Custom Media and Entertainment Software Solutions

Offer next-gen entertainment to your audience by building top-notch software that offers multi-screen experiences powered by AR/ VR, AI, ML, and more.
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    What are Media and Entertainment Software Solutions?

    The Internet has drastically changed the media and entertainment industry. Online platforms are getting to the forefront, content consumption behaviour is transforming and an entirely new paradigm of music and industry have taken shape. This connected and mobile consumer landscape require greater agility to capitalize on emerging technologies.
    This is exactly where custom software solutions for the media and entertainment industry are making a long-lasting impact in terms of content creation, management & delivery. Brands can easily produce engaging content copy & distribute it across using cross-channel distribution tools. These platforms also enable better marketing along with multiple other benefits.
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    Custom Media and Entertainment Software Solutions

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    End-to-end Custom Media and Entertainment Apps

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Matellio guarantee the security and confidentiality of the intellectual property?

    We sign NDA agreement before discussing your requirements in detail to ensure that no details go out of this room. Apart from this, we audit our process and train our resources regularly, which helps our experts to deliver the same value.

    How do you assign software developers for a specific project?

    The scale of the project primarily determines resource allocation. For smaller projects, we assign a team of two developers and one QA along with UI/ UX expert. However, we are open to increasing the team if required on the prices which are mutually agreed.

    How do you deal with urgent bug fixing?

    We ensure to implement the best of the practices to avoid programming errors in the products we deliver. However, bugs creep in from time-to-time during usage. For these, we ensure quickest possible resolution depending upon the criticality.

    Will my observations about the prototypes be factored into the final version?

    Definitely. The best part about us is we function according to agile principles. This helps us iterate the project during its development and include your feedback to enhance the product even before it is created.

    Will Matellio upgrade the software in future, if needed?

    For sure. We are always glad to improve, upgrade, and develop our work.

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