Document Management Software

Are you tired of losing your vital documents? Do you find it difficult to manage hundreds and thousands of business files? Have you suffered losses for not having proper documents at the right time? If the answer to any of the above question is Yes, then you surely need document management software. And if you are planning to invest in such software.
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What is Document Management Software?

Document management software is a robust solution that carefully captures and records all your vital documents. It is used by organizations to store and track the essential documents that will be needed by them in the future. It makes use of an electronic scanner to capture the images of paper-based documents. It can also be used to transfer your vital records to the other person in digital form.
A document management software can also be used to control the flow of your documents within your system. It also lets you secure your documents by providing a security lock option. You can even know who edited the documents or can compare the reports before and after the changes. Document management software reduces the number of papers flowing into your business while increasing your productivity.
Easy Retrieval
Controlled Access
Enhanced Security
Better Backup
Improved Workflow

Features of Document Management Software

Document Storage

The first and foremost task of a document management software is to store your critical documents. It efficiently stores and manages your essential documents, and also provides options to categorize them for better management. It also offers options like e-signature so that you can authenticate the digital documents seamlessly. It stores all your critical data at a centralized location so that it can be seamlessly accessed without any problem.

User Dashboard

The document management software offers you a centralized dashboard to keep you updated about all the happenings related to document management. It provides you with complete data on what documents are stored, what are to be shared, who opened your files, etc. You can also send alerts and notifications to your employees or other people via this dashboard. Moreover, you can even grant exclusive rights using this centralized user dashboard option.

Version control

The main problem of centralized storage is that anybody can view your critical data. So, document management software enables you to secure your files using version control option. You can encrypt your files and can provide passwords to only those who you want. That way, no third person will be able to edit or view your vital documents. Besides that, it also gives you the option to store your data in the cloud to make it more secure.

File sharing

There is no aspect of storing your data securely if you can’t share it with the right person at the right time. So, the file-sharing option helps you to share your files quickly with the other person. Not only that, but you can also provide exclusive rights to the person with whom you are sharing your documents, i.e. view only view and edit, or comment. Moreover, you can even know what changes were made to the report, who made them and at what time.

Smart Search

Smart search option helps you to quickly find the required document from the list of all your documents. This feature works based on meta tags, i.e. you have to enter the first few keywords of a particular file, and it will display you the relevant results. These keywords might include the title of the data, headings, and so on. You can also filter your search based on the type of data like excel sheets, word documents, presentations, etc.

Multiple Format Support

There is no single thing which has not changed after the introduction of digitization in the global market. So, multiple format support option helps you to match the pace of the fast-changing world by storing all your documents irrespective of their formats. It enables you to store all types of files, whether word documents or excel sheets or even PDFs and images. It also lets you accept different image formats such as png, jpeg, or even GIF.

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