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Improve the reliability and availability of assets while minimizing the risk and operating costs using an asset performance management (APM) software.
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    What is Asset Performance Management Software?

    Asset performance management (APM) software is the range of products that helps enterprises realize business-specific goals. It enables administrators to effectively use their physical assets. Users can analyze the data collected garnered as a part of asset performance management to strategize on how to maximize profits and minimize risk.
    In nutshell, asset performance management helps enterprises to track fixed assets’ performance for performance optimization. It enables them to extend the life of their fixed assets and reduce maintenance costs. This range of software is used by maintenance managers along with finance professionals to monitor fixed assets.
    Data Extraction
    Track Asset Performance
    Asset Utilization
    Analyze Production Loss
    Provide Standard KPIs

    What are the Benefits of Asset Performance Management Software for Enterprise?

    Get your enterprise an all-inclusive asset management software to ensure best-in-class efficiency and round-the-clock data accessibility.

    Asset Strategy and Risk Management

    Data collection and aggregation, EAM integration, Collection of failure modes.

    Predictive Asset Management

    Data collection and aggregation, Statistical modeling, Neural Network, Machine learning

    Condition-based Maintenance (CBM)

    Data collection and aggregation, Rule engines, EAM integration.

    What are the Essential Features of Asset Performance Management Software?

    Glance through a comprehensive list of features that an APM software must-have.
    Analyze Data Trends

    Discover patterns in your operational & asset performance data so you can make smarter decisions and act in good time.

    Analyze Production Loss

    Enhance production rates by quickly identifying ‘bad acting assets.’ Analyze production losses due to asset failures.

    Prioritize Assets

    This methodology forms the technical basis to assess the potential impact of asset failure in business.

    Copy Asset Hierarchies

    Improve program consistency plus quality by copying entire asset hierarchies and all associated information.

    Asset History

    Check the entire movement & update the history of any specific asset. View maintenance tickets, schedules, & activities.

    Smart Scheduling

    Set schedules for asset maintenance with our APM solutions as it integrates weather data and tools.

    Strategy Optimization

    Balance maintenance costs and risks to pinpoint a maintenance strategy that supports your organization values & objectives.

    Value of Government Assets

    Maximize the value of government assets by allowing government agencies to take the aid of new technologies.

    Looking for asset performance management software?

    Our expertly crafted solutions have been helping brands across the globe to scale heights and build a loyal customer base.
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    Let us assist you to build state-of-the-art asset performance management software for your enterprise and help you leverage our decade-long experience.


    The software can be tailored to your needs when it comes to deployment. You can choose to run it on the cloud as Software-as-a-Service.

    IoT Integration

    The system is IoT-integrated, which means it can capture data from key sources such as people, sensors, and different devices.

    Highly Configurable

    It is a highly configurable enterprise asset management solution that is built and developed to cater to the needs of various industries.

    Round-the-clock Support

    We ensure round-the-clock support to help you overcome the run-time glitches and IT breakdown at the time you need the most.

    Looking to Develop Your Own Asset Performance Management Software?

    From banking and finance to money management, we have a wide range of projects on our portfolio to reflect our expertise.

    Engagement Models

    Discover the engagement models that best suit your requirements for ERP development.

    Dedicated Developers Model

    Hire developers from our engineers, project managers, and QA experts to implement cost-effective, customer-specific frameworks with resource optimization.
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    Turnkey Project Model

    Share your requirements and let our business analysts assist you with requirement analysis and scope freezing to ensure ERP product development within your budget.
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    Build ERP solutions for your enterprise by hiring us on flexible time and material basis to make sure you have a team that adjusts to your changing requirements.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What benefits an ERP system has?

    There is a huge number of benefits of an ERP system given that the solution is chosen carefully:

    • A single integrated system
    • Streamlined processes & workflows
    • Redundant data entry reduced
    • Uniform processes based on the organization’s objectives.
    • Shared information across departments
    • Improved access to information
    • Improved workflow plus efficiency
    • Higher customer satisfaction owing to faster delivery & better quality
    • Reduced inventory costs because of better planning, tracking & forecasting of requirements
    • Turn collections faster based on better visibility into accounts and fewer billing and delivery errors

    Which analytical solutions support Asset Performance Management?

    The main analytical methods used in the APM solution are:

    • Risk-based inspection (RBI)
    • Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)
    • Performance forecasting 
    • Safety integrity level (SIL)
    • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA)
    • Hazard & Consequence analysis
    • Integrity operating window (IOW)

    Some of these methods can be implemented using a qualitative approach. As companies evolve in their process of collecting and treating data, they tend to move to a quantitative approach.

    I need help in streamlining the software in my organization, how can Matellio help?

    Matellio consists of an expert team that helps in asset labeling, data collection, license management, and designing your asset management policy. Get in touch to leverage our services.

    Can I make any updates to the software after launch?

    Yes. We allow you to update your ERP application for matching market standards. However, the changes made will be chargeable.

    What are the hidden costs of this ERP software implementation?

    Even well-planned ERP initiatives run into some hidden costs and overages. Common overlooked or underestimated costs include training, customization, data conversions, and integration/testing. However, our experts possess in-depth expertise and experience to help you overcome the extra costs with effective planning.

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