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What is the Fleet Management App?

Fleet management software offers you a way to streamline the operations of logistics and transportation businesses. Enabling one to monitor all the facets of their vehicle, the app allows for activities such as driver management, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, vehicle financing, speed management, fuel management and lot more at fingertips.
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Trailer Tracking

Fleet management owners inspect their vehicle's well-being by assessing the current condition of the vehicle

Real-time Alerts

We can get alerts for speeding, entry/exit points, duration, distance driven, halts, etc. in app

Track Your Food

Track the delivery of your food right from the eating outlet to the delivery location with seamless GPS integration

Offers and Discounts

Don’t just satisfy taste buds, keep your customers hooked up to the app by offering them great deals on ordering food

Fleet Management App Features to Consider

Full-fledged fleet management apps for enabling the business to stay informed about their vehicles and manage various aspects related to them.
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Maintenance Scheduling

Admins can know the fleet status at a single click and schedule maintenance.

Service Availability

Admins can view the vehicle and driver availability via app for delivering various consignments

Driver Management

Admins can use the interactive dashboard to manage drivers and related information.

Manage Vehicles

Admins can view the vehicle, their information and availability using a well-managed system

Vehicle Performance

Admins can track vehicles, check fuel utilisation, and analyse driver and vehicle performance

Reports and Analytics

Admins have the authority to create and manage reports using systems in-depth analytics tool

Send Payments

Admins can send payments to the drivers, thus making the overall management more effortless

Push Notifications

Admins can send push notifications to the drivers to share any important information.


Drivers can register to the app using their contact details or via social media credentials

Route Tracking

Drivers can get the route information on the screen to ensure optimised time utilisation

Update Details

Inform system admins about the vital details like distance travelled, time taken, etc.

Update Consignment Status

Easily update the consignment status using the app and inform system admins about your tasks


Drivers can get insights of their performance & get a comparative view

Behaviour Tracking

Enables businesses to track driver's behaviour in order to avoid chances of legal problems

Journey Reports

Let drivers view every aspect of their journey here in the form of reports to plan accordingly

Online Driver Education

Features for tips and tricks to drive the vehicle or during their journey through a specific part

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

What is GPS-based vehicle tracking?

A GPS-based fleet management platform gets you all the vital information about your vehicles at fingertips. The metrics provided by these apps include vehicle speed, engine performance, drive behaviour progress to location, and a lot more. Enabling businesses to get all the information, it makes it easier for them to create strategies regarding fleet.

Do you have experience in developing fleet management apps?

Yes. We hold expertise in building GPS-enabled apps, including the fleet management area.

I want my app to be a combination of hardware and software devices wherein hardware will enable data transfer to the app and app will work upon that data. Is it something Matellio can help me with?

Definitely. Matellio will be able to help you meet your requirements.

Is invoice generation and sharing a part of the app, or can I include it as a feature in my app?

Yes, we can sure include this custom feature or any other, if you want. Our end goal is not just to deliver quality solutions but to build apps that enable brands to address their business challenges effectively.

Where is Matellio located?

Matellio has a truly global presence with its headquarters in the USA and offices located in France, Germany, and other leading countries.