Top 7 On-demand Ideas to Execute in 2021

The on-demand service industry has sharply grown in the recent few years, and much more in the time of COVID. The whole year seems like it has flown by since everyone has to get locked at home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. We are hopeful the virus would be fully eradicated as soon as possible.

With how much the on-demand sector has grown in popularity, it would be the best time to invest in an on-demand service idea. Many people are inclined towards availing services from their houses, be it deliveries, household work, or even salon services.

 While the space is heavily occupied, the competition is tough for even the biggest players, and you always have the option to target a smaller geographical area. The questions come down to finding whether the idea you are planning would work or not? The RoI and if you have appropriate investment to enter and survive the space? Which types of mobile apps to get developed? And so forth. 

All these questions are too vivid to be answered right here right now, we are only here to tell you our speculations for top on-demand service ideas today, if you want answers to the questions above, you can contact us anytime you want. 

What Are On-demand Services?

On-demand services are those which allow users to use the services provided per their need, users can demand them using a variety of sources like apps, websites, and even phone calls. The environment is usually filled with service providers, who are mapped to the users by the on-demand service business. To uncomplicate it, any service which can be directly demanded by the user, and provided by a provider, in a real-time environment, can be summed up as an on-demand service. 

The top on-demand service app development ideas for 2021

  • Domestic help app

While it is safe to say that everyone needs house help at some point in time, it is also safe to say that most people cannot find quality services and qualified workers. An on-demand cleaning service app can help boost job availability for a lot of people in many countries and is a service that is required no matter what. There can be vivid categorisations in the category of domestic help, maybe someone wants it for the children, or for the elderly. 

Domestic help is an umbrella term that includes many services and can be a very lucrative idea to establish an on-demand business in 2021. While both the government and many small businesses are providing these services already, you can be the one to make it mainstream. On-demand services are a mix of marketing and providing quality services, and that’s why many of the services are pre-established and still on the list. 

  • Food delivery app

Ordering in is the new going out, and many people have adapted to it majorly in the COVID times. While restaurants have been closed for dine-in for the first time in decades, the worse of, the worse times of COVID were handled by food delivery service providers. It was and will be much safer to get the food home delivered than to go out in times like these. 

There are many more benefits to the food delivery business, and even though there has been a lot of companies already based on it, there is always room for improvement in this business. You can build out an empire out of delivering food from only food trucks, create a delivery chain for handing out piping hot food, and do it all topped with good marketing. 

  • Chauffeur on-demand app

This one is a field not very widely explored, while people need chauffeurs all the time, those who can afford them hire them on a salary. The question comes down to making the service available and getting a viable business model to support the idea. There could be a lot of shortcomings like to get back to the starting point, the chauffeur would need to take already expensive taxis, if they take public transport, they might get late for another job. 

Before entering the on-demand business, you need to look at all the angles specifically and measure the risks involved in each. Now, people would usually miss out on the fact that self-driving cars are here already, but widespread adoption requires at least half a decade more. The chauffeur on-demand business will not only let you earn for now but set a base for when driverless cars enter the market and switch to that business. 

  • Grocery delivery app

This is, in some ways, has gained as much traction as the food delivery business, but there are some major changes in business type here. Grocery delivery can be done in multiple ways and can be set up even if you own warehouses and have no front shops or retail. Or you can be an aggregator which delivers from others’ warehouses, these are two major ways a grocery delivery app works. Still, there can be more based on your own imagination. 

The business turns out to be far less risky than the others, the fast-moving consumer goods have a mean shelf life of at least 6 months, reducing risks involved. But on the flip side, the grocery business would need much higher investments, both in terms of purchasing the products, and storing them in warehouses. The other options are open, though, which can give you the least investment and highest return, you are always to shape the idea yourself. 

  • Vegetable delivery app

The world is moving towards veganism, and quality on-demand vegetable delivery is still somewhere lacking. This could be a perfect on-demand business to set up in 2021, given that the world is moving towards healthier life choices. Organic farms could be great distributors for sourcing organic vegetables, and people would probably be willing to buy them for the price you quote, given you can get them the vegetables delivered fast and fresh. 

The number of vegans is increasing, but what’s increasing even faster is the number of vegetarians, who want quality milk and cheese, you can add these to your on-demand vegetable app for even better audience growth. Try finding ways for storing and keeping the vegetables and milk fresh, the rest of the things might fall into place automatically, as these two are the main challenges faced when entering the on-demand vegetable delivery business. 

  • Alcohol/Cocktail delivery app

Just like for restaurants in the COVID times, the bars and the pubs have been closed for a long duration too. This forced people to drink at home rather than going out, giving a boost to the on-demand alcohol delivery market. The bottles are fragile, but with good management and buying directly from the government, you can expect high returns in the on-demand alcohol delivery business. 

If you can get a license, you can also start delivering pre-made cocktails, which can simply be shaken/stirred, poured, and drank. We have not really seen someone doing this, as there are shortcomings of such businesses too, but a little exploration and research have never hurt anyone. This could deem out to be a really good idea for entering this saturated market and can help you establish your own on-demand cocktail delivery business in 2021. 

  • Marijuana delivery app

If you are planning to go out of the demographics to start a business, this could be a very lucrative idea to use your wits on. Marijuana has been legalised in many places around the world, if you are planning to set up a business out of the United Kingdom, this may be the best bet you can have. Even though there are no close possibilities or legalisation in the UK, the UK is the biggest exporter of legal cannabis. 

With having the ball in your court in both the country where it is legal and exploring the UK for direct export possibilities, you can very well set up an on-demand marijuana business anywhere it is legal, around the world. The benefit and recognition would be enormous for when it becomes legalised in the UK, adding on to a massive return on investment which no one has possibly thought possible up until now. 


The ideas can be bizarre, and can still be the idea of the decade. We have compiled the list based on speculations, and before going behind any of the on-demand delivery businesses above, we recommend doing proper research and business analysis. There is always something better than you can do from an already established business, especially in the on-demand segment, focus on that, and you would succeed in all probability. 

You are going to need capable mobile apps to bear the load of such complicated businesses, and that’s what Matellio is here for. We can create the apps you want, how you want when you want. We have experts in all mobile app development technologies and can help you make the most of your business, by tailoring all the features you want, right in the app we create for you. We wish you luck for your future business, and you can reach out to us anytime for any query. 

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