Tips For Successful On-demand App Development


On-demand app development requires much more intricacy than normal and generic business apps, they need to be designed in specific ways, with certain features as necessary. We are here today with tips for successful on-demand app development as many new businesses are entering the space, and most of them are doing it wrong. Following these tips could be your chance to capture large markets, by introducing better apps than competitors, and becoming a hit amongst users. 

Whether you are starting afresh, or planning improvements to your already existing on-demand business, these tips can help you either way. We have been in the mobile app development industry for a very long time now, and most of our customers who got their on-demand apps developed by us are still out there performing well. We have built our list based on feedback and our experience in the industry, and it is strictly a best practices list and not a guarantee to success.  

Why aim for an on-demand service business application?

On-demand is a very lucrative field for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand the services they already provide. We have already discussed top on-demand service ideas for 2020, and now we will be talking about tips which can make your on-demand app successful. On-demand services gained mass popularity when people depended on them for their daily chores earlier this year, and this service, in particular, is hard to resist. 

Using on-demand services, you can get anything you want, anytime you want, delivered right to your doorstep. With the competition going on, you might even pay less than the petrol you would spend when you go by yourself to buy the same things or avail the same services. On-demand service directly aids the customers in a variety of ways, making it a one of a kind business to target. 

Tips for successful on-demand app development

1.Identify the audience

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to making an on-demand business successful. Identifying your customers prior to development will help you better the app according to them. As an example, if you are planning an on-demand service for the elderly, you could add a one-touch service button, while you won’t need any such buttons in a case dealing with youth or middle-aged people. 

The features planning, the support planning, they all differ highly when it comes to on-demand service as it revolves around real people availing real services. Things which might suit particular sex and a particular age group, might not suit the others, and planning that prior is the key to successful on-demand app development. Make sure you know your customers well before starting to build, it is the only way to maintain synchronization between what you offer and what the customers demand.

2.Choice of mobile app platform

There is a choice of mobile app platforms to target, namely Android, iOS, and mobile web, as the top 3 contenders. While most people prefer to target all 3 at once, if you somehow feel targeting either of 3 would suffice based on the 1st tip about the audience, you should do that. There are 4 different development paths to choose from, for 3 different platforms, let’s discuss each of them in brief below. 

  • Native

Native application development is a costly affair and can set you back 10s of thousands of dollars for even medium complexity apps. On the flip side, native apps will be the most capable ones, while being fully customized to perform per your demands. You will have to get two 2 separate apps and 1 web app in case you plan to go all-in on, and we highly recommend so too.

  • Cross-Platform

Cross-platform apps are cheaper, and comparable to an extent to native apps. Don’t get us wrong, they are not cheap to develop compared to individual apps, but in turn, offer over 90% code reusability between iOS and Android apps, bringing the cost much lower than the Native development path. The cross-platform apps can be made for desktops too, but are not very widely used.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid on-demand mobile apps are one of the most popular in the list, advancing compatibility across platforms while ensuring the apps feel as original as possible. Hybrid apps use web views instead of Native APIs for each function, which makes the development easier while ensuring the two apps for Android and iOS and the web app for mobile use are made at least cost and time.

  • PWAs

They are least recommended as the technology is not very well adopted, and misses out on availability part on the major platforms the Appstore and Play Store. PWAs are high-performance web apps that are downloaded directly from the browser and approach like Hybrid in a way, but way more disadvantages in the current scenario and time. 

3.Plan the Panels

This is one of the majorly exclusive features we see in on-demand apps at this scale. Since there can be 4 different parties working together to get the user the service or product they want, a separate panel for each is recommended. To get a basic idea, imagine how cluttered it would be in case the user is seeing the options the driver which will provide service would see.

Plan the panels that you would need, and smooth the process of the working of your on-demand business, we recommend you get one developed for each type of user playing a part. This will require intricate planning, as data will be fetched and sourced to the right panel while keeping the admin in sync, the possibilities are endless. Still, we recommend going with professional mobile app developers to ensure a smooth flow.

4.Sorting your Data

The data flowing into your system is the key to doing an ordinary on-demand service to the best on-demand service of your niche. There are many technologies like AI and ML taking over data sorting in the market, to take advantage of them, you will have to plan your app for so since the beginning. Your on-demand app development company will assist you with it, given they have quality developers for hire for AI and ML. 

The panels you chose above, will all be pulled for data and the data would be collected in a data lake. There on, you can ask your mobile development company to sort the data based on your required metrics and use it to formulate better business strategies and decisions. You can essentially track all usage on your app, along with real-world statistics like delivery time, preparation time, and minimize them in the long term. 

5.Hiring Development or Design team

As we pointed above, and it must be clear by now, mobile apps are the heart and soul of an on-demand service. Other than everything else, it will probably be the sole interaction point for users availing their services, providers providing services, and so on, getting it right isn’t just a requirement, it is a basic necessity. There are two options to choose from, either do it yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. 

  • Doing it yourself

This doesn’t literally mean doing it yourself, but building your own team of developers and designers to work on your on-demand app. You can hire Android developers, iOS developers, or you can hire cross-platform developers, based on the development path you choose. Then you need to hire designers, and data scientists (in case you plan to leverage AI and ML), and project managers to manage respective teams. 

While it may sound tiring, it will give you the satisfaction of getting everything developed right in front of you, along with quick resolutions and changes. This way, you can have complete control over your project, but it does require way more investment and will cost you your time. 

  • Hiring an on-demand mobile app development company

This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to starting an on-demand service business, and it should be with what’s on offer. You can hire a top mobile app development company to do the work for you, no delays of finding the right developers, designers, data scientists, they employ industries’ bests already. 

Depending on where you hire, who you hire, the cost of the project will vary, it will be much lower than building your team from scratch for the short term. Choosing between either is tough, but the advantages of choosing professionals have their own benefits. Choose based on your budget, developers availability in your area, and type of app you are looking to build. 

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Starting or expanding your business is both tough, and it can’t be done overnight. With the right decisions and guidance, you can achieve the best results. Go through the tips thoroughly, and you can call us anytime you want, in case you have doubts, and we will be happy to help you. You may feel we have put you in a dilemma with choices within tips, but that’s necessary to ensure you succeed in your endeavours. 

If you are looking for a capable mobile app development company to pursue your goal of creating a perfect on-demand app, get in touch with us. Matellio can help you create the best possible app for your niche and business type, and we will ensure to include everything you want, the way you want. Our AI/ML experts have helped my on-demand service businesses grow, and can help you grow the same way. Good luck with your app and make sure to use the tips wisely. 

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