How To Develop An App Like Yubo?

How to Develop an App like Yubo

Social media platforms have gained immense popularity, and there’s no stopping when it comes to innovation. Apps like Yubo have enabled a community where people can find friends and communities related to their interests and liking. The opportunity in the social media niche is enormous, given that you can bring an idea like Yubo to life. We will help you to the entirety of your software solution, but there is the basic idea we will need from you.  

If you have a plan or are willing to invest in a social video live-streaming app, you have come to the right place. We will be covering the most important aspects of developing an apps like Yubo from your end, and by the end of this blog, you will have an idea of how/where to proceed with your project.  

What Makes Yubo so Popular?  

Yubo brings people together by enabling a platform that lets them video chat within the app, along with finding like-minded people through swipe options and communities. The online video live-streaming platform builds a close-knit social circle for people willing to find new friends. The social platform brings a new way to interact and find friends online and has gained huge popularity because of its feature offerings.  Video Streaming App

Features to Include in a Social Video Live-streaming App Like Yubo  

As we pointed out above, the basic reason for Yubo’s popularity has been its feature offerings. People simply loved the concept of live video-chat streaming, and that’s why they love Yubo. If you plan to build something similar, you need your own set of distinct features users would absolutely love. This takes us to our primary goal, finding and making a list of features to include in a social media app like Yubo. 

Platform Integration 

Whether it’s Youtube or Snapchat, integrating popular platforms is a great way to provide better usability and cross-access functionality. Apart from leveraging the best of all platforms into one, this feature makes finding friends from other social platforms much easier. Make sure you include as many social integrations as possible, along with a basic but powerful feature of importing friend lists from the same.  


Video chat, text chat, voice chat, or something like Snapchat, which allows a chat through pictures, your goal is to let people communicate to their heart out. Finding new ways to make chat more interactive will also going to be a major part of this feature, as it would make users more interested in your platform over the others. Adding mini-games with real-time updates and a smooth flowing multi-player would be a good example.   

Streaming options 

Streaming options are the most basic and important functions in an apps like Yubo, as it is a video-streaming platform. Making direct integrations with websites like Twitch and Youtube could be a great value addition to your mobile app offering. Online live-streaming has gained pace majorly in past years and is certain to improve furthermore, so why limit your app to 1 to 1-10 live streams when you can scale to 1 to millions.  

Multiple Device Support  

Supporting multiple devices is the single most important aspect of developing mobile apps in this decade. People own smartwatches, tabs, phones, notebooks, and whatnot, and you need a presence all over if you want to make it big. This point is particularly necessary for an apps like Yubo, which serves its purpose as a social video app where connectivity and real-time updates are necessary.  Bespoke Video Sharing App Solutions


Building communities online have been a very popular thing since social media’s inception, and it has grown drastically over the years. The growth, however, doesn’t mean many new ways evolved, and that’s where you can leverage your unique idea. Finding a way to connect users better should be your goal when creating an app like Yubo, as it will help you provide an overall better experience to your users.  


You can just make an app and expect it to work magically on its own. Every social media app like Yubo has major brains behind it works continually to provide users with better content over and over every single time. Whether it be matching users across platforms or searching for communities with relevant interests of a user, all of it will take great analytics. Focus on providing this as a feature, as in the end, what matters is the functionality governed by analytics.  

Find Friends 

We have already told you two ways to help users find relevant friends, one being social media integrations, another being analytics to improve results. But there should be other ways to find friends too, and that’s what would differentiate your platform Yubo and other popular platforms. To make the most of your investment, this feature should be revolutionary, and if you have worries about how to make it, consultants at Matellio can help.  

The Development Part 

Once you are ready with what you need to do, the second step is to choose how to do it or get it done. There are many choices when it comes to the development part, and they are the major determiners of how much time would it actually take to develop your app, as well as how much would it cost for the same. You will need to choose the development path, the technologies, which would determine the team you would require. 

The major decisions you would be making include:  

Mobile App Development Path 


Native app development has been the prime choice for many years and is the most capable development path to choose. The downside of choosing a native app development path is, you have to make two different apps for iOS and Android, and more if you have to publish your app on more platforms. Native app development is expensive but is worthy when it comes to complicated apps like Yubo, which require extensive analytics.  

Cross-platform Application Development 

The cross-platform app development path is certainly new when you compare it to Native but have been around for many years now. There are various technologies to choose from, with varying code reusability, enabling you to get multiple apps in the effort and cost of one. The maintenance, as well as updation cost, are too much lower as you have to do the same on one app; the downside is a bit lax and underperforming app.  

Team Members Required for a Video Live Streaming App’s Development  

A good team is what makes or breaks a software solution; the same goes for mobile apps. The below are the people who make an app development team. Their numbers and technology expertise differs on the choices you make. Typically the below-mentioned individuals would be enough to make it work, but you might need more depending on specific functionalities you decide to add to your application.  

  • A Project manager  
  • App developers  
  • UI/ UX experts  
  • QA and testers 
  • Digital marketers

on-demand video streaming appTechnology Stack  

The technology stack is where you make the tough choice of choosing which technologies you want your app in. When you hire a professional app development company, they will consult you for the same; when you are building your own team, you are on your own. The technologies for developing the actual app, the data analytics tools, the database technologies, and more are various choices to make here. Choose based on the availability of developers and which ones suit creating an app like Yubo smoothly.  

App Development 

  • Swift (iOS development) 
  • Android Studio (Android development)  
  • React Native  
  • Flutter 
  • Ionic  
  • Xamarin  

Data Analytics Tools 

  • Python 
  • Java 
  • Amazon EC2 
  • Kafka 
  • Scala 
  • Amazon VPC 
  • Apache Impala  


  • Elastic Search  
  • DevOps 
  • Chef 
  • AWS Cloud Formation  


  • Aerospike 
  • MongoDB 
  • HBase 
  • MySQL 
  • Postgre 

Now that you know the features to include, it is time to decide who to get the app developed from?  

Building Your Own Team  

This is for veteran entrepreneurs willing to risk a fortune for the app or have multiple app projects under one umbrella company. We simply won’t recommend it for someone looking to make just one app, as many people in the team would be on the bench for the majority of the time. Building your own team is only recommended when your app handles millions of monthly users or has multiple projects on hand.  

Hiring A Mobile App Development Company  

No matter the type or complexity of the app you are trying to build, you will always find a mobile app development company that can make it for you. Depending on where you hire from, it can a seriously cost-effective option, especially compared to building your own team. The plus point of hiring a mobile app development company to build an apps like Yubo is their experience and expertise in creating similar apps.  

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Hiring Freelancers  

Hiring freelancers can be more cost-effective, but it comes with its own sets of problems, including missed deadlines, deadlocks, availability concerns, contract breaches, and more. The risk to reward ratio is just too unfavourable when you choose this option, rather hire a mobile app development company for a similar price, and you would gain some serious advantages compared to hiring freelancers.  social video live-streaming app


We hope we were able to explain how to develop an apps like Yubo to you and might have by now exactly figured out what you need in the app. If you are looking for reliable app developers to create a Yubo an app for you, we can help you with everything you would require.

Our team at Matellio believes in putting clients’ needs first, and that’s what differentiates us from others. To get started, simply contact us or fill the form, and we will get back to you within hours.