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What is a Calorie Tracking App?

Calorie tracker app enables users to keep an eye on calorie intake. The user adds the food items consumed in a day; resultantly the app will come up with the total number of calories intake. It presents various charts and reports, giving users a better outlook on their food lifestyle. The application also consists of blogs/ motivational stories and diet plans for keeping users affix to their health goal.
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Food Logging

This being soul of the app consists of a food directory, calorie chart and diet plans suitable to varied age groups.

Calorie Counter

This is applications' inbuilt journal, which counts the calorie intake of users on a daily/ weekly or monthly basis.

Progress Chart

Users can export the progress charts, meal details, exercise routines & deep dive into it using various graphical tools.

Share Your Story

App users can jot their whole health monitoring journey and share it with the public or restrict it to friends & family.

What Features Do You Need in a Calorie Tracking App?

Bespoke mobile app development services that empower apps loaded with all the in-demand features powered by state-of-the-art technology.
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Register to access health application via email/ phone number or social media profile.

Calorie Counter

Applications' inbuilt journal which counts users' calories intake on a daily basis.

Progress Chart

Export the progress charts, meal details & deep dive into it using various graphical tools.

Share Your Story

Jot the journey in your words & share it with the public or keep it to your friends & family.

In-app Payment

Users can pay from the range of available payment options inbuilt in the app's wallet.


Communities enable users to share health tips, diet plans and various other information.

Stay Motivated

Users can read blogs/stories shared by other fitness freaks and stay motivated.


Rate & review health monitoring journey by writing comments in the Feedback section.


Admin can log in to the app to access various admin-specific features and manage the system.

User directory

Admin reserves the right to edit/ delete any users' detail he wishes to operate.


Admin has the responsibility for adding new blogs & diet charts to retain users' interest.

Monitor ratings

Admin can receive all the reviews and feedback, which will eventually help in improvisation.

Push notifications

Admin can broadcast all the new information like new services or discounts through this.

Link to live experts

Admin can link the users with live experts such as nutritionist in case of need.


Manage various promotional aspects like banners, content, advertisements, etc.

Offers/ Coupon Codes

Keep up customer engagement by sending them attractive deals and discounts on certain services

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

I'm not in the same zone as your company. Will you still be able to help me with the mobile app development?

Yes. At matellio, we are not restricted by geographical boundaries. We offer seamless communication and engagement models to cater to our clients’ needs from various locations.

What are the QA and testing techniques that your organisation follow?

We strictly adhere to cutting-edge and authenticated processes for delivering the best quality. Corresponding to the software testing, we stick to the black box testing to deliver glitch-free codes.

I am not just interested in a calorie tracker; instead, I want a complete diet and nutrition application, can you develop that?

We, at Matellio, develop all types of on-demand applications. Share your ideas with us, and we will build the solutions that not only meet your requirements but exceeds your expectations.

How will you market research my app?

Matellio has a team of business analysts who perform an in-depth analysis of your idea, market opportunities, and a lot more. The team will analyse the market requirements and provide you with inputs that will help you make correct decisions before finalising your needs.

Tell me about your post-launch support?

Matellio provides a one-month free post-launch support and maintenance. Clients can purchase flexible support and maintenance packages once the free support ends.