How to Develop a Parent App Like MyChildatSchool?

How to Develop a Parent App Like MyChildatSchool?

With the growing demand for technology in education, many schools want to develop custom parent apps to improve communication and engagement with parents.  

By giving guardians a quick and easy method to keep up with their child’s education, a parent app can completely transform how parents interact with your school. A parent app offers many exciting features that streamline communications between parents, teachers, and administrators.   

However, how can you create a parent app like MyChildatSchool that meets the unique needs of the school and the parents that use it?  

The steps required in building a parent app for schools, the features to think about, and the advantages of funding a parent app development will all be covered in this blog.

  • MyChildatSchool app provides parents with real-time updates on their child’s attendance, behaviour, academic progress, and school news.   
  • Parents can view their child’s timetable, exam schedules, and assignment deadlines through the app.   
  • The app allows parents to communicate with teachers, send and receive messages, and schedule parent-teacher meetings.  
  •  It promotes transparency and involvement by allowing parents to actively participate in their child’s education and stay informed about school activities.

MyChildatSchool: Quick Overview!

MyChildatSchool is a unique mobile app that lets Parents access statistics on their kids’ academic performance.  The app helps parents to receive up-to-date information about their child’s conduct, attendance, homework, and test results. It further provides parents access to crucial documents, enables them to connect with teachers, and allows them to view announcements.  

A consolidated platform is established for communication between parents, teachers, and administration through the MyChildatSchool app.   

Educators use the MyChildatSchool app to manage student information, interact with parents, and enter data on student progress. Schools can securely exchange sensitive information with parents through the app ensuring that they have access to the relevant while protecting student privacy.

Parent App Development Like MyChildatSchool – Top Benefits

The parenting app has a lot of benefits for both parents and schools. Among these advantages are:  

For Parents  

  • Real-time access to data about their child’s attendance, behaviour, homework, and assessments is available to parents. 
  • The ability to interact with academic staff members. 
  • Simple access to relevant school information and announcements. 
  • Greater knowledge of their child’s academic development. 

For Schools  

  • Better parent communication for educational institutions. 
  • Improved administration of school data. 
  • More open communication about student success with parents. 
  • More involvement from parents in their kids’ schooling. 

Develop a Parent App Like MyChildatSchool

Is It Profitable to Invest in Developing Parent Apps for Schools?

Now that we’ve explored the MyChildatSchool app and how it works, let’s discuss whether investing in parent app development is profitable.  

The short answer is yes; investing in enterprise mobility solutions can be profitable for schools. Here are some reasons why:  

Increased Parental Involvement

Parental involvement in a child’s schooling improves academic performance. Schools can encourage increased parental involvement in their student’s education by giving parents real-time access to their children’s academic achievement.  

Better Communication

For students to succeed, communication between parents and schools is crucial. Schools can increase communication and forge closer bonds with parents by giving them a platform to interact with instructors and school officials.  

More Efficient Management of School Information

Apps for parents can also make school administration more effective. Schools can spend less time and money managing student data and corresponding with parents by offering a central hub for school information.  

As we’ve seen the benefits and reasons to invest in developing parent apps for schools, let’s move forward and discuss,  

Top Must-Have Features of Parents’ Apps Like MyChildatSchool!

Parent App Development Like MyChildatSchool - Must-have Features.

The co-parenting apps have several features that make them essential resources for parents. You can incorporate the following MyChildatSchool parent app features into your app: –  

Track Attendance

This parent app feature lets users track their child’s attendance in real time. They can keep tabs on their child’s arrival, departure from school, and any unexpected absences.  


With a school calendar feature that lists upcoming occasions and key dates like parent-teacher meet, holidays, tests etc. Users can set reminders for these occasions to ensure they don’t miss anything important.  

Chat With Teachers

Parents can chat with their children’s teachers through the parent app. Users can communicate with teachers, check the evaluations of their child’s academic progress, and receive updates on any problems or worries about their kid.  

Digital Forms

Filling out and submitting forms about a child’s education is simple for parents using digital forms. This feature makes it unnecessary to use paper forms and make sure that parents can quickly and easily fill them out.  

School Announcements

Keeping up with school news and information is easy with this feature of parents’ apps like MyChildatSchool. So, parents will ensure that their children can take advantage of all significant opportunities and events by maintaining schedule.  

Personalised Dashboard

Your custom parent app, like MyChildatSchool, you must provide a customised dashboard that gathers all the data parents require in one location. Information like grades, attendance, or future activities matter to parents the most, users may configure their dashboard to display that information.  

Secure Login

A custom parent app needs a secure login to protect the child’s privacy. You must implement a two-factor authentication feature in your app to include the capability that only authorised users can access their child’s information.  

Homework Assignments

Using this feature of the parent app, parents can see their child’s homework assignments and due dates. Additionally, users can get alerts when new assignments are posted, or a deadline is approaching. It’s simple for the parents to monitor their child’s homework using this function and ensure they finish their tasks on time.  

Contact Directory

Using this function, the parents can quickly find out how to contact their child’s teachers and school officials. Staying in touch with the school community is made simple by this feature.  

Bus Tracking

Some parent applications offer a bus monitoring option that enables the parents to track their child’s school bus in real-time. You can offer them options like the position of the bus, its scheduled time of arrival, and notifications of any delays. All these features assure them that their child is secure.  

Exam Results Tracking

With this functionality, parents may see their child’s test and exam results in real time. Parents can monitor their child’s academic progress and pinpoint areas needing development. This function enables parents to keep tabs on their child’s development and provide assistance as needed.  

Payment Tracking and Management

This feature allows parents to examine their child’s school costs and pay them directly from the app. Payment tracking functionality is beneficial for parents who want to keep track of their child’s school expenses.  

Parent-Teacher Meeting Scheduler

This feature allows parents to set up appointments with their child’s teacher from the app. Parents can organise meetings using this option to fit into their hectic schedules.  

Online Library Access

Parents can see and search the school’s online library using this function. For parents who want to promote their child’s love of reading, this function is beneficial.

Custom Parent App Like Mychildatschool

MyChildatSchool Parent App Development – Process

MyChildatSchool Parent App Development - Process

Following are some essential steps that you indeed need to take to build a robust parents app like MyChildatSchool: –  

Define the Requirements

Any app development process begins with defining the requirements. The goal of a parent app like MyChildatSchool is obvious: to assist parents in keeping track of their child’s progress in school.  

You’ll clearly understand what you must develop if you define your app’s main functions and goals. You must specify what your parent app should do as well. Consider the following questions:  

  • What functions do you want your parent app to have? 
  • What requirements and demands do your users have? 
  • What issues is the app resolving, and what are its objectives? 

Choose the Right Platform and Tech Stack

It’s time to select a platform and technology stack once defining the function and features of your parent-to-teacher app. You have the choice of utilising a cross-platform development framework like React Native or building native apps for iOS and Android.  

Think about the programming languages and frameworks that your team is experienced with when selecting your technological stack. Your chosen technology stack’s performance and scalability should also be considered.  

Design UI/UX

The parent app’s design comes next. This entails making a plan for your app’s functionality, feature set, and visual design. The design of software can be done using a wide range of methods, but some popular ones are as follows:  

  • Flowcharts 
  • Wireframes 
  • Mockups

It’s crucial to consider your users when creating your app. Consider hiring a professional developer to assist you if you need more knowledge in app development. Additionally, identify each growth stage precisely to prevent future misunderstandings.  

Implement Security Features

Adding robust security features is essential because your parent app for schools will handle sensitive data concerning your child’s academic performance. Both data in transit, as well as user authentication are covered by this.  

It is possible to use 2FA to increase security. Users must give a second verification method in addition to their password, like a code sent to their phone. This makes it easier to ensure that only authorised users can access the program.  

Additionally, this helps shield your app’s reputation and stop expensive data breaches.  

Develop & Test

The parent app development is the next step. At this stage, the code must be written, the program must be tested, and any bugs or other issues must be fixed. For this line of action, consider the following ideas:  

  • Test your app on multiple devices and your chosen app development platform using a version control system. 
  • Gather feedback through beta testers and act upotn the data to enhance your custom parents app like MyChildatSchool.

An application’s development procedure is iterative as well. Future updates and modifications to your program could be required.

Parent App Like MyChildatSchool


Schools and educational institutions need to embrace digital transformation services more than ever with the growing technology usage in the education sector. A parent app like MyChildatSchool is an ideal place to start since it gives parents an easy method to stay informed on the development and well-being of their children.  

Working with an established mobile app development company like Matellio will be highly beneficial if you want to build a parent app. Your app will adapt to your exact specifications and provide a flawless user experience thanks to our skill and expertise in custom app development.  

Experts at Matellio can help you build a straightforward app with fundamental elements or a more intricate one with sophisticated functionality. To ensure your app is successful, we provide end-to-end Android app development services, from conceptualisation to implementation and maintenance.