s capabilities. Our top developers are highly skilled in Swift and have been working in it since its very inception.
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    Open Source

    Swift is open-source and customizable, opening up possibilities for app developers.

    Designed for Safety

    Along with being deemed the safest, Swift is one of the most powerful languages around.

    Fast and Powerful

    Swift is faster than both Obj-c and Python, making it the top choice of iOS development.


    Supports and works with all Apple platforms, Linux, and all of the Apple devices.

    Our Swift App Development Services

    We have created mobile app solutions in Swift for different industries, below are our top demanded services for the technology.

    iOS App Development

    Through their intricate expertise in iOS development, our developers are highly experienced in creating apps that exceed the optimization others imagine. We create the app to perform and utilize the powerful processing chips in the iPhones while ensuring the app to be backward compatible for users who didn’t upgrade.

    watchOS Development

    We create and integrate the watchOS app with the complete Apple ecosystem, using Swift and it’s modernity capabilities. We make sure we create the perfect app, be it a companion or a standalone app, we will create it in the least possible time and cost compared to the entire competition.

    tvOS Development

    Apple TV has only grown in popularity since it’s inception. Our Swift tvOS developers can create the app you want in the least possible time. We make sure we integrate all the apps available to be used with the TV and make sure you can leverage that within your own tvOS app and business.

    macOS Development

    Planning a scalable application for Mac? We have got you covered with a separate team of Swift developers for macOS development. Swift is one of the most capable languages for macOS development, and to use the powerful devices completely, we ensure so while keeping the app optimized.

    Version Control

    Whether you plan on adding functionalities or have planned phases to release a new version to improve compatibility, we can help you with both. We will ensure we build reusable components for the future, even if you do not plan phases, this way you will be able to maintain and upgrade the app better.

    UI Designing

    We design intricate user interfaces which fit the Apple environment perfectly. iOS users have a preference for a specific type of design language, we ensure we put our experience to work while building your app. The app will be developed by expert developers and designers who know iOS in and out.

    Quality Assurance

    Hire Swift experts who know how to create the app fit to the ecosystem. Apple users are known to update their devices to the latest OSs, we ensure the quality of app for the next OS as soon as it releases. We offer backwards compatibility for previous OS versions and older devices, checking the app for each.


    We offer migration to Swift from your old application, be it a Hybrid, Cross-platform app, or an app built using C# or Python. We do so to reduce the time to develop your new Native apps, our expert Swift developers will always ensure they deliver you app in the least possible time and cost.


    We offer 30 days of free maintenance for the apps we create for you. It can also be extended based on special packages for our clients. We will extensively test and quality-assure your app before delivery, but in case some bugs or errors remain, we will fix it for free within thirty days from date of delivery.

    Industries We Serve

    We have served industries from diverse industry verticles and help them develop business solutions.













    Planning to get a Native app developed for Apple devices?

    We provide balanced app solutions using the Swift programming language.
    Hire Swift Developers

    Why Choose Matellio for Swift Developers?

    Our expertise extends to developing apps for every Apple device using Swift, we will create in the least possible time and cost.

    Experienced Developers

    Our developers are highly skilled and experts in creating apps that suits the taste of Apple users, which is something very hard to find in the competitors.

    Transparent Hiring Models

    Choose from a variety of hiring models, you can even present your preferences to our pre-made models and we can implement that especially for you.


    Quality Development

    The development team is responsible for maintaining top-notch code quality. We make the apps robust and ready to be used in extreme situations.

    High Client Retention

    Our client retention rate is highest in the industry, our old clients have been using our services since when they first approached us in the past.

    Experienced QA

    Our testers will ensure the app is built to handle every touch and feedback, our team ensures the app is bug free and there are no errors much before deployment.

    Support and Maintenance

    Our free support and maintenance package covers any errors or bugs in the application or software that we created, for 30 days from the delivery date.

    Process of Hiring Swift Developers from Matellio

    We have kept it simple for our clients to get their project started as soon as possible.
    • 1

      Request For Quotation

      Talk to Experts
      Market Analysis
      Feasibility Check
      Cost & Time Estimation

    • 2

      Requirement Planning

      Initial Designs
      Estimated Work Hours
      Sprint Planning

    • 3

      Development & Testing

      Building the team

    • 4

      Support & Maintenance

      Software Updation
      Adding Custom Features
      Post-launch Support

    Engagement Models

    We offer various hiring models for the convenience of our clients, a few popular ones listed below.

    Dedicated Developers Model

    You can hire Swift developers based on your requirements; you only pay us a per hour charge, no hidden fees.
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    Turnkey Project Model

    We together discuss the possibilities and the favourable development path for your app; it is also one of our most liked models.
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    Time and Material Basis Model

    We charge you for the time and material put in by the team in Matellio; it is the most cost-effective model for many of the clients.
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    Technologies We Work Upon

    Our Swift developers are proficient in all the tech skills required to develop the best in class app.

    Client Reviews

    Our clients admire our mobile app development services for a variety of reasons. Explore them here!!!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose Swift?

    Swift allows you to natively develop applications for the Apple device lineup, it ranges from watches to phones to TV, and everything in between.

    What kind of apps do you make in swift ?

    We have worked across industries in various niches, we have developed native apps for many of our former clients.

    Why should I choose Matellio for hiring Swift developers?

    When you hire Swift developers form Matellio, you will not only get expert developers, but our expertise and theirs combined, to work together for building a perfect app. 

    Why choose Swift over other app development technologies?

    Swift is one of the most efficient ways of developing a truly Native application for Apple devices. If you are looking for a performance-based app, look no further than Swift.

    If Swift is so useful, why are people still getting Cross-platform apps developed?

    The reason for this is simple, you get two apps with the effort of one through cross-platform app development, but if you require an optimized and high-performance app, Swift is the way to get it.

    What would be the cost to hire Swift developers?

    The cost to hire Swift developers varies based on their experience and expertise. We would be able to give you a full quotation and the time required once you send in your requirements.

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