How To Develop A Language Learning App Like Duolingo?


The e-learning industry has essentially grown as technology has advanced, and the Internet is becoming widespread. Obtaining knowledge of many foreign languages has become a crucial aspect in extending an organization’s global operations in this technological age. Communicating with clients in their native tongue aids in the development of meaningful and lasting relationships. By integrating multiple features and functionalities, language learning app have made the whole learning experience more interesting, effective, and smooth.  

The demand of language learning apps like Duolingo in recent years has made it simple for individuals to learn languages in just a few sessions. 

Many innovators, business owners, and SMEs desire to enter the industry because of the rising demand. However, one of the biggest challenges they confront is figuring out how to build a language learning app 

As a competent bespoke app development company, we want you to make the best decision for you; therefore in this blog, we’ll help with the process of developing a language learning app point by point.  


So, let’s start! 

Duolingo: what & reasons behind the popularity! 

Duolingo has rise to become one of the most prominent language learning applications in the world. The platform has over 36 million users globally and offers language instruction in over 36 languages. The platform is well-known because it employs gamification and concentrates on each fundamental component, such as text, visuals, and audio, to improve productivity and learning. The application is completely free to use. There is, however, a premium subscription option that provides additional perks. Despite having a paid subscription, in-app advertisements are the platform’s primary source of revenue.  

Why is an app like Duolingo gaining popularity? 

This language learning app focuses on offering users with speedy and engaging teaching. It covers the language’s vocabulary and grammar objectives. Users receive a variety of training in the form of puzzles and games, as well as an atmosphere in which they can compete with one another. Duolingo also made a breakthrough with chatbots, allowing users to engage in French, German, Spanish, and a lot more. 

The best thing is that AI-powered chatbots provide users with a unique experience. Users can now learn regarding languages that aren’t in use by using learning applications. 

With its gamified methodology, the application promotes itself to users. They are designed to assist users in learning words, phrases, and sentences in their primary tongue and vice versa. This multilingual method of instruction makes learning enjoyable, quick, and simple. Duolingo motivates its users by rewarding them with awards and tracking their progress through stages.  

The reasons stated above are sufficient to convince you that you should create an eLearning app similar to Duolingo.  

Even with a thorough understanding of ideas, creating a language learning app as efficient as Duolingo is difficult. To build a language learning application, you must first gain a full grasp of the features and functions of existing language learning apps, as well as determine what you will need to integrate in order to provide similar services. So, let’s check, 

Essential features to consider to create an app like Duolingo! 

Experts at Matellio utilise following features and functionalities to develop an app like to Duolingo:  

  • Course List – Specifically, the list of courses that have been in progress, finished, available, and even those that can only be accessed after a premium subscription has been purchased. The collection of courses provided to the customer is an essential component of any language application. The greater the score of the application, the greater the range of courses available.  
  • Community – This is a point where application users may come together and ask for support, locate like-minded people, and discuss their feelings about the learning experience. The training application’s forum is a crucial component. It creates the necessary network, generates attachment to the app (due to the interlocutors found and the help offered), and even grows into a social network substitute. 
  • Push notifications – Users will receive timely notifications about any modifications in lecture times, trainer availability, new courses, and so on. Apart from that, alerts will broaden users’ knowledge by providing them with all the latest information on current developments in the online language market.  
  • Profile management – The user’s personal profile contains all of the necessary information about them and allows them to track their language learning progress. Additionally, the user has the ability to alter any of the information as necessary.  
  • Video & Audio – The app’s key feature is the material it supports. Numerous exercises for listening to audio, viewing videos, reading and interpreting texts, developing in pronunciation and games, and so on make learning languages easier. The greater the amount of material available for learning, the superior. 
  • Sign-in – When creating a language learning app like Duolingo, it’s important to have a robust authorising system in place that asks for all of the user’s information, such as name, email, and phone number, and then provides a sign-up alternative. The user must be able to log in without any problems once all of the details have been validated using an appropriate regulatory ID.  
  • Feedback – One of the easiest ways to improve your app is to include a feedback option that allows customers to give their thoughts on the course within the app. Without a doubt, this is an excellent way to figure out which portion of your app is lacking. 
  • Check pronunciation – To hold a conversation with native speakers, you must have good pronunciation abilities. A pronunciation checker, for example, will aid application users in improving their speaking abilities. To test users’ pronunciation, most language learning apps, such as Duolingo, use speech recognition technology. Audio snippets recorded in a user’s native language could also aid with pronunciation practise.  
  • Offline Mode – Duolingo does not require the user to have constant Internet access. Even in a low-service location, the courses can be completed. If the exercise set has already been downloaded. This functionality is particularly useful for those who spend a lot of time in Wi-Fi-free areas or elsewhere without access to the Internet while holding a smartphone. 
  • Assistant – A learning assistant will listen to your speech and help you improve your general reading fluency and competence using voice recognition technology. Users will be able to improve their sentence building skills and their ability to empathise by using a language learning app that includes an in-app reading aid.  
  • Social media integration – We now live in a world where social media is an obvious and daily part of everyday life. Users are ecstatic when they get the opportunity to share their accomplishments with their friends and family on social media. It also serves as a daily advertisement for your app, thereby increasing user engagement. 


As you’ve seen the features to make an app like Duolingo. Now, it’s time to check, 

How to create an app like Duolingo?  

Follow below-mentioned points in order to build an effective language learning app! 

1. Decide your app’s offerings 

When creating a language learning app, the most crucial aspect to consider is the content. It is preferable to plan ahead of time and decide on all of the crucial components you want to include. Take this into consideration. You can be persuaded to create an app for two famousind if your content is strong. If you’re making a language-learning app, for example, you should incorporate language sounds, grammatical exercises, and a much more.  

2. Select the ideal platform 

As a result, it’s critical to conduct thorough research into the customer base and how they use the app before developing it for iOS, Android, or cross-platform. iOS development costs are higher than Android development costs. However, because the Android platform is used by so many devices, the overall development expenses would be higher. As a result, many businesses prefer cross-platform programmes because they benefit both platforms.  

3. Choose the technology 

Technology that you are going to use will impact the language learning app development cost, and application’s success. You always had the option of integrating any technological tools and selecting the technology for the app. Choosing technology based on the platforms and business requirements is always a good idea. The Duolingo app was created with high-quality tools and technology. If you want to have an app like this for your company, you’ll need high-quality backend development and a superb development staff.  

Before making any decisions, you should discuss your project-related requirements with your company’s professionals to gain additional understanding.  

Now, let’s check, 

How will a language learning app like Duolingo cost? 

As you can see, making an app like Duolingo is not as simple as it appears. It’s unquestionably a worthwhile investment. The more additional features or chatbots you can offer, the greater your investment and finance possibilities are. The cost of developing the Duolingo language learning app is determined by a number of factors, including: 

  • Region of hired bespoke language learning development company 
  • Application’s features and functionalities 
  • Design 
  • Platform 
  • Tech stack, and many more 

If you want detailed quotation to build a language learning app, then contact us. Our experts eLearning app developers will help you. 



Language learning mobile apps are getting a lot of traction since they make things easier for students. It is an effective approach for users to gain a clear understanding on whatever language they need to study, and now is the right time for businesses to engage in the e-learning app development industry. You can choose between language learning app development and educational app development, depending on the preferences.  

You should now have a major understanding of how to create a language learning app. Refer to the most recent and popular language learning applications on the market to help you formulate your ideas. 

Contact us if you have decided to create a bespoke language learning app. Matellio, a reputable bespoke mobile app development company, will give you the greatest language learning app available.