On-demand House Cleaning App Development

Bespoke mobile app development for housing keeping and house cleaning services

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What is On-demand House Cleaning App Solution?

On-demand house cleaning solutions help users find various services such as cleaning the house to kitchen management, to a lot more. The apps help businesses provide services to more and more users, thereby giving them a new platform to increase their ROI. Bringing your services on mobile enables your customers to have a delightful service booking experience getting everything at their fingertips.
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Book Services

Book the required services instantly and even schedule them on a daily, weekly, bi-annually, or annual basis

Find Services

Regardless of what services you are looking for, on-demand house cleaning apps brings it down for you on one screen

In-built Payments

Say goodbye to payment hassles. Simply pay for your booking using preferred digital payment methods

Best Quotes

Simply select the types of services you are seeking and get the best quote to find services cost-effectively

What Features to Consider While Developing an On-demand House Cleaning App?

Bespoke on-demand house cleaning app development to help you revolutionize your business with cost-effective and efficient mobile solutions.
How Much Does this App Cost?

Manage and customize the types of services or configure service availability in an area quickly

Handle Requests

Manage (accept/ reject) cleaning requests & assign them to staff depending on the availability


Set hourly price for each service and configure pricing of various services as per the market

Secure In-app Payments

Intelligent job allotment system to schedule & assign jobs to cleaners and reduce waiting time

Cleaner Profiles

Easy-to-use profile management to monitor cleaners, and make changes in the database

Billing and Payments

Manage every aspect of invoicing and track payments easily using a comprehensive system

Reports and Analytics

Get all the details about your business performance using reporting and analytics tools

Customer Service

Help your customers seek resolution to their queries and enable 24/7 customer support

Sign Up/ Sign In

Register yourself to the app using email/ contact number or social media platforms


Show expertise using a detailed profile demonstrating experience with reviews and ratings

Manage Request

Get notifications about the cleaning assignments and you can accept/ reject them


Locate customer address easily using maps and GPS and find the most optimum route to reach

Contact Customer

Communicate directly with the customer over the phone or inbuilt chat to share updates

Track Earnings

Stay updated on your earnings on a day-to-day basis and track it on a monthly or annually basis

Transfer Payments

Quickly transfer your earnings from the app wallet to registered bank accounts in a single click


Contact 24*7 customer support via on-demand mobile app and seek quick query resolution

Register /Log In

Register yourself to the app using email/ contact number or social media profile and sign in

Service Selection

Find the range of services provided via the app and pick the ones you want to book

Make Bookings

List down all the services you require and choose the best quote to make bookings

Schedule Service

Set the date and time preference to schedule the services as per your convenience


Pay for the services you book using well-integrated digital payment options

Cancel Service Booking

Single-tap cancellation of the bookings made to withdraw the request and seek a refund

Rate and Review

Provide your feedback by rating the services by staff and writing a detailed review about the same


Report issues or resolve the queries by contacting customer support via app

Build Your Own On-demand House Cleaning App

Give your house cleaning business a new way to connect with more customers. Develop an on-demand house cleaning app!
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1.I have a web application for my house cleaning services, will you help me develop an on-demand house cleaning mobile app from the same?

Yes. We have helped multiple clients to transform their web apps into mobile apps.

2. How do you assure the security of my idea?

We understand that your idea is very important to you. Therefore, we take all the responsibility in the niche to provide data security and confidentiality. Hence, we sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the beginning of the project discussion to ensure the security of your idea. 

Even during a mobile app design and development phase, we ensure that all the stringent policies are being undertaken to maintain security standards. 

3. Which mobile platforms can you build apps for?

At Matellio, we have experts who can work on every aspect of mobile app development. Our team is proficient in delivery native, cross-platform as well as hybrid apps.      

4. I want to begin with MVP development and enhance my idea as I progress. Can you work on this model?

Yes. It sounds like a perfect idea to venture in mobile app development. You can share your app idea with us, we shall work on the best MVP and keep refining as per your market demands.

5. How can I communicate with my app development team at Matellio when I’m in a different time zone?

Our team is available to address your questions and queries round-the-clock. You can simply drop a message on Skype or any other instant messenger. You can also stay abreast of the assigned tasks’ status using tools like Trello, Asana, etc.