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What are Real Estate Apps?

Real estate apps offer users a platform to explore and buy properties across their desired locations. They help buyers with more insights and the best possible information about the properties. At the same time, these apps allow real estate businesses to soar their popularity by encompassing more customers. Being a realtor, you can also immensely benefit from these apps, which provide striking returns rapidly.
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Find Property

Find your dream property and filter the results according to criteria, including location, price range, etc.

Shortlist Property

Mark preferred properties as favourites to contact their owners later for further negotiations and visits

Appointment with Owner

Contact the property owner directly via the app and book an appointment for further conversations

Contact Owner

Easily communicate with the owner using the inbuilt chat interface that facilitates secure conversations

Key Features to Consider While Developing Real Estate App

Robust, feature-packed real estate solutions for your business to help you deliver your customers with exceptional service.
Need Custom Features

Centralised dashboard to manage the complete system and configure different services


Manage all the properties information like type, area, address, category, pricing etc.


Manage user and agent profiles and their account information with a click using CMS

Leads and Sales

Admin can handle the process from lead capture to closing using leads management system


Track and manage revenues made from property deals, subscription packages, etc.


Manage package subscriptions offered to users and agents. Add or remove them from the list

Analytics Report

Get business performance insights with analytics about sales, leads & engagement rate


Manage ads and promotions to improve sales by informing users about offers, deals & discounts

Discover Properties

Perform a detailed search by applying different parameters and filters to find the best results

Property Information

Get detailed & accurate property information like description, built-up area, carpet area, etc.

Sell or Rent

Put the property on rent or for sale by posting detailed property information on different listings

Agent Information

Get information about an agent to communicate and enquire about the desired property


In-app maps allow the user to search and find the accurate location and get the best routes


Compare multiple properties on different parameters such as size, pricing, location, layout etc.

Integrated Calculators

Calculate worth, down payment, loan EMI's, and tax of a property with an in-built smart calculator


Get instant support over the phone or chat to resolve any queries and issues


Manage property listings and modify them, post new properties for sale


At convenience, receive and accept inquiries from a buyer about properties from the listing

Lead Notification

Get real-time notification about leads when a buyer shows interest in a property


Manage responses to queries made about properties by prospective buyers or sellers

Brokerage Fee

Calculate brokerage fees for a property deal depending on various factors


Stay connected with sellers and buyers through email, phone, or text and keep them updated


Keep track of earnings made from finalised deals and commission from other agents

Subscribe Ad Packages

Subscribe and manage ad package to promote the property for sale to improve visibility

Want to Build Your Own Real Estate App?

Give your real estate app a competitive edge by offering a new way to connect with property buyers.
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Types of Real Estate Apps We Can Build For You

Choose from the features and get inspired by the most popular real estate apps in the UK.
Develop an app like Rightmove

Application like Rightmove

Get an app like Rightmove, one of the most popular and one of the most promising real estate apps in the UK.

Develop an app like OnTheMarket

Application like OnTheMarket

Leverage the best in real-estate app development by getting an app like OnTheMatket with all features.

Develop an app like Zoopla

Application like Zoopla

We can create a Zoopla app clone for you, customised with the popular app features you want with it.

Develop an app like Nestoria

Application like Nestoria

Nestoria has great features on offer; we will implement the same if you want an app similar to Nestoria.

Develop an app like AroundMe

Application like AroundMe

Want an app like AroundMe? We will take the best features from it and develop a similar app for you.

Develop an app like Hoffr

Application like Hoffr

Get the perfect Hoffr app clone; we add the features you want from it to your custom Hoffr like app.

Develop an app like PlaceBuzz

Application like PlaceBuzz

PlaceBuzz has made real estate apps more popular than ever; we will make an app for you with more features.

Develop an app like UK Mortgages

Application like UK Mortgages

We can create an app like UK Mortgages for you, with all the features you want from it, along with more.

Looking for Real Estate App Development Company?

At Matellio, we offer exceptional mobile app development services for real estate businesses across the UK that help brands expand their customer base and boost revenue.
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Do You Have Questions?

Everything you need to know about real estate app development.

1. How long does it take to start with real estate app development?

Once you discuss your requirements with us, we can start with the process starting with business analysis followed by development and rigorous testing.

2. Do you have experience in real estate app development?

Matellio’s mobile app development team has years of experience in developing apps for various businesses of diverse verticals. You can interact with our experts and be assured that the best developers are working on your app.

3. How do you create a real estate app?

We develop a real estate app through native technologies like Swift, Kotlin, or cross-platform technologies like Flutter and React Native. We first clarify the requirements and then move on to building the app, finally testing it and deploying it you want us to.

4. How much time does it take to make a real estate app?

Developing a real estate app will take a minimum of at least 2months, which can even extend to up to a year if you want a complex app with next-gen technologies like AR/VR. We will give you a set timeline once we go through your requirements and build a quote for the same.

5. How do real estate apps make money?

Real-estate apps can make money through brokerage, paid advertisements, and prioritised listings. Once you are ready with the initial idea, our analysts and consultants will guide you on the best way to make money from a real estate app.

6. What is a CRM for Realtors?

A CRM for Realtors allows them to manage their clients and listed properties better. If you don’t have one already, we can build one for you, which can be managed through the admin login in the app itself.

7. How will you do market research for my app?

We have dedicated business analysts who perform an in-depth analysis of your idea, market opportunities, and a lot more. The team will analyse the market requirements and provide you with inputs that will help you make correct decisions before finalising your needs.

8. How much does it cost to make a real estate app?

The cost to develop an on-demand real estate app depends on various factors, including features, technologies, etc. Talk to our experts to know how much will your on-demand real estate app cost.

9. Do you offer post-launch maintenance and support?

Matellio provides a one-month free post-launch support and maintenance. Clients can purchase flexible support and maintenance packages once the free support ends.

10. Do you have the copyrights for the apps mentioned above?

No, we do not own any copyright to any of the apps mentioned above. The names are used as a representation to give you an idea about what the market has on offer. We will build your app ground up, customised in the way you want it to be.