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What is a Pet Care App?

On-demand pet care solutions enable pet owners to have everything their pet needs without even taking a step out of their surroundings. The core purpose of this application is to provide pet-related information and services. Additionally, it has a pet tracking system, easing search operations. It also facilitates on-demand vet consultation, i.e. a sick pet can be referred to a licensed vet online.
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Feed Monitoring

Pet owners can look up to the diet chart and calories table, provided in the application, to monitor their pet’s health

Digital Payment

All the payments done are digitised, which eventually reduces the hustle-bustle of multiple accounts management


Reminders regarding pet’s vaccinations, appointments, walk schedules can be sent to the owner using this feature

Chat with Vet

Pet owners can connect with the licensed veterinarians signed up with our application from the comfort of their sofa

What Features to Look For in a Pet Care App?

Discover the must-have features meant to attract and engage each user of a pet care app.
Need Custom Features?

Pet owners can sign up or login using this feature and access the app’s paid/unpaid services

Feed Monitoring

Owners can look up to the diet chart and calories table to monitor the health of their pet


With this feature, users will receive reminders of vaccination and veterinary appointments

Chat with Vet

Pet owners can contact the licensed veterinarians, from the comfort of their sofa

Digital Notes

Notes regarding referred diet plan, prescribed medicines and exercise schedule are included

Connect Via Text & Pictures

App owners can communicate with one another over texts and even share images

Click a Pic

Users can take selfies with their pet and share it with other users through the application

Review and Refer

Owners can review and refer the application with other pet people and help in improvisation

Sign Up

All the service providers, be it veterinarians or groomers need to sign up first on the app

Track the Walk

The pet lovers can track the number of kilometres a pet has covered in a fixed period

Appointments and Refills

Gives the notification of all the appointments a caretaker has in a day/ week or month


Veterinarians, instead of paper receipts, can provide online prescriptions to their users

Video Calling

Sometimes the regular pet health check-ups can be done over a video call instead of visits

Attract New Clients

It provides an excellent platform to attract new clients who would need grooming or other services

Medical History

This feature provides detailed information about the pet’s past medical records

Digital Payments

All the caretakers will receive their payments for their services provides in E-format


It has all the information about pet owners, veterinarians, groomers and other caretakers

Email Marketing

A number of marketing tools are available which can be accessed by admin for publicity

Cloud-based Storage

Information regarding pets and their owners are stored in a safe and secure environment

Performance Stats

App owners can view performance stats so that the right measures can be taken

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment gateways are embedded in a system which enables management & tracking

Appointment Management

Admin can manage all of the appointments, be it veterinary or grooming from one point

Push Notifications

Admin can broadcast all the new information like new services or discounts through this

Ratings and Feedback

Admin can receive all the reviews and feedback, which will eventually rate up improvisation

Looking to Build Your Own Pet Care App?

At Matellio, we offer professional and cost-effective pet care app development for Android and iOS for maximum ROI in your business.
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Types of Pet Care Apps We Can Build For You

Choose from the features of the most popular and user-favourite pet care apps in the UK, and we can build apps like the following for you.

App like Puppr

Choose from the best features of one of the most popular pet care apps in the UK, Puppr.

App like Dog Translator

Get the best features by getting an app as Dog Translator developed by app experts.

App like Rover

We can create a Rover app clone if you like, customised with the features you want in it.

App like Pet Vet Doctor Dogs

Want features on offer by the popular pet care app? Get your app like Pet Vet Doctor Dogs.

App like Dig

Get the perfect Dig app clone; we add the features you want on top of your pet care app.

App like My Talking Pet

Love an app like My Talking Pet? We will take the best features and develop a similar app.

App like Wag!

Wag! is a great inspiration for pet care app development; you get the features you want.

App like Dog Scanner

Dog Scanner has great features in the app; we can develop your pet care app with those.

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. I want to develop an app like Rover. How can Matellio help?

At Matellio, we specialise in creating compelling apps according to clients’ bespoke requirements. Our mobile app development team has skills and expertise in developing mobile solutions for diverse industry verticals. Apps like Rover are no exception. Share your contact details with us so that our experts can connect with you to discuss further.

2. What is MVP development?

A product’s minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which mobile or web app development only takes basic features into consideration. The apps are just sufficient to satisfy early adopters. Businesses can garner reviews and feedback from users and improvise their apps in subsequent releases.

3. I am not interested in a complete pet care solutions app, and I just want an app like Puppr. Can you build it for me?

We, at Matellio, develop all sorts of pet care applications. Tell us your ideas, and we will build the solutions accordingly.

4. Is there an app to take care of pets?

There are many different apps to take care of pets, be it walking them or chatting to the Vet. If you are looking to enter the pet care app space in the UK, you will need a feature-rich custom pet care app to stand a chance.

5. What are the best dog apps?

There are various dog apps like Rover, Wag, Dog Vet Doctor Dogs, and more. The best depends on the features they offer, and they pretty much suffice their users’ needs with them. If you are looking to create the best dog app in the UK, we will help you by combing the best of features from popular app offerings while working on your pet care app development.

6. Is Wag or Rover better?

Both Wag and Rover serves their respective customer base and has their unique feature offerings. If you are looking for an app like Wag or Rover, we can take the best features out of them and implement in your pet care app.

7. Is there a find my pet app?

There are some apps featuring find my pet as a part of their app offerings; it is a highly useful feature and can save lives. If you want it to be a part of the pet care we develop for you, we can add it to your app too.

8. I have budget constraints. What do you, as a top mobile app development company, suggest?

Budget limitations can always be addressed by developing an MVP of the app. You can begin with basic features and have a monetisation strategy in place. Once you have more investments, you can add features. This will not help you build great solutions but will help you to make sure that your mobile app is loved by the user.

9. What is the best app for pets?

The best pet’s app is the one that offers all the features under one app while avoiding the clutter of unnecessary ones. If you want to make the best app for pets, we will help you with our pet care app development services through and through.

10. How much does it cost to build a pet care app?

Costing depends on various factors such as the complexity of features, the technology used etc. Contact our experts, and they will give you a detailed description.