What are the Top Benefits of Using Python for Web Development?

Over the last few decades, the popularity of Python web development has skyrocketed. Software development companies who use Python for web development are liable for this exponential rise.

Every day, the realm of software development advances. Generally, the IT industry needs more efficient approaches, and the programming language you choose determines your company’s performance. That is why, today, we will discuss one of the most prominent programming languages for web development: Python.

Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language. It is thought to be the fastest-growing programming language. But for how long will it last? In this blog, we’ll go over its benefits and why it’s so prominent. We’ll also make an attempt to look into the future of python web development.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

But before discussing the benefits of using python for web development, let’s quickly discuss!

What is web development?

Designing, developing, and maintaining websites is a broad definition of web development. A frontend, which deals with the user, and a backend, which includes logic and correlates with a database, are typical components of web development.

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What is Python?

Python is a versatile, open-source programming language centered on readable code. It does not require a compiler to run; alternatively, it includes an interpreter that allows teams to quickly test and shows the effects of their changes and can also be used on a variety of platforms and devices.

Python remains among the most widely used programming languages, as per TIOBE. And Python is used on nearly a million websites, according to BuiltWith.

Since it entails object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming, it is typically used in large enterprises. The following are some of the perks and features of using Python:

  • Standard Functionality – The number of essential functions were included in by default in libraries. They’re useful for almost any programming task. Python makes the work easier for developers by offering solutions for data science, image and device processing, and other tasks.
  • Variable – Python, unlike many other languages, does not involve the definition of variables. They are generated at the time of their initialization, which is when the variable is given its first value. The type of assigned value determines the type of variable.
  • Portability – Python is a versatile language that can run on a variety of platforms and devices (Windows, Linux, macOS, and so on) without requiring a lengthy code revision.
  • Speed – Speed and efficiency are higher thanks to increased opportunities for technological management process, object-oriented architecture, and deep integration. Python is an excellent choice for building complex multi-protocol web applications.

Besides, Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used to create almost anything. Python is used by businesses worldwide for cognitive technologies, web development, scientific and quantitative computing, gaming, and a variety of other applications. Moving on, let’s have a look at it!

Who uses Python for Web Development?

Python is commonly used in a variety of fields, including e-commerce and advertising, social entertainment and media, healthcare, banking, and financing.

Python is used by countless organizations for its simplicity, scalability, consistency, and rapid development in one form or another. Here are some examples of companies that make intensive use of Python. Take a look!

  • Google – Google, for instance, is among the key Python users. Python was used to build the very first prototype of the Google search engine as well as the entire technology stack. Python is also one of Google’s three primary programming languages, alongside Java and C++. The language is used by YouTube, Google App Engine, and code.google.com, among many other services.
  • Instagram – A social media service that uses Python to allow its 4 million users worldwide to view, upload, store, and share their works in an individual digital account. 
  • Netflix – Python is used extensively by Netflix, from data processing to protection and risk identification to administrative purposes.
  • Facebook – Facebook is yet another popular Python user. Python, in addition to PHP and C++, assists Facebook in effectively and securely maintaining, managing, and scaling their systems. Python is also used by Facebook for machine learning. Machine learning algorithms are being used on Facebook to coordinate systems for the News Feed and identify objects in images.

Apart from the above, some other popular companies using Python are:

  • Uber
  • NASA
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Paypal
  • Reddit
  • Bloomberg
  • GitHub

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What are some of the most well-known Python Web Frameworks?

If you’ve chosen to build a website in Python, you’ll need to settle on a framework. We’ll go through every essential element of Python for web development as we’re a leading Python Software Development Company.

Python has a large number of well-supported frameworks that speed up development and enable you to complete projects faster. Each has a specific use, so take a look!

  • Django – Django is indeed a Python web framework that “empowers steady development and smooth, pragmatic design.” It is an open-source, elevated framework. It’s simple, secure, and flexible. Django has a large community and extensive documentation. Django provides a robust set of components for creating stable, interactive, and simple-to-maintain websites.
  • Falcon – Falcon, is a Python framework that adds the potential to quickly create stable backends and micro-services to more generalized Python modules.
  • Flask – Flask is elegant and straightforward, and lightweight, which means you can add plugins and modules as you code rather than having them supported by the system. Flask is a lightweight platform for creating websites, blogs, forums, and other web apps quickly and easily. Major corporations such as Netflix, Linkedin, and many others use Flask, rendering it a general and efficient web framework.
  • Pyramid – Pyramid is a framework for building large-scale web applications that is remarkable for its developer versatility.

Other noteworthy frameworks include:

  • Web2Py
  • CherryPy
  • Twisted
  • Turbogears 
  • Botley
  • Sanic
  • Japronto

Since we addressed python and its frameworks, now let’s move forward and discuss the core part of this blog. Shall we? Let’s go!

Why is Python particularly well-suited for Web Development?

Python is used to create the majority of highly challenging applications and websites, such as Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and others. There are good reasons over prefer Python to other programming languages. Let’s look at some of the best reasons to use Python for web development.

1. Less Code Complexity 

Python, unlike Java and C++, helps you to build a web application with less code. When it comes to developing large and complex web applications, this function is extremely important. Another intriguing aspect of Python is its clarity and performance. Anyone with no or limited knowledge of Python can read the Python-based software. Python is the most appropriate language for web application creation because of its versatility.

2. Portability 

Python’s functionality and portability enable it to perform well in terms of dynamic semantics and rapid prototyping. It can be easily integrated into a variety of applications, including those written in different programming languages. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly patch new modules and expand Python’s core terminology. Besides, it has the ability to bind a variety of components.

3. Easy Prototyping 

It also enables you to easily create ideal prototypes for your software. Working on prototype creation and ad-hoc programming functions is simple with Python. Working on prototype development and ad-hoc programming functionality is simple with Python. Python is the perfect language for web development because of this feature. You will save time, money and get a functional prototype for your web application. Python allows you to build feature prototypes more quickly.

4. Adaptability 

Python is compatible with UNIX-based computer systems, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Also, it operates on IBM, AIX, Solaris, and VMS, among other platforms.

5. Extensive Support 

You aren’t limited to the online community for assistance. Developers may also use the vast libraries to deal with different situations. Python includes libraries for all, including operating system interfaces, web server tools, statistics, and more. It makes it simple to add features to your web applications. Python apps use a variety of modules, so you won’t have to write any code from scratch. Python libraries can extend applications as well. It saves a lot of time because the code can be reused for other applications.

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Python is a stable, scalable, well-built, simple, readable programming language that has all you need to create the ideal web application. Matellio makes it easy to hire top Python developers for your web development processes.

Why choose Matellio for Python Web Development?

We have extensive Python software development services and have completed projects in a variety of industries and sizes of businesses. Matellio is the company to choose from if you need a committed team of Python developers who have an outstanding proven record of customer loyalty.

We choose Python Framework, which would be perfect for your business and project requirements as a professional Python development company. So, sophisticated codes or software are developed in less time, leaving more time for Quality assurance and Testing.

Why choose us?

  • Transparency – Matellio, as the development partner, tends to keep customers informed about the development process. Our project manager communicates weekly/daily updates to clients on a routine basis to keep you informed about the status of your project.
  • Pricing – Every project for python web development starts with a strategy in mind. We have competitive prices. As a firm, we assist our clients in determining the best investment strategy for their projects.
  • Support – Matellio also offers maintenance and post-delivery assistance for its projects. It is paramount that the software we create continues to fulfill customer needs and generate revenue for our clients. As a result, we’ve put in place a reliable maintenance and support system.
  • Delivery – Many of our clients have been satisfied with Matellio’s ability to reach project deadlines. Matellio provides its client with a project plan that includes project deadlines before beginning production. Timelines, as we all know, are crucial in generating investor confidence in your product.

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Python’s potential in web development is optimistic. It will maintain its dominance over the other programming languages. If you’re thinking about using it or being used for a software development project, this is an excellent option. We hope that our article provided you with a better understanding of the details of this programming language as well as its potential prospects.

If you’re looking for proficient python developers, contact our experts to hire a python web developer to meet your development requirements.

Thanks for reading.