9 Best Online Food Delivery Mobile Apps of 2021

9 Best Online Food Delivery Mobile Apps of 2021

It wasn’t a very long time ago that the people were expecting the technology to get them food in a few minutes. Well, here we are, tapping into the most advanced technology and enjoying food delivery apps and easy food delivery right at our fingertips. The food delivery app industry is now a trillion-dollar industry, and these apps are just a fraction of it!  

According to research, the online food delivery market is expected to expand at a CAGR of ~38.08% from 2018 to 2023. Additionally, there has been an increase in the food delivery app market since 2015; the UK food delivery apps’ projected revenue is $6.5 billion in 2021.  

Taking a look at the stats, we can infer that the daily orders through the food delivery app are increasing at unprecedented rates worldwide.

Seeing this a golden opportunity, the Mobile app development companies are taking advanced steps in making their apps sophisticated and hassle-free. Moreover, the ever-increasing popularity of the food delivery app is constantly attracting new entrepreneurs to invest in the Food Delivery Mobile App Development and the developers to come with new and better food delivery mobile apps.  

Food Delivery Mobile App Development

Let’s take a look at the best food delivery mobile apps in the UK.  

1. Just Eat 

Just Eat

Just Eat UK is one of the most popular apps in the UK. It is one of a kind food delivery and takeaway app that brings all the takeaway stores and local restaurants together on a single platform.  

You can quickly get all the information you need on restaurants, and you can search the restaurants by name, location, cuisine, rating, reviews or offers. The app also allows you to pay by cash on delivery or by credit or debit card on order placement or delivery. The app offers an array of options to choose from, provides speedy delivery and is knowns for excellent customer service.  

The key features of Just Eat are : 

  • Search from the top-rated takeaway restaurants by their locations  
  • Pre-order food  
  • Filter your cuisine as per your liking.  
  • Receive updates via push notifications about your order  

2. Zomato 


Zomato is a one-stop solution for all your food-related queries and has taken over the global food delivery market. Right from offering the restaurant review and guiding its location to and food delivery and restaurant booking, Zomato now covers over 1.5 million restaurants worldwide.  

In the light of covid-19, they are offering the option for contactless delivery and contactless dining. With a well-detailed and vast restaurant database, the Zomato app offers a restaurant menu, photos, maps & directions, ratings and reviews to make it easy for the customers to get their food. Additionally, in some locations, you can also get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep. Zomato allows you to easily track your orders and ask for help from the customer help desk if needed.  

The key features of Zomato are : 

  • Offers the largest selection of restaurants across the nation  
  • Available in 24 counties  
  • Easy order tracking  
  • Delivers with maximum safety and hygiene  

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3. Deliveroo 

Deliveroo is one of the reputed food delivery apps across Europe and has attained popularity by being a food delivery app that handles everything. You can have easy access to restaurants and takeaways through a single app that connects you to a wide selection of restaurants and takeaways in your area.  

The Deliveroo app development company is particular about the delivery times and has become successful due to their fast delivery and consistent service. Additionally, Deliveroo offers you a broad menu with various cuisines, promised to be delivered within 30 minutes. If you are on the bandwagon of food delivery app development, you can get an app like Deliveroo developed with the help of a mobile app development company.  

The key features of Deliveroo are:

  • Find your favourite food from available restaurants  
  • Pay directly from your phone through multiple payment options  
  • Get live updates on orders  
  • Give delivery instructions  

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food delivery app development company

4. Uber Eats  

Uber EatsUber Eats uses the latest technology to run faster and comes with easy-to-use app features. With a massive range of offers to choose from, Uber Eats can tempt you to order the food you love at a lower price.  

Uber Eats has multiple choices of food to choose from through numerous stores and takeaways. Right from pizza, burgers and healthy food to street food, Chinese and Japanese, Uber Eats allows you to order your favourite by just entering your locations and details at a single tap.   

Uber Eats is ranked as one of the 13 best restaurant apps in London and the UK, which offers a good choice of restaurants and cafes and provides a useful option for order scheduling and delivery. Moreover, thanks to the most advanced technologies of the application, users can always track their orders for delivery food in the UK.  

The key features of Uber Eats are: 

  • Multiple offers at a single time  
  • Numerous restaurants at any given location  
  • Fast delivery and tracking  
  • Customer support for any query  

5. Food Hub  

One of the most loved UK food delivery companies, Food Hub, stands out from the crowd because it doesn’t charge a commission to restaurants. This allows them to offer more discounts that, in turn, attract more customers.  

What’s more, the Food Hub app does not levy service charges for customers, so you can save extra money while ordering from this app without compromising quality. Food Hub offers accessible discounts and special deals by the restaurants listed in the app. With the easy order tracking feature of the app, you can easily track your order through the stages of preparation and delivery.  

The key features of Food Hub are :

  • Offers best in class food discounts  
  • Commission-free application  
  • Easy order tracking   

6. Hungry House  


Hungry House allows you to search for the preferred restaurant in your area and place an order online without any hassles. The Hungry House app has a network of over 10,000 restaurants. When the orders are placed, the restaurant processes and delivers them through their couriers for a minimal fee. Additionally, Hungry House can be helpful for the people looking for a restaurant across the UK and not only for those who want to order food.  

You can browse the takeaway offers through the list of restaurants or opt for self-pick once the order is ready.  

The key features of Hungry House are:

  • Can order or self-pick the food  
  • Ease of ordering via a table in a restaurant  
  • Locate the restaurant in your area  

Food Delivery Apps Development

7. Quiqup  

Quiqup competes for the status of the best food delivery app in the UK. The app significantly invests in its tech development and offers various user-friendly features that allow app usage ease. Quiqup allows you to order food not only food from restaurants but also retailers.  

With Quiqup, you can opt for scheduled or same-day delivery with the surety of your order being delivered right on time.  

Being one of the most popular food delivery apps in the UK, Quiqup is growing to be one of the most popular food delivery apps within the country and on the global level.  

The key features of Quiqup are:

  • On-demand or same-day delivery  
  • Custom and scheduled deliveries  
  • Easy delivery management  
  • Live tracking of your order  

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8. Eat Clean Me

If you are talking about the best food delivery apps in the UK, you cannot miss out on the Eat Clean Me app. This app is, for sure, the best food delivery app in the UK for those who want to eat healthily and are looking for traditional food options. Eat Clean Me can also be considered a novel food application with many variants for those who prefer vegan food or opt for gluten-free products. The best part about Eat clean me is that all the restaurants that are listed in the Eat Clean Me application meet EFSA novel food application requirements, which promises to make the food safe for your consumption.   

The key features of Eat Clean Me are:

  • Healthy meal options  
  • Restaurants meet the EFSA novel food application requirements  
  • Healthy meal programs to choose from  
  • Offers vegan and gluten-free meal  

9. Spoonfed  

Spoonfed is a comparatively newer app compared to other apps in the line of the best online food delivery mobile apps of 2021. Though it is probably not one of the most popular restaurant booking or food delivery apps in the UK, it is actively gaining momentum to come in line with the best food apps in the UK.  

Spoonfed offers a secure payment system for the ease of users and has already entered a partnership with many well-known restaurants. But, thanks to the highest quality of its services, it deserves its position in the list of the best restaurant apps in the UK.  

The key features of Spoonfed are :

  • provides allergen and dietary information   
  • booking administration  
  • Chat and phone support  

Food Delivery Mobile App Development

Looking forward to the Food Delivery Mobile App Development? Talk to us.   

The ever-growing demand for food delivery apps is inviting several players to join the food delivery app market. The food delivery app development is becoming a global hit and making way for quick success with excellent ROI.   

Getting a food delivery that works for you and stand out in the vast market is a gamble. Still, with the right mobile app development company, you can get a unique app that will offer you an extra advantage over your competitors.   

Thus, if you are thinking of investing in on-demand app development, this is the right time for you to do so. Matellio will assist you in building a vibrant on-demand food delivery app with stellar features and functionalities.  

Talk to us today about your food delivery app requirements and get a quote.