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Rescue your customers from traffic chaos by reserving a nearby parking space with an on-demand parking assistance mobile application
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What is the Parking Assistance App?

On-demand parking assistance application enables your customers to locate a vacant parking spot beforehand. The users can also reserve their spaces in advance and avail discounts. Not only does it keep parking traffic at bay, but also offers convenient space management and revenue model to innovators.
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Locate Vacant Spots

As per the location of users, the application will suggest nearby and the most suitable unoccupied parking spots

Schedule Booking

Customers can book or reserve in-advance their favoured parking spot from the available options for a scheduled period

Resolves Multi-space Parking

The customer who has double-parked can be notified through this, and better space management can be promoted

Notepad For Forgetfulness

Forgetful users can track their vehicles using notepad and photo gallery, promoting better ways than the traditional methods

What Features to Expect in a Parking Assistance App?

Custom parking assistance app solutions that enable businesses and authorities to optimise space usage and rids the users from parking hassles
Need Custom Features?

Customers can sign up and log in using their social network or email account credentials

Locate Vacant Spot

As per the location of users, the application will suggest nearby vacant parking spots

In and Out Timings

Customers can avail parking spaces by entering estimated arrival and departure timings

Schedule Booking

Users can book their favoured parking spot from the available options for a fixed period

Heat Map View

It shows busiest timings of popular spots, providing a real-time view to users

Make Payments

Customers can make online payments for parking and other services through the application

Notepad For Forgetfulness

Forgetful users can benefit from the notepad, which can keep track of the car’s location

Review and Ratings

According to the services delivered, users can add reviews and ratings of the application


Admins can manage all the users, parking spots, and aspects of application via dashboard

Manage Bookings

Admins can manage and track all the parking places and their costings added in the app

Digitised Payments

Admins can track and manage all in-app purchases, subscriptions and online transactions

Add New Locations

Admins can add parking location and increase the bandwidth depending on the requirements

Alerts and Notifications

Admin can send notifications and alerts for package renewal, towing, space cleaning etc.

Discounts and Coupons

Admins can manage and add various discounts/ offers to the app to attract and engage users

Multi-Space Parking

Admins can alert users about double-parking to ensure more reliable space management

Analytical View

Analytical tools to provide admins with a better view of the system and its aspects

Want to Build a Parking Assistance App?

Team Matellio's deep industry understanding and technical insight can help you build a highly efficient and scalable parking assistance app.
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Why should I hire Matellio as a mobile app development company for my app idea?

Here are some reasons to hire Matellio: Cost-effective development services, Round-the-clock team availability, Constant support and maintenance, Over 600+ projects delivered, More than 150 engineers in the team, 4.9 ratings on Clutch.

How can I track the work my team at Matellio would be doing?

We keep our clients updated about the work progress via tracking tools such as Jira, Asana, Trello, Mentis, etc.

Will you help me submit the app to App Store and Google Play Store?

Yes, we take care of each aspect regarding app submission on various platforms.

Can you make it a combination of a desktop application for admin and mobile application for the users?

Yes, we can help you with it. Our team of developers will build both the applications and help you ensure seamless connectivity between both.

Do you work according to clients’ time zones?

Our team ensures round-the-clock availability during every phase of development. You can always get connected to them by following our communication standards, and the team shall get back to you regardless of the time zone you are in.