Medicine Delivery App Development

Expand your reach and grow your business with on-demand medicine delivery app while helping your customers with doorstep medicine delivery and refills.
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What is On-demand is Medicine Delivery Application?

Medicine delivery application helps businesses to reach their customers via mobile solutions. These apps allow customers to find medicines online, order them for doorstep delivery and even get timely refills in a few clicks. At the same time, pharmacy owners can leverage cutting-edge medicine delivery applications to fulfil orders and manage them seamlessly.
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Order Medicines

Customers can register to the app to search for medicines and place an order for the doorstep delivery in a few taps.

Online Prescriptions

Customers can upload their doctor prescriptions on the app & can store them on cloud to access whenever they want.

Track Orders

Once the order is successfully placed, user will receive real-time alerts for the order status & can even track delivery on maps.

In-app Payments

Customers can easily pay for their orders using most preferred methods via integrated payment gateways.

On-demand Medicine Delivery App Features

Custom on-demand medicine delivery app solutions that fit all types of global businesses and are technologically advanced and commercially feasible.
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Registration and Login

Register and log in to the app using email/ contact number and password combination


The application allows users to maintain specific information about them in the profile panel

Add Prescription

Customers can easily add doctor prescriptions in the profile panel and find them handy

Search Medicines

Enter the name of the medicine and find them at your fingertips with all the vital details

Order Medicine

Add the required medicines to the cart and complete the order after entering your details

Pay for Orders

Pay for your orders in the most convenient way by leveraging the in-app payment options

Order History

Quickly locate details about your past orders and re-order in a few taps using this feature

Avail Offers and Discounts

Make the best of offers and discounts and be the first one to know them with this feature

Register/ Login

Register your pharmacy services on the app with a simple and easy-to-use interface

Dedicated Interface

Pharmacists can use a user-friendly, interactive interface for creating and managing orders

Order Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications about respective pharmacy orders through the notifications

Digital Prescriptions

View patient’s digitized prescriptions & take necessary actions accordingly using this feature

Receive Payments

Stores can receive payments directly in the app and track their details easily


See how your business performs over time with a comparative view using deep analytics

Push Notifications

Interact and engage with users better using push notifications to attract them to your store

Manage Store Details

Easily add/ modify/ delete store details to pass updated information to your customers


Admin can verify all the requests made by customers, store owners & view in dashboard

Payment Gateway

The application has multiple payment gateways which broadens the business base

Real-Time Analytics

Admin can access data in different forms and thereby facilitating real-time analytics

Tracking System

Admin, as well as customers, can track the orders placed by customers at various stores


Find best delivery routes using GPS enabled navigation system to ensure on-time delivery

Track Earnings

Check earnings at day end as well as keep track of daily, weekly and monthly earnings

Contact Customer

Communicate with customers over the phone about the arrival to share updates with them


Get 24/7 support to help during emergencies or resolve any other issues

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Do You Have Questions?

Everything you need to know about medicine delivery app development.

1. I’m not in the same zone as your company. Will you still be able to help me with the mobile app development?

Matellio believes in delivering comprehensive development experience to its customers with teams available across the globe. We establish seamless communication and enable round-the-clock team availability for our clients regardless of the geographic zone they are in.

2. What are the QA and testing techniques that your organization follow?

We strictly adhere to cutting-edge and authenticated processes for delivering the best quality. Corresponding to the software testing, we stick to the black box testing to deliver glitch-free codes. Apart from this, our agile testing methodologies include: 

  • Use acceptance testing 
  • Functional testing 
  • Regression testing 

3. Do you stick to the Service Level Agreement?

Yes, each engagement of ours with our clients is bound by the service level agreements, to ensure we are on the same page as our clients. This also helps us manage projects easily while keeping our clients updated on the project progress.

4. What are your pricing models?

We offer flexible hiring models to our clients. They can choose from: 

  • Turnkey model 
  • Time and material basis model 
  • Dedicated resource model

We also offer them with unique hybrid model where the teams working from one of our development centers will be handled by the project manager based at their location.

5. What are your key areas of experience and expertise?

We are a team of over 250+ engineers who hold expertise in building mobile and web solutions for businesses of diverse verticals. Our core area of expertise lies in: 

  • Next-gen technology solutions such as AI/ML, IoT/ IIoT, Cloud computing, Blockchain, and more 
  • Embedded engineering 
  • Enterprise applications 
  • Salesforce solutions

And many more.

6. How do medicine delivery apps make money?

Medicine delivery applications can rely on various monetization models. Some of the most popular ones are: 

  • Commission-based model: In this, when customer places an order with the pharmacy using your app, you get a certain share of the revenue based on the terms established already. 
  • Ad-based model: Here you can earn revenue by showing advertisements for various brands. 
  • Premium model: You can have certain features or services of the app for customers who pay for them.

7. How do I create a pharmacy app?

It is simple to create pharmacy apps by partnering with medicine delivery app development companies. They not only help you with their industry experience, but also give you the right technology edge over competition. At the same time, you can also rely on them when you want to expand the features and functionalities of your application.

8. Which qualities should I look for in a medicine delivery app development company?

You must preferably shortlist the medicine delivery app development companies that offer: 

  • Industry experience 
  • Rich portfolio 
  • Positive customer experience 
  • Cost-effective pricing models 
  • Flexible hiring 
  • Certified engineering teams 
  • Quicker turnaround

Among all, these are the most important aspects of the medicine delivery app development company that you must focus on.

9. What are the other medicine delivery app features that you can include in my application?

Here are some more features to consider for your medicine delivery application: 

  • Manage offers and discounts 
  • Schedule order delivery 
  • Driver Panel for the delivery boys 
  • Track earnings 
  • Live support 
  • Integration with advanced technologies such as AI/ ML, Cloud, IoT, and more. 

10. What is the cost of medicine delivery app development?

The cost of medicine delivery app development depends on multiple factors like: 

  • Technology 
  • Number of user panels 
  • Engagement models 
  • Team size and their experience 
  • Devices for which the app is being built 
  • Features to include and their complexity and more.

For an accurate estimation, please get in touch with our team for FREE 30-minute consultation.