On-demand Taxi Booking App Development

Taxi businesses have scaled new heights with on-demand apps. Cater to your customer needs by developing a customized on-demand app for your taxi business.
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What is On-demand Taxi Booking App Solution?

With users picking up on-demand taxi booking with more enthusiasm than ever, the market is soaring at a terrific pace. With an on-demand taxi app, users can book a fast, comfortable taxi ride within minutes. From local drop-off facility to the outstation ones, you can get yourself a variety of services and even at the oddest hours of the day. Not only this, the app comes with seamless GPS integration that enables one to track drivers location.
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Book a Ride

Simply enter pick-up and drop-off location to book yourself a fast, and comfortable ride in a snap of fingers.

Inbuilt Payment

No matter what payment methods you prefer, pay for your rides quickly by choosing it from the list of options.

Track Your Ride

Track your ride as the driver approaches your location and leverage the efficient GPS integration.

24*7 Cab Services

No matter what time of the day it is, get yourself a taxi to drop you off to the locations you wish to reach.

What Features to Include in An On-demand Taxi Booking App?

Custom on-demand taxi/cab booking app solutions that fit all types of global businesses and are technologically advanced and commercially feasible.
Need Custom Features?
Manage Services

Manage localized or global services depending upon the market needs

User Management

Manage the entire user database, including passengers, drivers, etc.


An easy-to-use online booking system to monitor and manage all bookings made by the users


Comprehensive driver management system to enable insights and modifications

Sub Admins

Assigns roles to sub-admin and grant them appropriate privileges to manage back-end


Manage the taxi fleet and minimize the users’ waiting time using a smart system


Manage fares for dynamic pricing of the services to update prices as per market demands

Track Reports

Detailed business reports with advanced analytics to strategize as per changing market needs

Book Ride

Users can book a taxi instantly from anywhere at any time of the day in just a few clicks

Schedule Ride

Schedule rides easily to travel in the future by entering the date, time, and location

Select Ride

Choose ride or vehicle type from options such as carpooling, rental, and outstation, etc

Check Fare

Get ride estimate at fingertips even before the ride by entering pick and drop location

Payment Options

Leverage multiple payments options integrated to offer hassle-free payment after ride

Track Rides

Track your ride as drives approach pick-up location and even after you onboard the taxi

Rate Ride

Share your ride experience by providing ratings and reviews at the end of each ride


Seek 24/7 support and talk to the customer care pros about your concerns during the trip

Surge Areas

Find the areas with price surge and check the ones with high taxi demands using maps

Ride Notifications

Real-time information about the booking assigned to them and track the same on maps

Accept or Reject Rides

Choose the taxi rides you wish to take and reject others as per your availability

Trip Route

GPS-enabled navigation system to plan the exact route to the passenger location

Track Earnings

Track your earning on a daily, monthly, and annual basis, and find all details handy

Contact Passenger

Use the app to connect to the passenger and communicate with them when the need be


Reach out to 24/7 support in case of vehicle breakdown, or to share concerns.


Make the best of referral program to invite new users with a link and get rewarded

Build Your Own On-demand Taxi Booking App

Leverage the internet’s potential to span a broader user base and increase your ROI
Get a Free Estimate

Build Your Own On-demand Taxi Booking App

Leverage the internet’s potential to span a broader user base and increase your ROI
Get a Free Estimate

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. How long does taxi book app development take?

Once you discuss your requirements with us, we can start with the process starting with business analysis followed by development and rigorous testing. 

2. How do I create a taxi booking app?

Creating a taxi booking app is a long process that takes years of experience in mobile app development. The best way to create your taxi booking app is to hire a mobile app development company that has experience in building scalable taxi apps.

3. Which is the best taxi app development company?

The best taxi booking app development company is the one that can deliver the app in the least time, and charge you the least amount of money. We can do both for you while keeping the app quality as top-notch as possible.

4. How does the taxi app work?

A taxi app connects drivers and users through a single platform, we use advanced analytics to map the appropriate drive to a passenger. There are various ways to build a business around on-demand taxi booking services, a mobile app for the same is a must.

5. Do you offer NDA?

Yes, we offer NDAs, all you need to do is tell us so in advance. You can notify us at the time of sharing your requirements or when signing the contract.

6. How do I hire taxi app developers from Matellio?

You can choose to hire the taxi app developers from Matellio the way you like. We offer various hiring models for the same, and you always have the option to hire based on your own model and requirements.

7. How much experience do you have with on-demand taxi booking app development?

Matellio’s mobile app development team has years of experience in developing apps for various businesses of diverse verticals. You can interact with our experts and be assured that best developers are working on your app.

8. How will you do market research for my app?

We have a dedicated business analysts team that performs an in-depth analysis of the client competitors. The team will analyze the market requirements and provide you with inputs that will help you make correct decisions before finalizing your requirements.

9. How much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app?

The cost to develop an on-demand taxi booking app depends on various factors, including features, technologies, etc. Talk to our experts to know how much will your on-demand taxi booking app cost.

10. Do you have the copyrights for the apps mentioned above?

No, we do not own any copyright to any of the apps mentioned above. The names are used as a representation to give you an idea about what the market has on offer. We will build your app ground up, customised in the way you want it to be.