Why Does Your Healthcare Venture Needs an Intelligent EHR System?

Why Does Your Healthcare Venture Needs an Intelligent EHR System

Healthcare systems come under the basic necessities of the world, and running them optimally is more than a must. Why running them optimally, we do not simply mean as a business, but with the responsibility of taking care of the patients. Electronic health records have been hugely popular in past years, and are slowly gaining adoption across all popular healthcare companies. If you are a healthcare venture, you should consider getting an intelligent EHR system developed, given its advantages. 

Using an EHR system has become more of a necessity than a privilege, the types of ailments have been increasing and to keep proper records, an EHR system is needed. There are many diseases which can affect separate preconditions a patient has, and while there remains a human error at all times, an intelligent EHR system can do the mapping accurately. Intelligent EHR systems can get complicated, and we suggest you take help of a bespoke software development company for getting one developed.

What is an Intelligent EHR and how is it different from normal health records?

Electronic health records are used to determine the complete health history and currently ongoing conditions of a patient. EHR are the way to preserve and spread information related to the health of a person, in the modern world. An intelligent EHR, however, is one which can automatically suggest what treatment can work with on-going ailments, along with many other things. The term intelligent is subjective, some intelligent EHRs might not be so capable, while the other can effectively fetch real-time information from health devices like the Apple Watch and the Fitbit. 

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So now, why does your healthcare venture need an intelligent EHR system?

Let’s find out the answers below. 

1.Deduction of Protocol

When a patient lands up in the emergency, there are set protocols that the doctors follow, which approach simply won’t work for everyone. There are a lot of medical conditions we are still researching, we do not have the appropriate solutions for. In case a patient is suffering from multiple ailments, the set protocols would either delay the treatment or could even take lives.
Electronic health records can help doctors at the ER get a better insight, and follow a different procedure, for every different patient. Where does the intelligent EHR step in? In suggesting protocols which have been recorded as successful in similar cases. An intelligent EHR can also help you dig into various vitals over a couple of days through the integration of data collected from fitness products.

2. Better Medicines

An intelligent EHR solution can help the medicine developers gain actual insights through an intelligent data collection and sync. While the medicines are tested thoroughly, there are 1000s of different body types and conditions patients face in real-time. Imagine all this data being synced and intelligently broken down to information which can be used to make medicines better. 

Many medications change many vitals in the body, and only a few can be monitored in a laboratory setting. An intelligent EHR system will be able to check and map important vitals through basic daily use devices and help gain medicine companies the information they need to make the medicines better. While the individual data would not make immediate concerns, a correlation can be made using data of multiple records in the intelligent EHR system. 

3. Better Testing

A major part of the healthcare system runs upon the testing methodologies developed over the years. But the change is here now, and we can majorly improve the testing methods and machinery based on the matched ailments, and the data drawn from EHRs. The correlation of data can be done through appropriate data science, and the change it would bring to the quality of tests would be worth the effort. 

Apart from better test facilities and methods, the intelligent EHR systems would also be able to educate us on what happens in years to come. A complete environment can be created through which eventually we will be able to perfect our methods and eradicate as many diseases as possible. Medicine has to be one of the most benefited segments of the healthcare industry through intelligent EHR.

4.Avoidance of Life-threatening Reactions

We have all heard cases of life-threatening toxic reactions because of some ailment the patients had and failed to inform. While in most situations a complete profile test is done by all hospitals, it can sometimes be missed and it would be no one’s fault. Neither the doctor nor the nurses or patient would have known about the reactions, but through an intelligent EHR system, these can be completely avoided. 

As the electronic health record already has every information about the patient’s medical history, nurses and doctors make informed decisions. How an intelligent EHR system would make things even simpler is by intelligently mapping the possibilities of the procedure to be performed, and would advise against it. The intelligent EHR can be a crucial tool to have in such circumstances, not only it can help avoid life-threatening reactions but can save lives by telling the right procedure. 

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5. Vivid Data Representation

The doctors often have to take the uninformed decision due to a missing health record, even the slightest of the missed descriptions can wreak havoc. There are various medications and treatments available in the market, but to make sure they don’t react the wrong way the patient needs to tell every minute detail to the doctor. An intelligent EHR system can fetch all data at once, and help map it to the prescribed treatment. 

While general tests are done, some rare ones like antibodies aren’t, there needs to be a record. Various medications can react, while they are approved to be used by completely healthy individuals and come with warnings, EHR systems promise a save from such reactions. The vivid dashboards of the intelligent EHR system can help the medical practitioners in a lot more ways, and help them access the needful at the touch of a button. 

6. Single Repository

As an intelligent EHR system is synced, you need not worry about missed details anywhere down the line. The doctors, the hospitals the patient would visit, would already gain complete insights about the patient’s conditions and ailments if any. An intelligent electronic health record can also sync in the vitals recorded through everyday fitness devices, which can come in handy during an emergency.

There are various types of healthcare methods available, but they all need past data to be accurately delivered. An EHR system fills the gap we have seen over the years, and helps healthcare ventures further their methodology and treatment. A single repository also comes in handy when the patient is generally visiting, as it would be simply asking too much from them to remember every detail and every reaction they had with medicine or a test.

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Electronic health records serve a major purpose, the major purpose in many cases to be precise. An intelligent EHR takes a normal one further, which can help save lives when the time is short. An intelligent health record can automatically suggest protocols and ailments a patient has, and report them interactively to the doctor in charge. It can potentially save 1000s of lives by proper treatment and reducing human error, as these are the major challenges healthcare facilities face in today’s time. 

We at Matellio have created various software solutions across industries, and have worked for vivid projects in the healthcare industry. We have already explained to you the importance of having an intelligent EHR system for your venture, and a high RoI could be achieved easily with patient satisfaction and improvements in medical facilities. If you are looking forward to revolutionizing your healthcare venture, get in touch and we would be happy to help you with all the technologies we work upon. 

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