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Matellio is one of the leading web development companies in the world and excels in AngularJS development. We develop robust and scalable websites and web applications to take your brand presence onto the internet. Our analysts will choose the best development path and methodology per your project requirements.
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What is AngularJS Development?

AngularJS is a framework written in JavaScript which is used to create dynamic websites, web apps, and SPAs. We have one of the finest teams for Angular development, they have been working in JavaScript since its inception.
We have a special team to identify shortcomings which can occur and will ask you to change the requirements accordingly. We create the perfect web app for you, and we do it the right way to ensure it remains futureproof.
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Declarative UI

The code written in AngularJS is declarative, speeding up the development process.

Modular Structure

AngularJS works with a modular structure, allowing code reuse wherever possible.

Dynamic UI/UX

AngularJS allows users to work with dynamic UI/UX, making web development better.

Low Development Time

The overall features allow users to work faster and reuse code when using AngularJS.

Our AngularJS Development Services

We have created AngularJS based web solutions across industries, below are our top demanded services for the technology.

Website Development

We do custom website design and development using AngularJS, hire our web developers to make the most of your investment, they have built various websites in various niche and industries. Our developers excel at creating scalable and user-friendly websites from scratch.

Web App

Web App Development

Our developers fully use Angular’s capabilities to create web apps that perform much faster than those developed with generic technologies, ensuring you always stay ahead of the competition. The web apps we create are highly scalable, and we can very well create Enterprise level apps.

Single Page Applications

Our AngularJS developers excel at creating SPAs, they can create a fully capable SPA in the least time and cost, while keeping it capable, secure, and optimised, to be used by thousands of users at once. Hire AngularJS developers who know how to make SPAs work in an optimised way.

Plugin Development

Our services include custom Angular plugin development, we can integrate various plugins right into your web app or website, or can create new ones for implementation using our expertise. We can integrate APIs per your business requirements and create a dynamic app.


Already have a website/web app built using another technology? You don’t need to worry, we will reuse and retain what we should, ensuring your brand new project costs much less than making it from scratch. We can migrate it from various technologies, and do it in the most feasible ways.

Dynamic UI Development

Our developers are able to make a dynamic website, which was simply not possible before Angular came into play, as it enabled various methods to make websites more dynamic. Our UI developers have gained experience working for years, and know-how to make truly dynamic websites.

Enterprise Web Application

Our AngularJS developers are well versed in enterprise solution development, we have created many enterprise web applications and websites for our clients. Hire Angular developers who know the enterprise solutions and their demands, we will make it secure, while keeping it scalable.

Mean Stack

MEAN Stack Development

Our MEAN stack developers are expert in full-stack development using the iconic Angular framework, they will build you web app in lesser time than the competition. We offer Full-stack development frameworks and can build scalable web solutions in a full-stack way.


We offer maintenance and support as a service for both the apps/websites we build for you and for your previous project. Along with support, we also provide upgradation services and maintenance as a package, you can choose your own terms and the time you want to avail these services.

Industries We Serve

We have created web apps of various degrees for various industries using AngularJS.













Planning for a capable website/web app for your business?

With AngularJS, you would be able to do that well within your budget.
Hire AngularJS Developers

Why Choose Matellio for Hiring AngularJS Developers?

Our developers are experts in web development, they are the main reason why we are one of the top AngularJS development companies.

Experienced Developers

Our team of experienced JavaScript developers will ensure your app is scaled to handle as many users you like, while it performs flawlessly.


Transparent Hiring Models

You get an option to choose a hiring model which you look at, what’s common between all of them is the transparency we maintain with each.

Quality Development

We also ensure every website and every web app we create is of top quality, our testing team and Angular team work together for it.

High Client Retention

We have the highest ratios of repeat clients in the industry, our clients mentioned it is for the quality of service and products we provide.

Experienced analysts

Experienced QA

Our analysts try to draw out the best solutions to your business requirements, they will ensure they help you choose the best technology.

Support and Maintenance

We offer thirty days no question asked maintenance to our clients, we keep it so to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Process of Hiring AngularJS Developers from Matellio

We have kept it simple for our clients to get their project started as soon as possible.
  • 1

    Request For Quotation

    Talk to Experts
    Market Analysis
    Feasibility Check
    Cost & Time Estimation

  • 2

    Requirement Planning

    Initial Designs
    Estimated Work Hours
    Sprint Planning

  • 3

    Development & Testing

    Building the team

  • 4

    Support & Maintenance

    Software Updation
    Adding Custom Features
    Post-launch Support

Engagement Models

We try to keep our hiring models as client-centric as possible, we have made it possible for all our clients to work on their terms.

Dedicated Developers Model

You can choose to hire dedicated AngularJS developers, you would have to only pay a per hour price for the developers you hire.
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Turnkey Project Model

Leave the hassle of project evaluation and planning to our expert technical team, this model is for clients looking forward to the best.
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Time and Material Basis Model

You get the option to hire our AngularJS developers based on the time and material you require for your project’s development.
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Technologies We Work Upon

Our Angular developers are proficient in all the tech skills required to develop the best in class web app.

Client Reviews

Our clients admire our mobile app development services for a variety of reasons. Explore them here!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose AngularJS?

AngularJS lets developers do more on the limited space SPAs, and web apps have while ensuring the websites are as dynamic as possible, making it one of the top choices for web development.

What brands are using AngularJS?

The Guardian, Netflix, PayPal, Upwork, Freelance, are some examples of popular brands that have used and adopted AngularJS for their projects.

Why should I choose Matellio for hiring AngularJS developers?

Our AngularJS developers have worked in the technology for years and counting, they hold vivid experience in creating websites and web apps for various famous brands in different industries.

I just have an idea and came across the capabilities of AngularJS, can you help?

At Matellio, our job is to bring ideas to life. Our team of experts will note your specific requirements and give you the best possible solution to bring your project to life.

How much time would you take to complete my project?

Our dynamic model allows you to hire AngularJS developers per your convenience, once everything is fixed, we get straight on to building your project in the least possible time. 

What would be the cost to hire AngularJS developers?

The cost to hire AngularJS developers depends on the hours and materials required to build your project, we would be able to give you a better estimate once you share your requirements with us. 

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