Reward-based App Development

Ever thought of having an application that rewards your customers for their loyalty and giving your brand a new edge. Let’s develop it together at Matellio.
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What is an Rewards-based App?

On-demand reward-based solutions gift customers with bonus points and discounts for making purchases from their business. This technology celebrates customers' loyalty by presenting them with extra coupons, enriching their whole shopping experience. There are different ways with the help of which users can collect points, be it some occasion or by sending referrals to friends.
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The first step is to register through email id. Application users can also register using their social media accounts

Secured Transactions

Hassle-free payment for your orders by picking the various option i.e. credit card,debit card or wallet, etc. from the list

Redeem Rewards

Customers can redeem various rewards after reaching a milestone, i.e. collecting a certain number of bonus points

Encourage Referrals

Admin can offer customers varied discounts and gifts in return for every new user they bring to their application

Top Features for Your On-Demand Reward Mobile App Development

Choose the most competitive and next-gen features that enhance your on-demand reward app development.
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Users can register in the app using email/contact number & use these credentials to log in

Create a Profile

Post-registration, customers need to create a profile in which they enter relevant details

Place Order

After creating the account, users can place orders from single or multiple brands

Collect Points

This feature facilitates the customer to collect bonus points after placing an order

Redeem Rewards

The customers can redeem various rewards after collecting a certain number of points

Avail Discounts

Users can avail discounts on reaching a spending target or by simply being a loyal customer

Social Referral

Customers can earn bonus points by sending invites to friends/ family or colleagues

Rate and Review

According to the services delivered, users can add reviews and ratings of the application


Admin maintains an online dashboard having all the details of users and their purchases

Secured Transactions

All the transactions in the app are highly secured as the data is appropriately encrypted

Push Notifications

Admin can broadcast all the new information like new coupons or upgradations through this

Encourage Referrals

Acquire new customers by rewarding successful referrals via Facebook, Twitter or email

Custom Build Rewards

Create rewards like vouchers, bonus points, that boost the growth of your business


To make business more popular & productive, various analytical tools are inbuilt in the app


Contact customer support via app to resolve issues regarding features or services

Monitor Feedback

Admins can monitor all the customers' feedback and use them to improvise their business

Want to Build a Reward-based App?

Team Matellio's deep industry understanding and technical insight can help you build a highly efficient and scalable reward-based application.
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. What is a loyalty mobile app?

Loyalty and reward apps are mobility platforms that offer rewards and coupons to its users. With such an app, the users can easily save a lot of costs or can earn reward points on their online purchase, or completion of a task. Besides users, the reward applications also benefit the businesses as they get more users and customers for their brand.

2. How do I create a rewards app?

For an effective and feature-rich on-demand reward mobile app development, you can follow these steps: 

  • Validate your idea with experts 
  • Identify a promising target market 
  • Choose a suitable app development platform 
  • Select next-gen technologies and features 
  • Include an aesthetic design for MVP
  • Hire dedicated app developers for reward app development
  • Test your app
  • Deploy on various online platforms

3. How do loyalty apps make money?

There are many ways through which loyalty apps make money. The most common way is through subscription models. The users pay a specific amount and in return, they get extra benefits and coupons codes. Besides that, running third-party ads on the app is also one of the ways to monetize your on-demand reward application.

4. Do you work according to the client’s time zone?

Our team ensures round-the-clock availability during every phase of development. You can always contact them by following our communication standards, and the team shall get back to you regardless of the time zone you are in.

5. How long does it take to develop a loyalty app?

The time required to create a fully functional on-demand reward application depends on your requirements and some other factors namely: 

  • Complexities of the features 
  • Customizations needed 
  • Testing method
  • Idea validation
  • Scalability of the app, and more. 

Hence, if you are seeking an exact time estimate for your on-demand reward mobile app development, then it is better to discuss all your requirements with the experts.

6. How much does it cost to develop a loyalty app?

Similar to the time, the cost of creating an on-demand reward mobile app depends majorly on your set of requirements. For instance, if you chose to create a complex app with advanced features, then the cost will definitely be high as compared to the app with simple features and less complexity.

7. How will you market research for my app?

Matellio has a team of business analysts who perform an in-depth analysis of your idea, market opportunities, and a lot more. The team will analyze the market requirements and provide you with inputs that will help you make correct decisions before finalizing your needs.

8. Do you offer post-launch services for reward app development?

Yes, we do offer post-launch services to make your reward app a hit in the market for years to come. Our services include but is not limited to: 

  • Data migration
  • Platform migration
  • Technology update
  • Features addition
  • Testing
  • UI/UX, and more.

9. What resources will I need for an effective reward app development?

To create a feature-rich and next-gen reward application, you will be needing dedicated resources before the development starts. Project manager, front-end developers, back-end developers, API developers, UI/UX engineers, testers, and much more; there’s a long list of resources that may be required to help you create a fully functional reward app.

10. Are you a copyright owner of the apps mentioned above?

No, we are not the copyright owner of any of the apps mentioned above. However, we can ensure you a similar reward app development as per the popular apps in your budget. Our proficient developers and testers always strive to deliver an exact app that matches your needs and wants. You can visit us or can fill our form to know more about our on-demand reward app development.