How to Develop a Bespoke Travel CRM Software?

How To Develop A Bespoke Travel CRM Software

With each passing day, the businesses are becoming customer-centric and are focussing on providing enhanced services with the help of CRM. Be it CRM for a software company, for a real estate company, or a Travel CRM software, all the enterprises turn towards customer relationship management portal services for their niche. 

Owing to the ever-increasing trend of CRM in travel companies, the travel companies are housing enhanced customer relations and are now building strong sales and maintaining better retention records. We can’t ignore the fact that customers are the building blocks of any business, and when the business concerns travel consultants and agencies, it becomes vital to take care of the clients. 

According to Gartner, 75% of the spend by companies is on Cloud-based CRM, and 87% of companies moved to a cloud CRM solution. 

Moreover, with the help of the right CRM system for the travel agencies and the perfect tech stack, travel companies can go the extra mile to keep their customers happy and content with their services. Thus, it is clear that the travel CRM solutions significantly help improve the customer retention rate for travel agencies. 

So, if you are also on the bandwagon of developing a bespoke travel CRM software for your business, this blog is the right place for you.

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Let’s start by talking about, 

What is a Travel CRM software, and what are its Benefits? 

The travel agency uses a customer relationship management system to manage, store, access, and monitor the information related to their customers. This information includes a customer’s name, address, preferences, telephone numbers, travel history, flyer data, and other information related to the customer. 

Travel agencies can track their clients and offer them a personalised travel experience. The travel consultants associated with the travel agencies can offer information about their favourite destination, holiday packages, airlines, and prices to the customers, which helps them drive sales and boosts productivity. 

Moreover, travel software development helps travel agents market their services to existing and potential clients better and enhance the company’s growth effectively. 

Let’s talk about some more benefits of Travel CRM software, 

1. Improves customer interaction 

A CRM system enables the travel agents to interact with prospect clients, support customers, resolve their issues. A good travel system also stores the customer information so that the agencies can offer them a personalised travel experience. 

2. Let’s you share information with the customer 

With the help of a CRM, the travel agent can share the complete information, including their itinerary, travel dates, expenses, tickets etc., with the clients in just one click. 

3. Offers better business and work process 

A good travel CRM solution has third-party app integration such as emails, SMS, chatbots, etc., that can help the business improve their work processes and interact with their customers better. 

4. Helps in Increasing sales 

With the custom travel CRM software, the travel agents can reach out to more customers through the CRM system and sell tickets, offer travel suggestions and boost sales. 

5. Saves Time and Productivity 

CRM software helps you save a lot of time by automating the work processes and enabling travel agents to manage, build, track and maintain relationships with the customer. 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of travel CRM software, it’s about that you should also know about the key features to include in a bespoke CRM software.

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Key Features to Include in a Travel CRM Solution 

The features of that software define the success of any software – the better the features, the better the performance. Thus, here is a list of all the critical features for your Travel CRM software. 

1. Lead Management 

Lead management is an essential feature of a CRM app as it helps you check on the leads received from various channels. You can even integrate the social media channels with CRM software to track the leads from various social media channels in one place. 

2. Booking Management 

You should keep a check on the received, upcoming and previous bookings of the customers. With the help of booking management, you can also record the success and cancellation rate of the booking, which will help you improve the issues in the long run and enhance the productivity of your business. 

3. Email Integration 

It is crucial to integrate Email within your Travel CRM software to ensure that you stay connected with your clients. You can even send them the travel details, tickets, itinerary, newsletters or updates via mails. 

4. Invoice Management 

Some CRMs have a feature of generating digital invoices and bills through the system. The digital management of finances and bills makes way for an automated transaction and maintenance of payment records within the CRM. The authorised people of the organisation can later access all the information related to finances and invoices. 

5. Data management 

Data management helps you determine how you want to organise your data and how you would like to make it available to users. 

6. Data Reporting 

You can include a built-in reporting functionality that provides you business statistics, analytics and other metrics. You can even integrate third-party apps that offer you automated charts, files and market insights for a better marketing strategy. 

7. Customer History 

 CRMs can store the customer history and determine how the past transactions, bookings, and travel history of current clients. You can even offer a customised service to the clients based on their preferences. 

8. Customer Dashboard 

To help the customer resolve their queries, you can create a customer dashboard to generate the tickets and resolve queries faster.

Bespoke Travel CRM Software

Moving to one of the most important questions, 

What are the Steps to Develop Travel CRM Software? 

1. The Planning 

The first step of developing a CRM platform is planning, which includes platform selection, features selection, role selection, etc. It is important to define what goes into the CRM software before development to ensure that the development process smoothly fits your business needs. 

Furthermore, focus on the key factors that will differentiate your Travel CRM software from other CRM software and decide the features and functionalities you want to add to your software for enhanced performance. To come with better ideas, you can always engage in a brainstorming session with the people in your organisation 

2. Tech Stack 

After deciding your projects budget and the features, it is now time to select the technologies you want in your software. Selecting the tech stack is the most critical step of development as it will govern the business’s performance, strength, and growth. 

Selecting a technology stack includes choosing the platform, comparing the third-party integrations or applications and the technologies used to develop the travel software.  

If you are unaware or vaguely aware of the technologies, it is always better to consult a CRM development company. Professional CRM developers will develop the best tech stack and development ideas for travel CRM software development and provide you with the most advanced features. 

3. Design 

To ensure the ease of use of the software, you should go for an appealing yet simplified design for your software. You can even compare various CRM software to get an idea about the popular designs. 

You can discuss the same with the organisation’s people and take their ideas while developing CRM software for Travel. However, if you think you are unaware of the design, you should hire a proficient CRM developer to assist you in the process.  

4. Development 

Developing a robust CRM software for the business needs meticulous planning, result-oriented strategies and hours of coding. The development process of software requires the integration of multiple that are interconnected in a comprehensive environment. 

Moreover, the software should have a list of mandatory features for the CRM to work flawlessly within your organisation and teammates. Ensure that you stay in the loop of your software development and are aware of your Travel CRM’s development process. 

5. Testing 

Testing and quality assurance is an inevitable step before finally rolling out the software. Rigorous software testing tells you statistics about the project’s performance, the bugs and issues, and the areas to be worked upon.  

Once the testing team knows the issues, they can eliminate bugs from your software and finally give you smooth, bug-free software. The testing team should run both manual and automated testing on your software to get the optimum results. 

And now, to answer the most obvious question, 

What is the Cost of CRM Software for Travel Agency?  

The cost to develop a bespoke Travel CRM software will depend on various factors that depend upon the development process of the software.  

Development of a CRM includes building the design, integrating third-party apps, custom features, adding essential functionalities, and much more. Thus, the cost in the development process can fluctuate based on the selected features. 

Hence, it’s hard to draw an exact amount on developing a Travel CRM, but you can get an approximate quote based on the hours, features, integration and human resources invested. However, you can always get in touch with the CRM development company and get a quote for the software development.

Bespoke Travel CRM Software Development Services

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The trend of CRM software for travel industry is ever-growing and has the potential for revenue generation to drive business growth. With the advancement in technology and demand of the enterprises to cater to their customers, these apps are changing for the better. 

If you are thinking of developing your Travel CRM solutions, then is the best time to start with one. All you need is a plan and a dynamic CRM software development company to help you with all the development processes and craft a custom Travel CRM application. 

Matellio can help you in flawless Travel CRM software development with a highly proficient CRM developer team that has delivered several successful projects across various business verticals. 

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