On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Development

Bespoke fuel delivery app development for fuel delivery startups, gas station owners, and gas retail companies
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What are the On-demand Fuel Delivery Apps?

On-demand fuel delivery apps help users to get fuel for their vehicles right at their doorsteps or anywhere they want. Users can simply register on the app, share their location, and request fuel. Once done, the fuel truck will be there at the user’s location within a few minutes. Therefore, with on-demand fuel delivery apps, there will not anymore be frequent stops at the gas station, and rather more of productive time.
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Instant Fuel Ordering

Permits selection of fuel type, quantity and vehicle location for delivery within required time

Upfront Pricing

With this feature, customers can get an approximate price before making the final payment

Track your Gas

Customers can track their order delivery truck in real-time using GPS and map integration

Hassle-fee Payments

Payments through eWallets, Debit/Credit cards make the whole process easy and convenient

On-demand Fuel Delivery App Features

Get your business all the vital features that not only empower streamline processes, but also help you reach to your customers when they need you the most.
Need Custom Features?
Sign Up/ Login

Users can sign up or login using phone and email, which generates an OTP for initiation

Order Fuel

This permits selection of the fuel type, quantity and vehicle location for quick delivery

Real-time Tracking

Customers can track the fuel delivery truck on the map to know its location in real-time

Secured Payments

Payments through eWallet or Debit/Card make the whole transaction convenient and secure

Past History

This particular feature allows the customer to keep track of all his/her previous orders

Print Order Invoices

Customer can get a detailed invoice which includes taxes, delivery charges and fuel costing


Existing users can invite new customers to the app and earn rewards for successful referrals

Ratings & Reviews

Share your experience with a delivery partner by rating the services an writing a review

Centrally Managed System

The application allows businesses to manage the whole system from a single spot

Hassle-Free Payments

Payments through one’s eWallet, Debit/Credit card make it easier for the businesses to track them

Digital Receipts

Digital system allows production of E-receipts, which are eco-friendly and easily manageable

Real-Time Requests

Stations can receive instant notification about the fuel requests made by users via the app

Track Delivery

This property allows the admin to keep an eye on all deliveries in a real-time area map

Reporting & Analytics

Have an insight into your gas on-demand service performance through our analytics tool

Share Location with Drivers

Admins can share the user's details to fuel truck drivers who can reach to location using maps

Contact Customers

Contact customers via in-app chat integration to share vital details about fuel delivery

Develop an On-demand Solution for Your Fuel Station

Enable your customers to get their vehicles fueled up quickly and conveniently
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

I want to build an on-demand fuel delivery app. However, I don’t have any idea of how to proceed with it or the technical know-how. How can you help me?

Matelio’s team of experienced business analysts, UI/ UX developers, mobile app developers, and QA experts have all the phases of mobile app development covered. All you need is zeal to innovate, and we’ll guide you through rest of the stages.

Why should I hire Matellio for mobile app development?

While expertise and experience stand as the prime reason, there are many other benefits of partnering with Matellio: cost-effective process, quality-driven approach, decade-long experience, flexible sourcing models, round-the-clock availability, less time-to-market, superior testing capabilities, and increased security and privacy.

Will you help me to market my app on digital media?

Yes, we have a team of ASO experts who help you reach to your target audience.

How long does it generally take to build an on-demand fuel delivery app?

Mobile app development time depend on the app’s feature list and its complexity. Let’s talk about your idea to give you an estimate about how long will this development time be.

How do you ensure that the mobile app is up to the standards that I share?

We freeze the requirements once and set the project milestones accordingly. Additionally, we follow the agile methodology that keeps the customer is loop constantly to ensure the same.