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What is a Baby Care App?

Pregnancy is an emotional-physical roller coaster and the woman going through it, needs an extra seat belt for a fulfilling experience. An on-demand baby care app has various tools for tracking growth, booking appointments, vitamins schedules etc. It also shares do’s and don’ts during gestation and has a lot of informative tips post-period as well. To cut short, it is a tiny bundle of preggo friendly features and services.
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Cycle Updates

It has detailed information on all the cycles in the gestation period. Women can check and know about it accordingly

Track Contractions

This feature in application, allows the mother to keep track of all the contractions, symptoms and related information

Schedule Appointments

This attribute allows the parent to request for appointments with medical practitioners, as per their convenience

Tips for Feeding

The mother-to-be can access tips for feeding such as timing, frequency and diet-chart to be followed post gestation

What Features to Expect in a Baby Care App?

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Cycle Updates

This has all the required information for preggos of all the gestation period cycles

Track Contractions

It allows the mother-to-be to keep track of all the contractions and related information

Schedule Appointments

The parent can request for appointments with practitioners, as per their convenience

Tips For Feeding

It gives suggestions for feeding such as timing, frequency and diet to be followed post gestation

Kick Counter

This tool in the application allows mothers to keep a count on the frequency of kicks

Capture The Bump

Mothers -to-be can capture their baby bumps in their different stages of pregnancy

Birth Clubs

The application allows pregnant women to communicate & share their experiences via groups

Preggo’s Journal

The woman in gestation can jot their whole experience in an online journal embedded in-app


Admin needs to sign up first using the portal for having access to the application


Dashboard, managed by the admin, has details of users, practitioners and related stuff

Book The Slot

Admin can book the medical appointments for customers as per doctors availability

Pair Users

Admin can pair mothers-to-be based on their gestation cycle, location and other preferences


Admin pushes Reminders, such as vaccination, vitamin schedules, doctor check-ups

Manage Blogs

Through the portal, admin manages blogs and other useful readings for pregnancy period

Push Notifications

Subscription packages, fitness regime, trendy attires and other such notifications are shared

Monitor Feedback

Admin, through the portal, can manage all feedback and reviews provided by customers

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

How do you ensure the quality of my application?

Our team of experts ensure the quality of solutions before their launch. The applications developed needs to pass rigorous manual as well as automated testing, designed by Matellio.

Which technologies are going to be used for development?

Usage of technical tools depend on varied factors; in general, we work on the following technologies: 

Android app development: Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, Android SDK, Maps, Stripe, Analytics, Material Design, Firebase, Push Notification, SQLite, Cloud Platforms

iOS App Development: Swift, Objective-c, Native SDK, Xcode, SQLite, Core Data, iCloud SDK

Cross-platform App Development: Xamarin, Ionic, React Native

What steps Matellio follow for mobile app development?

Our team strictly adheres to the agile development process. The phases include:

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Architecture

Step 3: UI/ UX design

Step 4: Mobile app development

Step 5: QA and testing

Step 6: Intermediate release

Step 7: App Submission and deployment

Step 8: Post-launch support

I already have a web application for the same, can you convert it into a mobile app?

Yes, at matellio, several times, we have converted a web application into a mobile app. Share your design, and we will do the same.

Are any updations possible, post-launch?

Yes, updations are possible post-launch, though they are chargeable. Therefore we recommend in sharing all the details at the ideation stage.