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What is On-demand Telemedicine App?

Telemedicine apps offer an intuitive platform that connects medical practitioners and patients. Patients ailing from any diseases such as cold and flu, UITs, allergies, depression, anxiety, eye problems, etc., can instantly connect with one of the available healthcare experts and find a solution to their problem on the go. Bringing expert services under a single screen, these apps ensure that patients can avail expert medical help 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
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Book Appointment

Find a healthcare specialist for all your health problems at the fingertips, and book an appointment in a few minutes

Audio/ Video Chat

Connect with the healthcare experts for all your urgent needs over audio/ video chats and find solutions instantly

Record Mobility

Access your medical records when you need with a cloud-backed solution that makes it easily accessible and sharable

Medication Reminder

Inbuilt pill reminder and medication tracker enabling patients to set personalized medication alerts and abide by it

What Features to Look at During Telemedicine App Development?

Custom online medical consultation apps that fit all types of global healthcare businesses & are technologically advanced & commercially feasible
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Detailed profiles covering the patient’s entire medical history besides the name, age, weight

Appointment Scheduling

Single-tap appointment booking to let patients find healthcare specialists & book appointment

Video/ Voice Calling

Seamless voice or video connectivity between the patient and healthcare experts

Secure In-app Payments

A well-integrated payment gateway that enables patients to pay quickly and securely

Medication Reminder

Pill tracker for the patients who fail to follow their medicine schedule

Cloud-based Storage

Save all your medical reports and prescriptions on the cloud and find them handy every time

In-built Chat Dashboard

Innate chat dashboard to help patients connect with medical experts and resolve queries

Reviews and Ratings

Share your post-consultation experience by providing review and rating


A detailed profile section for the doctors to exhibit their details and demonstrate their expertise


Feature for doctors to check their schedule as well as make changes based on availability

Manage Appointments

Find upcoming appointments at fingertips, as well as check the appointment requests

Video/ Audio Calls

Video and audio calls for the practitioners to connect and communicate with patients

Electronic Medical Records

Doctors can access their patient's medical records anytime they need

Digital Prescriptions

Prescribe medicines right from the app and share it across in a single click

Push Notifications

Notifications to allow doctors to receive alerts of upcoming appointments, schedules etc.

Track and Transfer Earnings

Easily track your earnings on a timely basis and transfer it to the bank account in a single tap

Looking for Telemedicine App Development?

Give your clinic and healthcare offering a new way to connect with care seekers by contacting telemedicine app developers at Matellio.
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Do You Have Questions?

Everything you need to know about telemedicine app development.

1. How do I make a telemedicine app?

It is simple to pursue telemedicine app development. All you need is expert help by your side. This can either be a freelancer or a telemedicine app development company. While hiring freelancers might sound intriguing to you, hiring a company instead goes a long way to boost your investment returns and helps you gear up to future technological challenges more professionally. At the same time, you can avail of their help anytime you hit a glitch or want to expand the applicability of your telemedicine app.

2. How much does it cost to develop a telemedicine app?

Telemedicine app development cost varies on multiple factors like:   

  • Features and functionality   
  • Complexity of features   
  • Number of user panels   
  •  Devices the app will be accessible on   
  • Team size and experience of each resource   

For an accurate estimation for FREE, you can reach out to our telemedicine app development specialists.

3. What are examples of telemedicine?

There are multiple examples of telemedicine. Here are the three most popular of them: 

  • Medical imaging 
  • Remote medical diagnosis and assessment 
  • Video consultations

4. What is the difference between telehealth and telemedicine?

Telehealth covers a broader aspect of remote healthcare services as compared to telemedicine. However, telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services, while telehealth covers non-clinical aspects.

5. I want to make a web app as well as a mobile app for my healthcare enterprise. What’s Matellio’s forte?

Matellio’s forte lies majorly in digital transformation services of all types. Some of the critical areas where we are proud of include: 

  • Web application development for healthcare 
  • Custom healthcare software development 
  • Telemedicine app development 
  • Next-gen technology-based healthcare development 
  • QA and testing of healthcare solutions

6. I just have a mobile app idea. Can you still help me build my app while helping me refine my business model?

Matellio offers a comprehensive development experience, which follows a smooth implementation right from the idea phase to the final delivery. Once you share your idea with us, our expert business consultants will contact you to uncover the possibilities further. Once we have covered all the aspects, we freeze the final scope, and then the development phase kicks off.

7. How do telemedicine apps make money?

Monetization models of telemedicine apps vary according to business models. One of the most popular ways is via monthly or annual payment plans. According to this, doctors and patients availing the services of telemedicine apps need to pay a certain amount to keep enjoying the features.

8. What project development methodology do you follow?

We abide by the agile principles for the reason that it helps us ensure maximum client delight. According to this, we carry our insurance app development projects based on the following process:  

Step 1: Project Kickoff  

Step 2: Product backlog creation  

Step 3: Sprint backlog  

Step 4: Sprint development cycle  

Step 5: Review and Retrospective 

9. Does Matellio hold expertise in UI/UX engineering?

Indeed, Matellio’s expert UI/ UX engineers pioneer in crafting incredible digital experiences for global clients. We pride in services such as: 

  • CRO & User Experiences Solutions 
  • Usability Testing Solutions 
  • Mobile UI/UX Development Services 
  • User Interface Design Services 
  • IA Planning and Wireframing Development
  • Front-End Programming

10. Can you help me with app marketing?

Yes, Matellio also has a team of experts well-versed with App Store Optimization and associated services.