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What is the Fleet Management App?

Fleet management app offers you a way to streamline the operations of logistics and transportation businesses. Enabling one to monitor all the facets of their vehicle, the app allows for activities such as driver management, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, vehicle financing, speed management, fuel management and a lot more at their fingertips.
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Track Vehicles

Admins can track their vehicle position on interactive maps and take necessary actions if needed.

Real-time Alerts

Admins can receive alerts for speeding, entry/ēxit points, travel duration, distance driven, halts, and more.

Vehicle Inspection

Fleet management owners can inspect their vehicle's well-being by assessing the vehicle's current condition.

Track Drivers

Admins can check the driver's behaviour by receiving notifications about overspeeding, broken signals, etc.

Fleet Management App Features to Consider

Full-fledged fleet management apps for enabling the business to stay informed about their vehicles and manage various aspects related to them.
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Maintenance Scheduling

Admins can know the maintenance schedule for each vehicle and plan accordingly

Service Availability

Admins can view the vehicle and driver availability via app for delivering various consignments

Driver Management

Admins can use the interactive dashboard to manage drivers and related information.

Manage Vehicles

Admins can view the vehicle, their information and availability using a well-managed system

Vehicle Performance

Admins can track vehicles, check fuel utilisation, and analyse driver and vehicle performance

Reports and Analytics

Admins have the authority to create & manage reports using the system’s in-depth analytics tool

Send Payments

Admins can send payments to the drivers, thus making the overall management more effortless

Push Notifications

Admins can send push notifications to the drivers to share any important information.


Drivers can register to the app using the contact details shared by the admins

Route Tracking

Drivers can get the route information on the screen to ensure optimised time utilisation

Update Details

Inform system admins about the vital details like distance travelled, time taken, etc.

Update Consignment Status

Easily update the consignment status using the app and inform system admins about your tasks


Drivers can get insights of their performance & get a comparative view

Behaviour Tracking

Enables businesses to track driver's behaviour in order to avoid chances of legal problems

Journey Reports

Let drivers view every aspect of their journey here in the form of reports to plan accordingly

Online Driver Education

Features for tips and tricks to drive the vehicle or during their journey through a specific part

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Types of Fleet Management Apps We Can Build for You

Check popular fleet management apps that make a mark in the world and build the next ground-breaking application for your business.
Develop an app like Chevin Fleet

App like Chevin Fleet

Develop a fleet management app like Chevin Fleet App & enable seamless business management

Develop an app like Verizon Connect

App like Verizon Connect

Fleet management app development services to build an app like Verizon Connect App.

Develop an app like FleetSmart

App like FleetSmart

Create a stunning mobile app like FleetSmart to manage your fleet and boost your revenue.

Develop an app like Pinpointers Tracking

App like Pinpointers Tracking

Build upon the best features of the PinPointers app & give your business a competitive edge.

Develop an app like Quartix

App like Quartix

Develop fleet management app like Quartix App & augment your business value & revenue.

Develop an app like Asset Monitoring Solutions

App like Asset Monitoring

Develop a fleet management app like Asset Monitoring Solutions and optimise your fleet.

Develop an app like Fleetio Go

App like Fleetio Go

Get inspired by Fleetio Go App & build upon its best features to take your business higher.

Develop an app like Webfleet Solutions

App like Webfleet Solutions

Build a fleet management app like Webfleet Solutions and take your business to new heights.

Looking for Fleet Management App Development Company?

Matellio can help! With over 200+ certified engineers and decades of experience, we offer one of the finest mobile app development experience to our global clients.
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Do You Have Questions?

Everything you need to know about fleet management app development.

1. What is GPS-based vehicle tracking?

A GPS-based fleet management platform gets you all the vital information about your vehicles at your fingertips. The metrics provided by these apps include vehicle speed, engine performance, drive behaviour progress to location, and a lot more. Enabling businesses to get all the information, it makes it easier for them to create strategies regarding fleet.

2. Do you have experience in developing fleet management apps?

Yes, we hold experience of over two decades building apps for different markets and clientele coming from various industry verticals and geographic locations. This also includes some of the pioneers in the field of logistics and fleet. Our clients who have benefitted from our services enjoy quicker turnaround, cost-effective development, and one of the most efficient teams in the industry.

3. I want my app to be a combination of hardware & software devices wherein hardware will enable data transfer to the app, & the app will work upon that data. Is it something Matellio can help me with?

For sure. Matellio holds expertise in next-gen technology solutions, including: 

  • AI/ML  
  • IoT and IIoT 
  • Embedded engineering 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Blockchain 
  • And traditional web and mobile technologies 

This enables us to fulfil any requirements that you may have, including this.

4. What is the team strength of Matellio?

Matellio offers some of the best engineering minds certified in their respective fields. Our ever-growing team currently has more than 250 skilled members, including: 

  • Native app developers 
  • Cross-platform app developers 
  • Web application developers 
  • UI/ UX engineers 
  • Front-end developers 
  • Back-end developers 
  • QA experts 

5. What is smart fleet management?

Smart fleet management integrates gleet management technologies to manage, maintain, and ensure efficient fleet operations. It enables digitisation for comprehensive fleet management, maintenance, fuel management, driver safety, telematics, tracking and smart surveillance.

6. Is invoice generation and sharing a part of the app, or can I include it as a feature in my app?

The invoice generation module can be a great add-on to the custom fleet management app. Even if you can think of more features that would help your business, we’ll be able to offer the required customisation.

7. Can you help me with the market research of my idea?

For sure. Matellio starts with a comprehensive assessment of your business idea, wherein our expert business consultants will help you uncover various aspects of your plan. This includes: 

  • Target market research 
  • Competitive research 
  • Brainstorming to create your USP 

And much more that leads to better execution of your idea.

8. What are the benefits of fleet management?

Fleet management technology can help businesses by improving a lot of crucial areas, such: 

  • Driver safety 
  • Fuel consumption 
  • Real-time updates and insights 
  • Custom reporting helps increase efficiency and cuts costs 
  • Improve vehicle maintenance 
  • Improve customer satisfaction 
  • Improve route planning

9. How much does a fleet management app development cost?

Fleet management app development cost varies on multiple factors like:  

  • Features and functionality
  • Complexity of features
  • Number of user panels
  • Devices the app will be accessible on
  • Team size and experience of each resource

For an accurate estimation for FREE, you can reach out to our fleet management app development specialists.

10. Do you have the copyrights for the apps mentioned above?

No, we do not own any copyright to any of the apps mentioned above. The names are used as a representation to give you an idea about what the market has on offer. We will build your app ground up, customised in the way you want it to be.