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What is a Video Sharing App?

On-demand video sharing application permits its users to record, edit and finally upload their video. Users can enhance the content appeal using dynamic filters. Content creators also have the liberty to choose their audience, i.e. they can keep videos public or allow their circle to be confined to friends & family.
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Aspiring app users can register to the app using their email or contact number or even social media credentials.

Create Content

Users can capture single or a series of videos using the record option in the application and share it with the audience.

Use Filters

User can choose from an extensive range of filters available in the app and apply them to the clips to make them more appealing.

Upload The Video

Users can upload the video and share it on the application platform after the content creation and modifications.

What Features Make the Video Sharing App Popular?

A feature-packed, powerful video-sharing app to enable all the users of a system to interact with each other seamlessly.
Need Custom Features?

To start with, users have to register using their email id/ number or social accounts.


Users can create a detailed profile focusing on their work area, expertise, language, etc.

Create Content

Users can capture and create videos to share with their followers/ audience.

Use Filters

The content creator can apply various filters and make the video look much more appealing.

Upload the Video

After recording the video, the user can upload it and share it with the other application users.


User of the application can create different kinds of playlists based on video genres.

Privacy Options

Users can customize their privacy and choose the audience they want to share the videos with.

Video Streaming

Users can experience full HD video streaming in the app leveraging high-speed internet.


Admin maintains an online dashboard having all the details of users and their content.

Manage Users

Admin using the online dashboard manages application users and videos under each.

Edit/ Remove Content

Admin also reserves the right to edit or block inappropriate and obscene video content.

Monitor Comments

Admin also has the responsibility to monitor comments uploaded on the videos shared.

Push Notifications

Admin can boost engagement across all the categories by using push notifications.


All of the ads and promotional campaigns are managed by admin using API integrations.


Admins can manage all feedback and reviews provided by customers through the portal.


Admin can offer rewards to the users on various criteria as the business model suggests.

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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

How much does it cost to develop a video recording application?

The cost to develop a mobile application depends on multiple factors regardless of its type/ industry. These factors include the features of the application, the technology used to build the app, the complexity of features, and a lot more. Let’s help you an accurate estimation of your app. Share your requirements now to get started.

How long will be the kickoff period for app development?

We ensure that your project kicks off as soon as possible. Once you share the requirements with us, we shall help you evaluate your idea, finetune it, and then get started once you freeze the requirements.

I want to build an app like TikTok. How can Matellio help me?

Experts at Matellio are available round-the-clock to help you develop apps that suit your business models. Reach out to us, and we shall deliver the most feasible solution.

Will you also help me deploy the app on the App Store and Google Playstore?

Yes. Matellio takes care of each phase of your project development cycle, even project deployment across the app marketplaces.

Will you be able to deploy additional features to my app, including all the ones mentioned above?

For sure. We aim to deliver customer satisfaction. If you can add something to up-level the innovation game, we are here to help you.