Top Reasons to Choose Flutter for App Development in 2021

Reasons to choose flutter

Flutter has gained massive popularity since its launch just 3 years ago, something we don’t get to see very often. 2021 is the year we are eyeing a lot of increase in the number of businesses opting mobile applications than other strategies. The reason for the increase? The increasing popularity of mobile apps, coronavirus, increase in demand for on-demand services apps, and many many more. Given all of what has been going on in the world right now, 2021 may be the best to invest in a mobile app for expanding or starting your own business.

We see a bright future for cross-platform apps in coming time, and Flutter is the top of the top to choose when planning cross-platform application development. There are many advantages to choosing Flutter for mobile app development, and almost all resonate with the general advantages of choosing cross-platform app development plus more. While not a lot of companies chose Flutter till now, we believe the trend will change soon, given the capabilities of Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a highly capable user interface development kit developed by Google, which was aimed at developing multi-platform apps using a single codebase. Flutter is highly capable when it comes to developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating systems. It has seen massive adoption from those looking forward to adopting the cross-platform development path for building their mobile apps. 

Since the technology is new, it might be a bit difficult to find a good Dart developer in the market. Nevertheless, as more and more people are adopting it, so are the developers doing with the Dart programming language. Flutter is certainly one of the top modern choices for building cross-platform apps and has a lot on offer to those who are willing to explore it for building their mobile apps. 

So now, let us begin with the top reasons to choose Flutter for app development in 2021.


The greatest advantage of Flutter on offer is multiple apps with a similar performance of separate Native apps on respective platforms. Performance is one of the main basis of choosing Native over cross-platform apps, and given Flutter’s capabilities, the things have majorly changed. Apps made through Flutter can deliver equivalent performance to native apps, if not more.

Coding in Flutter is also easier, ensuring a high-performance app in the much lesser effort. While in general scenarios a performance-based application costs more for native development, Flutter offers similar in lesser efforts. If you are looking for a scalable app that can run on multiple platforms, Flutter should be on top of your choices for app development. 

Code re-usability

One of the main reasons people love cross-platform app development is the code re-usability in the technologies used. Flutter can potentially be used to create apps for multiple platforms with a single code-base. To put that in perspective, you can create apps that run on both Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, from a single codebase.

This feature of Flutter will save you so massive cost and development time, allowing you a faster market entry in lower spends. The apps created through Flutter using a single code base means that in future, for upgrades, maintenance, you will have to work on the single codebase only. This is one of the greatest advantages on offer, and this is what makes Flutter one of the best choices for mobile app development.

Saves cost and time

Time and cost are essential no matter what your business is or even the scale of it. Flutter helps you save both time and money, by both code-re-usability, and ease of developing the application. Flutter gets features like hot-reload and extensive pre-designed widget library, enabling developers to create your app easily and in much less time compared to native app development.

Widget Library

The user interface is highly governed by the widgets on offer, while in Native development you will have to do this separately for each app, Flutter offers ease. In Flutter you get to choose from an extensive widget library which allows a cleaner and faster development. Since Flutter is backed by the parent company behind Android, that remains no hassle, and the Cupertino widgets are exclusively available for the app you want to run on iOS devices.

Backed by Google

Mobile app development is a big investment, in terms of both money and time, and doing it through a platform launched only a few years ago can be debilitating. While it may be true that the future is unsure, you simply can’t ignore the benefits of Flutter and that it is, after all, backed by Google. Who could create a more reliable UI development kit than the company that owns Android? Probably no one, given the status of Google in the current time. 

Futuristic development approach

The future can be comprehended with what Flutter does, and the way it works flawlessly. The apps created can run on multiple platforms, with nothing changes in the way they interpret apps. This is the future of application development, apps that can work on multiple platforms without compromising the performance capabilities of the particular platforms it is run upon. The language that Flutter is built upon is futuristic on its own, Dart has many features which enable developers to create better applications faster. 


Testing the application would be twice as hefty in case you make 2 or more apps, while with Flutter you essentially need to test only 1 code. Flutter further cuts down testing time by providing pre-built widgets and options, ensuring a lower cost to test the application. Native apps have to be tested for various devices, and the app made through Flutter would be too, but the difference becomes more and more obvious as you proceed to testing two apps vs just one.


Maintenance is going to be a very big part of your app development journey further on, and while you might think it is easy, let us tell you it is not. Maintenance is a very hefty task for a growing company whose business is based on their mobile app. You will need to upgrade, maintain, only one application if you choose Flutter, whie the effort will be twice as much if you choose native app development. It makes a big difference to choose Flutter, as the cost to maintain the app reduces further down the line with Flutter.

Open Source

The best advantage it could be said for some, Flutter is completely free to use and open source. Flutter can be installed on the machines of your choice and you are ready for app development just like that. Dart along with Flutter is free to use and open-source too, you can do the things you want, the way you want, enabling higher options for customisation and personalisation. The feature is seen in other development technologies too, but most can’t match the capabilities of Flutter.


We believe in the coming time the popularity of Flutter will only be growing more and more, and it is well deserved to be honest. Flutter is a highly capable language, with only a few competitors like React Native which matches the features on offer. If you are looking for cross platform app development company, choose one with expertise in both Flutter and React Native, as they would be able to guide you best. Smarter investment in today’s time would be cross platform application development, and through Flutter would be righteous to say too. 

With so many features on offer, all you need is a Flutter development company to fulfill your app development needs.  We have been working on mobile app development since our inception, and have worked on 100s of projects building native and cross platform apps as demanded. Our team of mobile app developers consists of developers from all technologies, and we can give you a vivid choice of development path based on your project requirements. If you are interested in getting a top notch mobile app developed, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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