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What is Laundry App?

With busy lives taking over the world, people fall short of time to fulfil the basic requirements of their lives, let alone the laundry and dry cleaning. This is where Laundry apps come in. With laundry apps, users can get their laundry items collected, cleaned and delivered right to their doorstep – saving hours of hassle. At the same time, businesses can make the best of these apps to explore new realms and increase their revenues.
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Book Order

Users can place an order for laundry pickup at best suited time right from their doorsteps and get the same delivered

Track Order

When the clothes are ready, they’re delivered back to the customers & customers can track their order


Once the order is delivered, it is time to allow the customers to select a payment method for the order

Find Nearby Service

Herein, the customer could find the nearby laundry service provider for quick and easy pick up and drop off

What Features to Look For in a Laundry App?

Custom features and functionalities tailored to your business goals and meets your end-user’s demands
Need Custom Features?
Register/ Login

Customers can register to use the app and log in to the system using email/ contact number

Raise Request

A customer in this section raises the request for laundry pickup and provide the instructions

Choose Date and Time

Customers here can schedule preferable date and time for the laundry pickup and delivery

Make Payments

Once an order is placed, customers can make payment by selecting preferred payment methods

Share Location

In this section, the user can select the pickup and drop off location right from the maps


The customer can give any specific guidelines related to the clothes for efficient cleaning

Track Orders

Customers can track their order status right from the time of pick up to the time of dispatch

Deals and Discounts

Users can leverage deals and discounts on the laundry services and make it cost-effective

Register/ Sign in

Business can register their services and log in to the system using email/ contact number

Check Orders

Check all the orders and their status to ensure efficient execution of the laundry services

Assign Pick Up

Assign pickup to the available executive & share the customers’ contact details with him

GPS to Reach Customer

Executives can use the GPS maps if having any difficulties to reach the assigned destination

Invoicing and Payment

Service providers can make changes to the payment types here and track the payments

Send Payment to Bank

Service providers can have money directly transferred to the bank account in a single tap

Order Status

Service providers shall update the order status regularly that can be shared with the customer

Deals and Discounts

Service providers can offer deals and discounts on their services to attract more customers


Admins can easily log in to the app to access various facets of the system

Manage Business

Manages cloth categories by editing the existing, adding new or deleting the older ones

Manage Users

Admins can access the user's database within the system and manage it using the dashboard

Analytics and Report

In-depth analytics and reporting tools to allow admins to assess services and other aspects

Manage Service

Admins can manage services provided in the system and configure them as per the need

Track Payment

Admins can configure payment methods and track the payments made to the service providers

Manage Invoices

Allows admins to manage the invoices, their dispatch and track payments

Manage Orders

Admins can manage all the orders on the system, including the active, past, and upcoming ones

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. What is on-demand laundry service?

On-demand laundry service deals with online laundry services related to a particular area. With on-demand laundry service, the laundry owners can easily promote their business and can reach a wider audience. They can even digitize all their tedious operations, right from accepting the order to the final delivery. The users can also get discounts and instant services while sitting at their home.

2. How much does it cost to develop a laundry app?

The cost of on-demand laundry app development depends on many factors and majorly on your requirements. The features you choose, tech-stack, designs, and the number of resources you hire for your laundry app development; everything impacts your overall laundry app cost. Hence, it is better to discuss all your ideas and needs with our experts to get an accurate quote for your laundry app development.

3. How do you create a laundry app?

For an efficient and feature-rich laundry app development, you can easily follow these basic steps: 

  • Understand and identify your business goals 
  • Select a suitable target market 
  • Hire the best laundry app development company 
  • Look for competitive features and tech-stack 
  • Create an MVP 
  • Follow agile methodology for app development 
  • Test your laundry app 
  • Deploy on various online platforms 

4. How does the laundry app work?

Laundry apps are easy-to-use and robust mobility solutions that can be accessed by any person at any time. The users register on the app, and select a suitable service as per their preferences. The service request is further sent to the laundry owners who then confirms the request and allocates a specific time of service. The user then makes the payment which is sent to the admin and then the amount is further transferred to the laundry owner after deduction of the commission.

5. Which experts will be needed for on-demand laundry app development?

We will provide you with a dedicated team that comprises a Project manager, native or cross-platform developers (as per your app requirements), UI/ UX experts, graphic designers, and QA experts. You can request to increase the team size as per the need.

6. What is the time needed for creating an on-demand laundry app?

The time required for your on-demand laundry app development depends on many crucial factors such as: 

  • Complexity of the features 
  • Customizations needs 
  • Idea validation 
  • Testing method 
  • App development, and so on

Hence, to get accurate time estimations, you can easily consult with our experts for free.

7. How can I monetize my laundry app?

There are many ways by which you can easily monetize your laundry app. One of the proven ways is you can charge a specific commission from the laundry owners for every service request they get through your app. Besides that, you can also offer subscription models to your users or can run third-party ads to enhance your app’s revenues.

8. Are you a copyright owner of the laundry apps mentioned above?

Now, we do not own any of the materials of the app’s mentioned above. However, we can ensure a similar kind of laundry app development with your choice of features and tech-stack at your budget. You can visit us to know more about our custom laundry app development.

9. What services do you offer with laundry app development?

We offer a wide range of professional services to help you make your laundry app a hit in the market. Our services include: 

  • App development
  • UI/UX
  • MVP creation
  • Idea validation
  • Testing
  • API integration
  • Digital marketing, and more.

10. Do you offer post-launch services?

Yes, we do offer reliable and cost-effective post-launch services like data migration, technology update, UI/UX, testing, platform migration, and more to help you keep your laundry app development in-trend and effective for your users.