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    What are Vendor Management Solutions?

    Vendor management software, or vendor management systems (VMS), offers enterprise a centralized repository for communication, project, and payroll management for businesses employing contingent labor, including vendors, contractors, and consultants. The system oversees the entire vendor relationship- from discovering vendor to tracking work to payments.
    This software provides effective communication channels, task management tools, and organizes vendor payments, expenses, and contracts using a single system. Additionally, they provide powerful, often cloud-based, the solution streamlines communication and productivity and can be integrated throughout the entire vendor ecosystem.
    Supplier Management
    Contracts Assignment
    Manage Contracts
    Rate Vendors
    Import Data

    What are the Types of Vendor Management Solutions your Enterprise Needs?

    Depending on the variety of stakeholders there are three types of vendor management solutions that your organization needs.

    Vendor EngagementTools

    These tools are designed to manage vendor relationships throughout the active procurement cycles i.e. initial to final closure.

    Vendor Performance Management

    Such software systems maintain updated information about a vendor’s performance & timelines throughout the contract period.

    End-to-End Vendor Management

    This solution comprehensively offers a complete spectrum of functionality required to extract maximum value out of vendors.

    What are the Essential Features of a Vendor Management Software?

    Explore the full range of must-have features that contributes to the popularity of vendor management software.

    The exhaustive dashboard displays all active contracts and updates you on the progress of each one, ensuring the workflow is unimpeded.

    Assign Contracts

    The built-in rating system includes vendor ratings and customer reviews, helping you assign contracts to vendors according to their performance.

    Maintain Contacts

    Modify or add new vendor information based on project type and their work with it. Assign individual employees to vendor & improve efficiency.

    Rate Vendors

    Define specific performance indicators & evaluate your vendors periodically. You can rate them by the service quality, delivery time, & other factors.


    Set reminder rules & dependencies to automatically notify remediation activity if they haven't completed their activity by the assigned date.

    Faster Vendor Onboarding

    Simplified registration and feasible yet intuitive interfaces in the application enable suppliers to get on the board in a minimal period.

    Centralized Data

    POs, PRs, contracts, and other confidential vendor payment information is stored in a centralized place, enabling users easy access to data.

    Corrective Actions

    When supplier performance slips up, businesses have the option to initiate a supplier corrective action plan (SCAR) or offboard them from the portal.

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    Our expertly crafted solutions have been helping brands across the globe to scale heights and build a loyal customer base.
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    Regulation Compliant

    Utilize vendor management software that meets all the compliance and regulatory requirements to ensure smooth business operations.

    Looking to Develop Your Own Vendor Management Software?

    From banking and finance to money management, we have a wide range of projects on our portfolio to reflect our expertise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is ERP?

    Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) is a solution designed for managing the company’s resources. It comprises of varied management functions such as planning, engineering, order processing, manufacturing, accounting & finance, human resource & more.

    Can you make it a combination of desktop and mobile apps?

    Yes, we can help you with it. Our team of developers will build both the applications and help in ensuring seamless connectivity between both.

    I have read all the features mentioned here. However, I want to have some additional features, is it possible to integrate them?

    Matellio believes in developing software as per clients’ requirements. Hence, We shall only proceed with the set of features once they have been approved. Also, we can accommodate more in the further releases, if needed.

    How Matellio team supports the product after implementation?

    Matellio provides support to all its customers irrespective of their location. Our consultants can connect you in real-time for any assistance required. Matellio provides an annual maintenance program as a yearly plan. Also, we can support on an individual basis, if need be.

    Additionally, our support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either by telephone or skype

    I already have a web application for the same, can you convert it into a mobile app?

    Yes, at Matellio, several times, we have converted a web application into a mobile app. Share your design, and we will do the same. 

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