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Ultimate health and fitness apps for your business to stay connected to your customers and help them meet their fitness goals with comprehensive training and tracking
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What is Health and Fitness App Solution?

Health and fitness apps offer an intuitive platform that connects medical practitioners and patients. Patients ailing from any of the diseases such as cold and flu, UITs, allergies, depression, anxiety, eye problems, etc. can instantly connect with one of the available healthcare experts and find a solution to their problem on-the-go. Bringing expert services under a single screen, these apps ensure that patients can avail expert help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
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Fitness Goal Management

No matter what your fitness goal is, a health and fitness tracker lets you track all its facets using a simple dashboard

Expert Help

Regardless of location, fitness freaks can gain access to expert instructors and trainers on-the-go using these apps

Motivational Comparison

Use mobile solutions to trace your journey from Day 1 to the current day to stay motivated towards your goals

Schedule Consultations

Whether you are a trainer or a trainee, you can easily book and manage appointments conveniently using easy to use interface

Features to Consider While Developing a Health and Fitness App

Bespoke on-demand health and fitness app development to help you revolutionize your business with cost-effective and efficient mobile solutions.
How Much Does this App Cost?
User Registration

Users can register using their email ID, contact number or social media accounts


A dashboard providing a comprehensive view of the user’s health-related data


Find out what workout routines suit you best according to your health statistics and fitness goals


Get the list of instructors registered on the app and select who demonstrates expertise

Visual Workout

Video workout to help users visualize a workout and follow it better

Live Chat

It enable instructors and trainees to communicate with fitness experts to seek advice

Track Water

Water has a lot to do with fitness. The users log their water intake and compare with ideal value

Progress Tracker

The person track their progress on daily, weekly, and monthly basis to encourage them

Fitness Chart

Prepare generalized fitness plans for the users , or make one on the basis of individual stats

Subscription Packages

Different basic and advanced subscription packages for users to choose from and avail

BMI Calculator

Calculate the BMI of every user help them decide the next step of plan

Customized Nutrition Plan

Prepare and share the nutrition according to the BMI, lifestyle of each user, and other vital aspects

Coupon Code

The dietician can give coupon codes for money-saving and to attract more users.

Calorie Counter

Get insights into the number of calories gained or lost as per the input of food and workout done

Amount Of Water Intake

This feature keeps a track on the amount of water intake in a day and also give timely reminders

Diet Chart

Build and share diet chart according to trainees weight, height and their weight agenda


The admin can view and manage the entire application feature by logging in the dashboard

Maintain The User’s Session

The admin can manage the user's session and make changes if users are not engaging

Manage Subscription Plans

The admin can manage the number of subscription plans, type of subscription plans

Manage Trainer

The admin can add new trainers, remove the old ones, assign the trainers to the user

Manage Food Plans

The admin can access the food plans, add new ones, make changes in the existing ones

Manage Nutrition

The admin can manage the nutrition in the diet plan & suggest the changes

Manage Fitness Plans

The admin can manage different fitness plans from beginners to intermediate to the extreme one

Feedback Submission

Share the feedback about how the app helped achieve the fitness goals or about the trainer

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Which type of health and fitness app can you develop?

We can help you build a wide range of health and fitness apps including (but not limited to):

  1. Workout app development
  2. Logbook app development
  3. Diet and Nutrition app development
  4. Fitness activity tracking app development

2. Can I build an app that works across all the platforms?

Yes. You can go for building cross-platform mobile apps. These apps work flawlessly across all the platforms. 

3. Who will bear the cost of third-party app integrations?

The cost shall be borne by the app owner, that is, the client. 

4. Are you open to doing a test task to demonstrate your skillset?

Yes, we are open to taking your test task to assure you about our skillset. However, that shall be payable.

5. Will you sign a contract with me before entering into the development phase?

Yes, we sign a contract with you to ensure complete transparency in our processes.