Why Your Business Should Use Salesforce Integration Services?

Why Your Business Should Use Salesforce Integration Services

Industries of any kind generate a ton of consumer data on a daily basis. To manage this massive pile of data, you can explore various CRMs, but the majority of them delivers the same concoction of functionalities that are focused on enhancing your customer relations with effective management. Consumer data consists of various types of information such as interactions, demographics, emails, purchase history, tools, software, apps, etc. Salesforce integration is a trending topic in the market. The stats of the Salesforce integration are amusing as it has the 19.7% of the total CRM market. Further, more than 150,000 companies are using the Salesforce integration services, and the number keeps on adding. The ROI for every dollar spent on it is 8.5 USD.

The enhanced functionalities and ease of access made the stats fly. With proper integration, businesses are closing more leads than ever. However, a research study states that it cost more to convert a lead than to retain them. Companies that have increased their customer retention rates are prone to a profit increase of about 26%. In this blog, you will understand why Salesforce Integration services are essential for your business but first, let’s understand Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Services

What is Salesforce Integration?

A number of software tools are used in the daily operations of any industry. Not only do they serve different purposes, but they are also designed differently. Salesforce integration services are also software that creates a connection between Salesforce CRM and various other systems. It manages the communication and interprets the messages these systems exchange with the help of different APIs. However, the Salesforce integration solely relies on the number of the systems you want to integrate, the specifics of the systems, and the integration levels to cover. With Salesforce integration, your organization can get access to various resources to achieve a much greater operational visibility.

Salesforce has revolutionized the business industry as an effective information platform. With its top-notch CRM solution, it has enhanced the operations of sales with its various innovative services and optimized its customer satisfaction rate.

How does Salesforce integration work?

Salesforce integration working can be explained by its four-level of integration that it offers. The first two levels are process and data integration that are considered as fundamental, and other additional levels that consist of user interface and security integrations. Let’s understand each level.

  • Process integration serves the purpose of implementing business processes end to end by connecting various systems and apps at the workflow level. Any other process-related integration will need a much complex solution to sustain interactions between reporting, managing process state, and systems.
  • Data integration works to facilitate a constant and on-demand exchange of information between systems. By constant information exchange, it delivers data consistency and enhances the efficiency of the teams. However, for better efficiency, the data integration should be implemented on standard information management techniques like master data management. It uses various APIs, mainly SOAP and REST, to facilitate data to one system from another. It also performs several other functions like updating Salesforce objects, maintains passwords, perform searches, etc.
  • The user interface integration works by joining the UIs of a minimum of two systems or more. It helps in enhancing the user’s experience by delivering a single point of entry into multiple applications.
  • The security level integration works by combining various authentication mechanisms that deliver minimum Administration and enhance the user’s experience.

Who can Benefit from Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integration services are being adopted by various organizations to enhance their productivity, workforce mobility, and overall agility of operations. Various businesses that have to deal with customers and clients generate a ton of data, and they manage its mobility and proper implementation with Salesforce. But with the integration, all the generated data needs to be distributed and reallocated to various enterprise systems and multiple business channels, and that’s where the Salesforce integration services come into the picture.

Whether it’s any department of the industry, every one of them creates a load of information daily and to manage or establish collaboration between workflow of several departments and their employees, you need a Salesforce solution. It brings your various departments under one roof and helps in unifying and syncing the entire business. Enhanced collaborations between teams ultimately translate to a better workflow.

Any business niche which deals with a ton of data can take the help of Salesforce integration services. For instance, suppose your organizations rely mainly on emails to do business or convert leads. An email integration solution from Salesforce will start syncing all the emails and calendars for present in various systems along with the CRM. Not only it will bring additional value to the company but also enhance the communication with various clients/customers.

What are the benefits of salesforce integration?

For better implementation and amusing results, you should always search for the best rated Salesforce development companies that can enhance the overall efficacy of your operations. Now that you know about the Salesforce integration and the reasons you should implement it, let’s understand the numerous benefits that come along with the package. Here are some of the primary benefits of Salesforce.

1. Feasible Functionality

The Salesforce solutions offer a wide variety of functionalities and features that covers almost every need in terms of operations of an industry. It delivers feasibility in the context of implementation as the administrator can make various changes and configure the solution as per the requirements of the concerned businesses.

2. Cloud-based PaaS Model

The popularity of Salesforce reached its peak when it introduced the first cloud-based CRM. With force.com, it also made the platform available for service for a various business model with complex functionalities. The charges of the Salesforce integration services are calculated on the basis of the user licenses. Its cloud sales platform offers four different types such as Salesforce IQ Starter, Lightning Enterprise, Lightning Professional, and Lightning Unlimited. The organizations availing these services can add or subtract the number of integrations and shift between these editions as per their needs.

3. Easy Customisations

Salesforce dominates the industry with its unique features like easy customizations. These features provide it with an edge over the other competitors in the market. However, most of the needs of a company can be fulfilled with a functional configuration, but there are times when it is necessary to extend several existing functionalities that represents the needs of the business correctly. To implement various customizations on Salesforce, a Salesforce developer must have the knowledge of Apex Code and Visualforce pages. Various customizations that it offers include third-party Salesforce extensions, integrating an app, etc.

4. Improved Pipeline management

It improves the pipeline management of any industry by enhancing the focus and prioritize the current deals that are available to the company. It is crucial to effectively manage the pipeline as it is an essential part of the sales operations. It also offers a consolidated view of all potentials and stages and presents them visually.

5. Advanced Implementation Time

Salesforce offers a Cloud Platform that delivers less implementation time as compared to any other standard solutions. Further, it decreases the timeframe of conducting various cloud related operations. However, any company can customize it as per their varying needs and incorporate it quickly in a systematic order.

6. Organized Reports

Organized reports are crucial to conducting business when it comes to sales. Salesforce integration services deliver the feasibility of creating reports and monitor various factors like the present opportunities in a pipeline, dormant accounts, number of products sold, performed activities and number of tasks completed. Along with organized reports, it also provides a graphic representation of the data in the form of charts which are further used to analyze any critical data.

7. Customer Lifecycle Tracking

The Salesforce CRM integration helps with effective tracking of the customer’s lifecycle that helps sales in various ways. A wide array of features performs various actions such as for channeling sales activities Sales Cloud is used, to know and cater to the exact need of the customer Service Cloud is used. Similarly, to drive sales and initiate person to person contact, Marketing Cloud is used. To manage the team performance and deliver compelling insights, analytics is used.

8. AppExchange

Salesforce offers a marketplace that is named AppExchange. It is an effective business app store that offers over 2900 apps that comes in free and paid versions. The need of any company is not stable throughout the time, and hence, it can experience a change in requirements that can be fulfilled with new apps. Users can choose from various apps such as MailChimp, DocuSign, Xero, AdobeSign, Quickbooks, and much more. This app exchange can be accessed by any company regardless of its size.

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Salesforce CRM integration

Market trends of Salesforce Integration

With the growth of a market, the trends changes, the popularity of the Salesforce have embarked on various trends in the market, some of them are as follows.

Advanced analytics

Clean data sets and accurate analytics is the need of every company. It is used to enhance business processes and functions. Hence, every company requires a data set that can assist them in predicting the customer’s behaviour by analyzing their past purchases. Salesforce provides the exact data to the analysts to analyze their customer’s behaviour. This helps in attracting qualified leads and improves productivity.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is the need of the hour, and its integration in Salesforce CRM has resulted in cost optimization, product configurations, etc. The first AI for CRM solutions developed by them is named as Salesforce Einstein. It delivers extraordinary results in terms of customer engagement, market predictions, and much more.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation with Salesforce administrations helps businesses in achieving targets that can’t be achieved by conventional methods. It offers various marketing automation tools such as Salesforce Pardot both and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Various companies are using it to simplify complex workflows.

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

The latest trend in the market is the Salesforce Vaccine cloud that helps in organizing and managing vaccine programs, forecasting, Administration, schedule vaccination appointments, complete patient’s health history, delivering insights about the vaccination program, and much more.

Top Advanced Features

Among various unique features of Salesforce integration, here are some of the top advanced features that are dominating the market.

  • Contact Management: By delivering complete access to crucial data of the customers along with their interaction history, Salesforce CRM delivers a hassle-free contact management system.
  • Opportunity Management: This feature offers a complete view of the activity timeline of your customers hence making it easy to manage the potential customers.
  • Einstein Analytics: The Einstein analytics feature of Salesforce avails the company’s high business intelligence that further assists in unlocking complicated sales with great service insights.
  • Lead Management: One of the most advanced features of the Salesforce CRM is lead management that is equipped with AI and helps in providing an effective activity timeline. It also delivers access to updated contacts on the timeline along with best industrial practices.

Salesforce Integration Services

How can matellio help you with Salesforce?

Matellio is a leading Salesforce development company with a team of proficient Salesforce developers. Our team of Salesforce developers are highly trained in building, managing, integrating, and enhancing all types of Salesforce based solutions.

We offer various services related to Salesforce such as:

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Setup and configuration: Our highly trained developers are well-rehearsed with all the functionalities of Salesforce. Our team will quickly setup the and configure your Salesforce integrations.

Salesforce app development: With years of professional experience, we understand your needs. Our development team have delivered several bespoke Salesforce apps with excellent customer feedback.

With Matellio, along with these efficient services, we deliver you several other benefits such as:

Highly Skilled Team: Our developers are highly skilled and know every in and out of the Salesforce development.

Effective Software Testing: Our team of efficient QAs will analyze every corner of your project with thorough testing and ensure optimum quality.

Flexible Hiring Models: With us, you will experience flexible hiring models that suit your varying needs. Either you can hire a dedicated developer for your project, or you can choose from the other two hiring models.

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