How Building A Beauty Salon Mobile App Can Boost Your Salon Business?

How Building A Beauty Salon Mobile AppCan Boost Your Salon Business?

Every individual on this planet spends almost five to ten minutes daily in front of a mirror, either admiring their aesthetic haircut or planning the next trip to the salon. The reason is simple; everyone wants to present a better version of themselves to the world in terms of appearance. Salons or parlours have always been in demand, but with growing competition, not many salons have made it big. Every salon business is trying something new to awe the customers; one such demanding trend is salon mobile app development. The size of the business is no boundary for getting a salon mobile app; whether you have a small shop with just a couple of chairs or a full-fledged salon and spa, a mobile app can help boost sales and enhance client retention rate.

Adapting to new technologies is still difficult for some traditional businesses, but moving with the trend can soften the blow of heavy competition. With new technologies being invented each day, people are addicted to comfort, which leads to the popularity of mobile app development. Salon business is no different; instead of waiting for their turn at a salon or parlour, people are more comfortable in booking an appointment while being at home or work. If you have a salon business, it is the right time to get your salon mobile app and stay ahead of the competition. Let’s take a look at the on-demand salon app development market.

On Demand Salon Mobile App development

Salon Mobile App Development: Why You Should Invest in it?

Let’s be honest; the personal care service industry is never going to experience a downfall, the reason being it is the need of every individual. No matter how busy or broke you are, visiting a salon once or twice a month would be in your monthly budget. Even for a haircut, you would have to visit a salon or a parlour unless you are a self-taught expert. The global market of salon mobile apps has been projected to rise rapidly during the period between 2021 and 2025. Until now, the market has been growing at a steady pace, but since the pandemic, everyone wants an on-demand service, and it has led to a massive increase in the demand and popularity of on-demand salon mobile app development.

Until the year 2019, the salon mobile app market was valued at 450 million US dollars, but with increasing popularity, it has been projected to cross the mark of 710 million US dollars by the year 2025. The total CAGR between this period is 12.2 per cent. The market stats reflect an unending list of opportunities for various salon businesses regardless of the size. The current market trends indicate the users find salon mobile apps to book their appointments over waiting for their turn at a salon. Users are more attracted to the business, which delivers them a loyalty program; it makes them feel valued and respected. Stats and marketing trends never lie, and these numbers are suggesting an efficient on-demand salon mobile app leads to a smooth road of better user engagement, enhanced sales, and much more.

Salon Mobile App Development: How it can Boost Your Business?

An on-demand salon mobile app development can boost your business rapidly with the advanced delivery of services that matches the expectations of the customers. Just like any other sector, salons and spas have adopted the on-demand genre of the business. Apart from the general services that a basic mobile app delivers, such as appointment booking, style selection, etc., the on-demand salon app brings the salon to the users’ doorstep, just like any delivery service. With great innovations, the culture of app development has increased rapidly. Let’s understand the top reasons an on-demand salon mobile app development can enhance your business.

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1. Hassle-free Appointments

Whether you are a small or big salon business, there always have been a scenario where a customer left due to a long waiting time. Well, a custom salon app will help you in tackling the problem. With an efficient app, users can easily book their appointments at their convenience. However, you can always control the number and time of appointments being made on the app. Apart from booking appointments, the app also saves the visiting time of regular customers and remind them periodically. When customers can easily schedule, re-schedule or cancel their bookings or appointments to your business, the rate of customer satisfaction will increase, leaving you with enhanced revenue figures.

2. Customers Love Rewards

When you deliver a unique reason to the customers to visit your shop or order the on-demand salon services, customer engagement is more likely to increase rapidly. Customers all around the world something in return. As per a survey, it has been found that a greater number of users are attracted towards a business that offers a reward system or a loyalty program than the ones that don’t. Start a reward system on your custom salon mobile app to create extraordinary engagement of customers that ultimately translates to great revenue. It totally depends on the business what percentage of the purchased amount they want to deliver as reward points to the users. Reward points encourage the customers to buy more from you as it creates an illusion of discount, but in reality, they are spending more to gain points.

3. Speedy Feedback

A business that changes its strategies and quality of services as per the user’s feedback is more likely to make it big. Salon mobile app development allows you to get instant feedback from the users about various parameters such as ambience, level of service, rates, and much more. It also allows you to get ahead of the competitors by enhancing the level of your services as per customer’s expectations. Apart from feedback, it offers you to connect with the customers personally, enhancing the level of trust between business and customers. An on-demand salon mobile app will deliver you feedbacks about the employee’s performance, time of service, quality of service, and much more. You can also take feedback about your staff and the salon or spa from the customers and change strategies accordingly.

On Demand Salon App Development

4. Spread the Word Socially

There is no other place like social media platforms when it comes to spreading the word. An on-demand salon app development allows you to promote the business over various social media platforms for free. Allow users to share their experiences of your salon on social networking platforms through your salon mobile app. Connect your app with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to gain more traffic in terms of new users. At the time of registration on your salon app, allow users to sign up with their various social media handles. It will help you further in understanding user behaviour and create strategic marketing campaigns. You can ask your salon mobile app developers to integrate the feature that allows users to broadcast their views on major social platforms.

5. Aesthetic Catalogue of Services

When users visit the salon physically, either they have to ask the staff about the services or read the uncategorized catalogue displayed on a corner. Many customers who want to experiment with some new hairstyle, nail art, etc., don’t have the idea which one is better and end up getting the service they don’t know about. With an efficient mobile app, you can deliver an aesthetically organized catalogue of services with detailed information about the procedure and other facts. It will allow users to choose better services as per their requirements, and it will increase their level of trust towards the salon as well. You can also display combos and other discounts to attract more customers. When you deliver the customers a user-friendly experience, they will be able to choose wisely, which will ultimately enhance the level of engagement on the app.

6. Communication is the Key

When you are running a business, all that comes to mind is related to it, directly or indirectly. But a customer has to deal with numerous tasks; hence, they are more likely to forget about your salon or their next appointments. With an efficient salon app, you can remind them periodically about their next appointments and other offers of the day. You can ask the salon mobile app developer to integrate the push notification feature in the app that notifies the customers at regular intervals about various offers, appointments, new arrivals, etc. It can also help you retrieve a dormant customer who has not visited or availed your services for a long time.

These are the major reasons that will boost up your salon business if you build a salon mobile app. However, there are certain factors that are common with apps, but their effects on the business are significant such as, digital payments, easy signup, locating the salon, and much more.

On Demand Salon Mobile App Development

Boost your Salon Business with Custom App Solutions by Matellio

Salon apps are the future of the personal care service industry. It only allows users to avail services easily but also allows the salon/spa owners to cover a massive section of the population. With advanced features such as locate stores, smart catalogues, digital payments, etc., you can make the app more attractive to the users. An on-demand salon mobile app development with efficient features and functions is more likely to increase user engagement, which ultimately boosts revenue generation.

Matellio delivers flawlessly engineered custom salon mobile apps solutions with efficient features that fits like a glove with your business needs. Our team of highly skilled salon mobile app developers have delivered several excellent solutions with great ratings and reviews. We have an excellent client-retention rate that reflects the quality of our custom solutions. We offer a choice of feasible hiring models that suits the varying needs of our clients. Stay ahead of the competition with our extraordinary custom mobile app development.