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React Native has been one of the most promising mobile development technologies in this decade. When launched, React Native opened a world full of possibilities for mobile app developers. Choosing React Native developer means lowering development cost in the short term, while also significantly reducing maintenance and versioning costs for a long time.
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    What is React Native Development?

    React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks in the app development world right now. Since its release, it has paved a new way for developers to see the Android and iOS app development, and a new way of developing mobile apps emerged.
    By using React Native, developers can create apps to run on iOS and Android with almost 80% code being reused between the two apps. With the features of React Native, mobile app development is now faster and cheaper than ever before.
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    Code Reusability

    The code written in React Native is highly reusable, adding on massive advantages.

    UI Focused

    React Native was made with a focus on UI, so both Android and iOS apps suit users.

    Third-party Libraries

    Support for various third-party libraries means more features with less work.

    Low Development Time

    The development time is directly reduced through code reuse in building the apps.

    Our React Native App Development Services

    We have created React Native based mobile app solutions across industries, below are our top demanded services for the technology.

    Cross-platform App Development

    With React Native, we will provide you with Native apps for both Android and iOS, creating them with over 80% of the code reuse, cuts down both the cost and the time to develop. It is one of the most demanded services for the technology and ensures you get your business on both platforms at the same time.

    App Design

    Our mobile app UI/UX designers specialize in making the mobile apps friendly and easy to use for the end customers. The apps are made per specific requirements of users for both platforms. The users, be it from Android platform or iOS platform, would not be able to distinguish between the apps creates vs, Native apps.

    React to React Native Migration

    Already have a web app built in React? Our React Native developers can reuse a big chunk of the code you have, further reducing the overall development time and cost. We have migrated several different business websites to the web app, and Android and iOS app, using this service as the base for it.


    With React Native, the advantage doesn’t end it with code reusability while developing the app, it very well extends to versioning and maintaining the app in the future. Using React Native can very well lower maintenance costs in the future while ensuring making changes would be easier and feasible for developers.

    Hybrid App Development

    Our Hybrid app developers excel in using web views implementation of React Native, the solutions this way could be made available for all due to even lower pricing. With even lesser code tweak, we will provide you apps that run on desktops, Android operating system, iOS operating systems, and more.

    Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Our React Native mobile app developers have created various mobility enterprise solutions for some of the biggest enterprises across industries and niches. We will ensure your app to be compatible with every device possible in the network while keeping it secure to used across in an enterprise.

    Android App Development

    At Matellio we create Android apps that perform in the Native wrappers as well as on native browser engines, choose what suits you best and we will create an app for it. The Android app will be optimised to fully support the wide range of devices that supports Android and will be indistinguishable from the Native app.

    iOS App Development

    Using React Native we can create an iOS app that feels no different from the ones created using the iOS Native development languages, we can do it in lower cost and lesser time. The feel of the iOS app would be practically indistinguishable from a user’s perspective, while you save massive development cost.

    Server-side API Integration

    Massive extension to app functionalities using server-side API integration, we can provide you pre customised data fetched from APIs developed by third parties or us, as per your requirements. We make the best of possibilities a reality with our API integration, we have years of experience in app development.

    Industries We Serve

    We have served industries from diverse industry verticals and help them develop business solutions.













    Planning to target both the popular app mobile platforms?

    With React Native, you would be able to do that well within your budget.
    Hire React Native Developers

    Why Choose Matellio for Hiring React Native Developers?

    Our developers are experts in creating capable cross-platform apps, and they are the reason why we stand as one of the top React Native development companies.

    Experienced Developers

    Our developers are well experienced in both Hybrid and Cross-platform app development using React native, they will create the app in the least time and cost.

    Hiring Models

    Transparent Hiring Models

    We ensure our clients know in and out what they are being billed for. We maintain transparency and offer multiple models for hiring developers for our clients.

    Quality Development

    We ensure the application our React Native developers is of the top quality. Your application would be able to perform per your needs and requirements.

    High Client Retention

    We have a high number of clients who came back to us for the development of the next phases of their cross-platform applications, seeing the quality of the app we built.

    Experienced Analysts

    Our top business analysts have a vivid experience of developing mobile applications for various industries, they will suggest the right development path to you.

    Support and Maintenance

    We offer a 30-days no question asked maintenance and support to all of our clients, starting right from the day we deliver you your mobile application.

    Process of Hiring React Native Developers from Matellio

    We have kept it simple for our clients to get their project started as soon as possible.
    • 1

      Request For Quotation

      Talk to Experts
      Market Analysis
      Feasibility Check
      Cost & Time Estimation

    • 2

      Requirement Planning

      Initial Designs
      Estimated Work Hours
      Sprint Planning

    • 3

      Development & Testing

      Building the team

    • 4

      Support & Maintenance

      Software Updation
      Adding Custom Features
      Post-launch Support

    Engagement Models

    We try to keep our hiring models as client-centric as possible, we have made it possible for all our clients to work on their terms.

    Dedicated Developers Model

    Leave the hassle of project evaluation to our expert business analysts, this model is for those who are looking forward to the best.
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    Turnkey Project Model

    Leave the hassle of project evaluation and planning to our expert technical team, this model is for clients looking forward to the best.
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    Time and Material Basis Model

    You get the option to hire our React Native developers based on the time and material you require for your project’s development.
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    Technologies We Work Upon

    Our Laravel developers are proficient in all the tech skills required to develop the best in class app.

    Client Reviews

    Our clients admire our mobile app development services for a variety of reasons. Explore them here!!!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose React Native?

    The simple answer would be to save both development and maintenance costs while ensuring an early market entry.

    Wouldn’t I end up requiring separate Native apps down the line?

    A reasonable answer would be no, as with capabilities of React native, we would easily be able to create robust mobile apps for you while keeping them scalable.

    Why should I choose Matellio for hiring React Native developers?

    Our React Native developers boast core expertise in React and have been working on it since it’s very inception. They carry the experience brought along from React, plus the experience they have gained since the launch of React Native.

    Why choose React Native over actual Native app development technologies?

    With the ways that React Native has improved from the past, the performance is now highly comparable to apps built using Kotlin and Swift.

    If React Native is so good, why are people still getting separate apps developed?

    If one is planning to implement newer technologies to the app core or looking for an extreme performance-oriented app, separate Native apps can be a better solution in some cases.

    What would be the cost to hire React Native developers?

    The cost entirely depends on the level of experience required to get the job done and will vary depending on your particular project requirements, you can contact us here if you want a proper estimate per your requirements. 

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