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    What is a Spend Analysis software?

    Spend tracking software tracks corporate spend and identifies trends that may impact expenses. The software is capable of extracting information from multiple sources like procurement spending for raw materials, accessories, and services. They provide enterprises with visibility into purchasing -related information and cut down on unnecessary expenses.
    Generally used by procurement professionals and accounting departments, the spend analysis software helps one to go beyond conventional expense management software. They can be delivered as a separate product or integrated ain spend management software or supply chain analytics technology, to help enterprises streamline their expense management processes.
    Procurement Workflows
    Opportunity Identification
    Ensure Compliance
    Spend Visibility
    Spend Classification

    What are the Core Areas that Spend Analysis Software Serves in Enterprise?

    Discover the core areas that a spend analysis software serves in an enterprise to help you get the edge you need.

    Spend Visibility

    A crucial part of spend analysis is gaining visibility as it converts data to information. After all, it's vital to know what exactly you are working on, before proceeding further.

    Spend Analysis

    In this arena, one needs to identify trends & use supplier data to get competitive pricing. Avail this powerhouse of spend information to gather your spends whereabouts.

    Process Enhancement

    For procurement process improvisation, one needs to begin with the credible data gathered. This data transform the process from technical to strategic sourcing.

    What are the Essential Features of Spend Analysis Software?

    Here is the list of must-have features that make a spend analysis software much more interesting than the regular solutions.
    Real-time Alerts

    Set threshold levels relevant to you and get real-time alerts for expenses in order to stay updated about your ideal values.

    Category Management

    Avail this category management feature and analyze sourcing categories in-depth. It helps in monitoring compliance & pricing.

    Customized Dashboards

    Spend visibility is the best possible way using interactive dashboards to get all required data at your fingertips easily.

    Requisition Management

    Simplify the requisition management with easy creation, processing, authorizing, and tracking features.

    Contract Management

    This one enables a clear and concise actionable insight into your vendor contracts for maximizing strategic sourcing.

    Vendor Management

    This module provides users access to detailed information on vendors like track compliance, & understand vendor capabilities.

    Compliance Management

    Manage all the aspects of compliance at a single place using a solution that states compliance requirements.

    Invoice Processing

    Process invoices easily using a system that enables all invoices & billing-related information such as matching, approvals, etc.

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    Agile Transformation

    Matellio is skilled in the agile development approach, which results in a smooth digitalization journey & continuously updated information.

    Highly Secure

    Implementing advanced security measures, Matellio ensures that all your data stays safe throughout as you use the software.

    Regulation Compliant

    Avail our solutions that meet all the regulatory requirements to ensure seamless business operations and systematic implementation.

    Looking to Develop Your Own Spend Analysis Software?

    From banking and finance to money management, we have a wide range of projects on our portfolio to reflect our expertise.

    Engagement Models

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I already have an ERP system, why would I want a spend analysis software?

    ERP systems aren’t specifically designed for the needs of a procurement team. They are much more inclined towards Finance, HR, and Manufacturing related views. Also, the level of ease and flexibility required is not up to par in an ERP system. And finally, making changes within an ERP system can be difficult for various reasons.

    On the other hand, Spend analytic solutions allow Procurement Teams to focus purely on data analysis which in result produce better results.

    What is the approximate cost to implement a spend analysis solution?

    Costs vary depending on the size of the company, frequency of data requirement, and often on the number of users. A spend analysis solution is quite affordable & provides a significant return-on-investment owing to the benefits an organization obtains.

    How resource intensive is it to implement spend analysis from my team's perspective?

    Usually, the software is designed to minimize resource requirements for the customer; however, in several areas, one should expect from teams to spare a few hours, such as:

    • Data extraction
    • Figuring out the format in which data is required
    • Development of taxonomy.
    • Business objectives
    • Data Validation 
    • Training required

    Are any updations possible, post-launch?

    Yes. We allow you to update your ERP app to meet the market standards. However, the changes made by us are chargeable.

    What is the Return-On-Investment for a spend analysis solution?

    ROI for a spend analysis solution is depended on various potential savings areas including, but not limited to these:

    • Time savings estimates such as annual or quarterly spend aggregation or sourcing event aggregation
    • Higher spends leading to increased professional buying and an impact on sourcing/buying
    • Savings related to price comparisons across organizational entities
    • Savings associated with developing & driving a sourcing pipeline
    • Saving time in report management for procurement and other departments
    • Risk mitigation and risk management processes impact.
    • The cost to Identify, reduce & eliminate contract and preferred supplier leakage
    • Savings related to pricing inaccuracies. 

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