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Enable your users to overcome payment hassles by using a comprehensive, secure payment solution that integrates all your popular methods in one.
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What is an eWallet App?

eWallet mobile apps are digital alternatives to store and use various payment methods like credit/ debit card or digital currencies. They make the transaction process much more convenient and simple, therefore are immensely popular. With over 2.07 billion users in the year 2019, the eWallet app market is growing at a terrific pace garnering attention from innovators and entrepreneurs.
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Sync Bank Account

Customers can synchronize their digital wallets with the bank accounts to ensure hassle-free payments and transfers

Add Balance

Users can add some amount to their digital wallets to ensure more convenient and secure transactions using the wallet

Pay Bills

Customers can pay various bills right from the highly-secured app using their most preferred payment methods

Check Status

Users have the facility to check the balance in the wallet at a point of time by using the ``check status`` option

What are the Must-have Features in an eWallet App?

Leverage hassle-free payments with the power of secure mobility enabled by efficient eWallets for your business.
Need Custom Features?

Customers need to register to the app using their email accounts and contact number

Sync Account

Customers can link various bank accounts to the wallet and synchronize the app accordingly

Add Balance

Users can add money to their digital wallets through the connected bank accounts

Pay Bills

Customers can pay bills from the app using one of the linked accounts or digital wallet itself

Transfer Cash

The application facilitates seamless transfer of money, forth and back, between the wallet users

Check Payment Status

Users can stay abreast of their transaction status by checking the mobile app regularly

Redeem Points

On each transaction, users can win and redeem points which collectively reflect on the wallet

Transaction History

Users can check their past transaction anytime it is required with this feature in the app


Admin maintains an online dashboard having all the details of users and the app services


Admin categorizes transactions & cards to make the system more manageable for all users

Add/ Block Features

Admin reserves the right to add or block any feature that he/she doesn't find suitable


An auto-backup feature allows the admin to restore past data in case of a system crash

Transactions History

This section consists of all the transactions done in the past day/week/month or a quarter

Reward Points

Keep your users engaged by offering reward/ loyalty points & cash redemption options

Manage Transactions

Admins can manage transactions in the app and categorize them into completed/ pending


Admin can have a performance overview of the online wallet, using the inbuilt analytics tool

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Provide your users with a delightful transaction management experience using robust, scalable, and powerful digital wallet app.
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Which are the popular digital wallet options on the market?

  • ApplePay
  • GooglePay
  • Samsung Pay

Can you help me build an app like ApplePay?

Yes. We have expertise in building various types of apps. You can choose to build an app like ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, or any other popular option. We are ready to help you with the same.

I want my digital wallet to be a combination of mobile and web application. Is this something that suits you?

Yes. We can help you develop a digital wallet that works across mobile as well as the web.

I have an eCommerce website. I want to build a dedicated wallet to be integrated with this website. Can you help me?

Yes, we can help you develop an app that integrates with your existing system. Reach out to our team and share your requirements.

How can I make an eWallet app for multiple mobile platforms?

To make an app that works across platforms, you can go for cross-platform mobile app development that reduces the efforts and costs. Alternatively, you can have an app developed individually for each platform.