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Stream your e-learning experience or live classrooms with interactional on-demand/live video and audio streaming online learning apps
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What is an eLearning App?

An eLearning app is an integrated system of interactive online services that enable trainers, learners, and other stakeholders of the education industry to share educational information, tools and resources. While students can register and log in to the app to explore their preferred subjects, educators can share material related to their area of expertise. Learners can also connect to the tutors and have their doubts cleared whenever the need be.
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Browse Courses

Students here can easily browse subjects, classes, courses, and even search for their suitable tutors

Book Lectures

Lectures can be booked by reviewing the subject available and also according to the student’s preferences

Take Tests

Students can take online quizzes and practise sessions in relevant subjects to get accustomed to exam patterns

Analyse the Performance

Helps the students to keep track of their achievements and analyse the results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

Important Features to Consider During eLearning App Development

Comprehensive range of features that you can't afford to miss out while building an eLearning app for your business.
How Much Does This App Cost?

Users can register themselves in one go using email, phone number or social channels


Includes the general student information such as name and the subject expert

Contact and Hire Tutors

Students can contact tutors over audio/ video call and or by posting a question on chat

Filters for Tutor Search

Students can search here for relevant tutors quickly based on multiple filter options

Check Curriculum

Students can track the syllabus and can have a detailed report of the particular subject

View and Check Courses/Tutorials

It has become easier for students to consume the courses/tutorials via mobile

Take Tests

Students can take online tests and quizzes to analyse their performance

Analyse Performance

Students can analyse their performances through comparative scoreboards


Tutors can register themselves to the app using email/ contact and password


Tutors can create profile highlighting their expertise, experience and keep improving it

Lesson Plans

Tutors can upload their lesson plans and tutorials to attract more students

Track Earnings

Tutors can track their earnings and compare them on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis

Share Tutorials

Tutors can record their tutorials and upload them on the app for students to view


Tutors can post questions on the forums and discuss students’ queries using forums

Audio and Video Chat

Tutors here can connect with the students on audio or video chat and solve issues.

Reviews and Ratings

Tutors can encourage students to rate their learning experience with the tutor and share a review


Delivery partners can Log in to their profiles using the name and phone number

Manage Students

Admins can manage students, view the entire database and make modifications

Manage Tutors

Admins can manage tutors, view the entire database and make modifications when needed

Manage Payments

Admins can make changes to the payment methods and track the payments using the system

Subscription Package

Admin can manage the subscription packages, & modify the existing ones when needed

Manage Locations

Manage the locations for which services are accessible or make changes to a service model

Manage Subjects

Manage the subject database by adding new to the list & making changes to the existing ones

Manage Tutorials

Keep track of various tutorials, make changes to the database, and analyse engagement in each

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At Matellio, we create compelling on-demand e-learning and m-learning apps for students and school education packed with powerful features.
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

What is the difference between native app development and cross-platform app development? Which of these is Matellio’s forte?

Native app development is done using platform-specific IDEs and tools. That is, apps developed will only cater to the users of one platform. In case, they require more than one platforms, they would need to be coded individually for each platform. 

On the contrary, cross-platform app development caters to multiple platforms. That is, apps coded once can be deployed over iOS as well as Android. 

At Matellio, we have experts who are skilled and certified for developing native as well as cross-platform applications. Feel free to share your requirements with us, and our team will ensure efficient apps for your business. 

What will happen to my app with a new mobile OS version release?

Once the new mobile OS version is released in the market, the first thing we recommend is to test the app for the new version. Your mobile app development company can help you with the same. After this, you can ask them to fix the problems that come with the new version. 

Is having a website will all the features as your mobile app must?

No. It completely depends on your market requirements and the requirements of your business. You can just have a website with basic features like your mobile app, or have a fully-functional one. 

What if I need any changes to be made to my app after it is launched?

Our mobile app development team will assist you through the same, depending upon what changes do you need. That said, the cost of these changes will be estimated on the basis of time needed and engagement models you opt for.

Why should I choose Matellio over other mobile app development companies in the UK?

There are multiple reasons to choose Matellio:

  • Decade-long experience
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Less time-to-market
  • Superior testing capabilities
  • Increased security and privacy
  • Modern user-centric approach
  • Promise of top-notch quality