How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

How Much Does it cost to develop a dating app

Online dating has become more convenient thanks to mobile app development. The dating mobile app industry is good right now, and younger people are a big part. You can compare online dating apps to social media because the vast majority of the community uses them, and as a result, you may consider trying to make it work at some point. The success rates of online mobile dating apps are phenomenal. An increasing number of businesses are investing in dating app development in order to take advantage of the unrivaled benefits of the love market.

Modern technology has transformed human life in recent decades, including influencing interpersonal relationships through dating apps like Tinder.

The mobile dating apps industry is found to boost 1754 million dollars in revenue by 2020, as per Statista. This revenue is expected to grow at a 9.3% CAGR over the next four years, resulting in a market value of 2505 million dollars by 2024. These statistics are proof positive of the success of online dating apps.

Many startups are thinking of investing in dating app development due to the massive market potential of online dating sites.

This blog will provide you with all of the necessary details to assist you in building mobile dating applications. You’ll learn about different dating apps, their advanced and straightforward features, and the cost of developing a dating app, the design & development process, and the team needed.Tinder clone app development

So without taking much of your time, let’s get started!

How dating apps work?

The primary goal of dating applications is to encourage people to connect, talk, and get to know each other digitally. Users can log in, search for people depending on their interests, gender, and place, follow their accounts, submit message requests, and improve their relationships with people they like.

Moving on, there are few types of dating apps. Read on to learn more.

What are the types of dating apps?

Dating App development

It is often a good idea to research what types of apps are already available on the market before getting into this industry. Every app is unique, and it’s always a good idea to know who your rivals are. But, even before you start looking for rivals, you can figure out what your niche is. There are several different types of dating apps available.

Here are a few options to help you decide. So take a look!

  • Niche-based dating apps – These kinds of dating apps cater to a particular demographic. If you don’t meet the appropriate criteria, including a specific qualification or a certain age, you won’t be able to register or sign up for the application.
  • Geographic proximity dating apps – Applications that enable users to search for matches in their immediate area are known as geographic proximity dating apps. With the help of navigation, one might look at all of the profiles of potential love interests that appear in their recommendations. The user can choose the distance within which he wishes to see the recommended love partners’ accounts.
  • Algorithm-based dating apps – This is yet another option for moving forward with your dating mobile app development. After scanning dozens of profiles in their repository, these algorithm-based applications find the best fit for users. These algorithms are essentially aimed at finding anything in common, such as a shared interest, a shared venue, a shared number of likes, or a shared attractiveness ranking.

Some other notable types of dating apps are:

  • Standard dating apps
  • Gamification dating apps

So these are some types of dating apps which you can opt to develop your tinder clone app. But!

Why invest in dating app development? Reasons and Benefits!

These applications are becoming so popular because they allow people to virtually simplify a large part of their everyday lives, especially personal relationships. They have discovered that using this service to find their soulmate is much less time-intensive, interactive, and practical. Before we get into the discussion of “how to make a dating app,” let’s take a look at the advantages of dating apps for your business.

Top Reasons and Benefits of Tinder Clone App Development 

  • Huge market opportunity
  • User retention is very high
  • Huge community
  • Endless monetization models

Another of the important factors that determine the cost of development is selecting the Right Dating App Development Company. Check out the following factors for more information:

What are the key features to consider in dating app development?

Dating App development

Tinder clone apps are becoming increasingly popular. Various corporations all over the world are willing to spend a significant amount of money on the creation of dating apps.

If you’re already planning for Tinder clone app development, don’t skip any of the points below, as we will provide you with a list of all the functionality that you must have in your mobile dating app.

The following are some of the notable features of the best dating apps. So take a look!

  • Profile – A dating app must have an entertaining and informative user profile section that contains the user’s hobbies and interests as well as their background. According to the most recent features, this should have the ability to incorporate relevant data seamlessly from several other social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook, reducing the number of time users spend on it. Users may look at other users’ accounts in this section to get a better understanding of their tastes and preferences.
  • Newsfeed – In the News Feed portion, the consumer will see what people linked to him, or her are thinking. The consumer may also express his or her own opinions. There is an opportunity to comment on other people’s ideas. The News Feed could also be personalized to meet your specific needs. It can display the number of users who share mutual interests, as well as other details. It is possible to add or delete the choice for posting comments on the thoughts. Other operation functionality, depending on the business need, may be applied to this section as well. This screen’s appearance and feel can be changed upon request.
  • Push Notification – Online dating applications, like some other applications, can provide push alerts and object detection so that users can receive notifications about new matches, comments, likes, super likes, and other features. Users should be careful about instantly using these push updates.
  • Security – The majority of online dating sites attempt to pair people anonymously. Another way of determining whether someone is involved in the project’s concept or is only trying to cause the trouble is to verify their profile. The reporting feature is a must-have in your app because it allows users to report any abuse they may have received from another user.
  • Geo-Location – Users can choose the location where they want to meet new people with this functionality. People from different countries meeting each other is becoming increasingly rare, so adding this function will allow them to explore new connections in the area of their choosing.
  • Swipe – A ‘Swiping’ functionality is required if you want to develop the basic model of your dating app, such as Tinder or other popular trending applications. It simplifies the matching process by allowing you to ‘swipe right for profiles you’re interested in and ‘swipe left’ for profiles you’re not.

dating app developmentSince we discussed types, must-have features, and reasons to build a dating app, now, let’s move forward and discuss the essential part of this blog. So, let’s dive in!

How to develop a dating app that succeeds? Key steps to follow!

The critical development steps which you need to follow while developing a tinder clone app are:

1. Do competitive analysis

With a thorough examination of the competition, you’ll be able to determine what caused their success or failure. You can use this type of research to effectively build a dating app like Tinder for your own business. Examine their characteristics closely, and figure out what they do uniquely. And what distinguishes them! Through this research, you will ensure that you don’t unwittingly duplicate any of their distinctive aspects on your dating sites.

2. Select UI/UX 

The most essential requirement for a dating app client is an easy-to-use design. On a single screen, the most critical information can be incorporated into the design. It’s essential to plan and choose a good UI template for your dating apps. The app design should always be appealing to feel optimistic as soon as they start using it. As a result, create an easy and intuitive interface while adhering to a simple concept.

3. Select the right dating app development firm

Collaboration with the development team is an essential task for any corporation, as it determines the company’s performance. With so many choices on the app development landscape, it’s important to think about their development portfolio, development and customer experience, development skills, and organizational competence. Find a strong development team regardless of your strategy – enterprise-level or MVP – and it can provide you with 100 percent reliable mobility applications.

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4. Select the right tech stack

Developing an application is not an easy task. You have to use a top-notch tech stack for tinder clone app development. Below we’ve mentioned the tech stack which you need to develop a dating app like tinder. So have a look!

  • Languages – Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, ruby motion, 
  • Database – Firebase, Squirt, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redix, PostgreSQL
  • Payment Gateway – Stripe, Braintree, eWallets.
  • Frameworks – NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS, VueJS.

Apart from the tech stack, you’ll also need a development team that turns your idea into reality. For developing a tinder clone app, the following team members are required!

  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • QA Engineer

You can be assured when you work with Matellio. Our developers will create an application that will help you maximize your dating app by increasing usability and performance based on our years of professional experience and extensive knowledge.Tinder clone app development

5. Start the development 

You must begin designing the app after the detailed design was completed. You can build your application on a variety of platforms, including Android and IOS. But remember two essential part of the development which is:

  • Frontend Development – In specific terms, front-end developers can organize data from the back-end server into the mobile app. learning how to build a dating app for both platforms is required, so choose between native and hybrid development.
  • Backend development – If you want to learn how to make a dating app like Tinder, you’ll need to build stable and efficient servers and databases because you’ll be dealing with a lot of private information. Adding social media incorporation increases the number of connections needed and necessitates specific database connections.

6. Testing & Debugging 

Just after the development phase is completed, you can hand the application over to your alpha testers for testing. The testing team can determine whether the application is functioning correctly and whether any errors are present. If the application has some bugs or glitches, you have to do debugging.

DebuggingThe method of eliminating glitches from your application is known as debugging. Starting errors can appear in your software, which you must resolve before your app is bug-free.

Moving on, let’s discuss how you can make money with your dating app.

How to make money with a dating app? Monetization model!

When it relates to revenue generation, online dating apps such as Tinder and others use similar techniques to achieve profitability. So, let’s see what monetization methods can be incorporated to create a successful strategy.

  • Advertisement – Among the most popular ways for free apps to make money is through advertising. You may promote your items or even support initiatives products from other companies in exchange for money. Many apps often sell white space and position advertisements on other websites. You can choose from different types of advertising such as video, show ads, and so on.
  • Premium – As previously stated, you could make the app available to download and give users accessibility to some great functionality. You will charge them if they want to use advanced features like in-app calling or chat.
  • eCommerce – eCommerce compatibility ensures that the dating app and the eCommerce apps are in synchronization. Selling products that couples commonly give each other is a brilliant eCommerce idea for dating apps to increase profit.

Why choose Matellio for dating app development?

Any mobile app development is a delicate task that necessitates experience and the services of experienced developers. It’s a smart idea to recruit mobile app developers who are experts in the field. Matellio has been in the spotlight in the field of mobile app growth for many years and is familiar with both the technological and business aspects of the app.

Matellio is a strong believer in keeping to a set schedule and budget using various project management techniques. Matellio’s estimates are the most accurate in the sector, resulting in minimal deviations from the budget. Matellio is a well-known brand in the dating app development industry that requires no dating app development


With every single day, people are becoming more interested in dating apps like Tinder. As a result, investing in the creation of a dating app is a wise decision. Including distinctive properties in every application is critical to its success because they attract users’ eyes and interest the application stands apart.

Get in touch with Matellio if you want to embrace the concept of a dating app like Matellio. We know what’s hot in the market thanks to our thorough market analysis, and we’re prepared to offer only the best. Send us a message using the form below to speak with one of our dating app experts.

Thanks for reading.