How to Develop a Bespoke Veterinary Practice Management Software?

How to Develop a Bespoke Veterinary Practice Management Software

Veterinary management is a big field of work, and mostly the professionals, managers, doctors don’t have good software solutions to manage and rely upon. The need for such software is as important as it gets when it comes to veterinary, as everything needs to be done by veterinary practitioners. Whether you own a veterinary hospital or a clinic, in both cases, you can leverage the best of vet practice management tools in bespoke veterinary practice management software.

Whether you are in either business, leadership, or veterinary practice manager roles in the veterinary sector, veterinary software can help you with making processes easier. Developing a perfect veterinary practice management software is tough, but through this blog, you will be able to figure out everything that you need for it. All you would need is basic knowledge of the features that need to be included, a brief on the technologies you can use, and who to get the software developed from. Luckily, we will be covering each part below; read on to know more.

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How to Develop a Bespoke Veterinary Practice Management Software?

Step 1: Making a List of Features

Features to Include in a Veterinary Practice Management Software

The key part of creating a veterinary manager software is its features, as in the end, it will be used for its functional offering, other than everything else. We have included a set of features you should consider including, along with the general features. The list isn’t exhaustive and majorly include features that people usually miss; all the common/regular ones won’t appear in it.

Medical Records

A majority of people usually give a miss is medical records for animals, and they are as important as it gets for good veterinary practice. An EHR for animals of all species can be created and maintained with the hospital or clinic, right in the software system. The benefits of an EHR software would be all across data updating, updates about health status, and more information on the animal’s health.

Online Booking

Online booking management is an integral part of a veterinary management software solution. Users love the ease of booking appointments online to avoid hassles and leverage a quick turnaround experience at the clinic or hospital. While you cannot simply offer online booking through the software, you can still incorporate its management. We will connect your application or web application directly to your software solution, and you will be able to manage everything through it.

Lab Integration

Blood test and lab imaging results are an everyday part of the working of a veterinary hospital and clinic, which makes their management within software essential. Combine with the medical records in the system, the veterinary practice manager would be able to determine the exact condition and disease. Using lab integration into the veterinary management software will enable a more connected practises, further enabling easier and better treatment possibilities for animals of all sizes.

Nutrition Panel

A nutrition panel enables a straightforward approach towards the diet of the animals and makes it easier for parents and veterinarians to manage it. There can be several approaches to how you would want to add the panel, but a basic chart-based system can also work. This feature would make it especially easier for veterinary practice managers to keep tabs of which animal has been given food, against which ones as remaining. This feature is especially essential in the case of veterinary management software against a human hospital management one.


Creating cloud-based software has many advantages, and the same holds true in the case of veterinary practice management software development. Making cloud-based software has various advantages such as accessibility and ease of use, both of which are essential parts of a veterinary management system. A cloud-based system can be accessed on multiple devices, giving all the leaders, managers, and practitioners access to the software with the device of their choice.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are vital to keeping everyone in the system updated, it can also be facilitated at the users’ end to keep them updated about their patients. Internal push notifications from the lab department and OPD department can keep the entire system on the same page and help in providing better service overall. Facilitating users with the same will real-time notifications also promotes peace of time and overall service of your veterinary.


Prompt support is a necessity with any veterinary, and it is mostly a requirement rather than a feel-good feature. Integrating customer support right into the software can help you maintain it better while offering overall better and prompt support. Integrating a support chatbot for resolving queries on the spot is also a great option but would require a software development company excelling in AI and Chatbot technologies.


An online billing system will help you keep track of payments and bills easily. It will also help you maintain accounts to ensure that your balance sheets are always up to date. It further allows you to integrate payments directly to your online service offerings, and entries from it will be updated across the billing system integrated in your veterinary management software.

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Step 2: The Development Part

Whether you choose a software development company for building the software or hire individual developers, it is always better to know the best-suited possibilities when it comes to choosing the technology. You would have the choice between various technologies, various databases that work with it, various different CRMs, and more. To create perfect software based on your requirements, it is best to consult a software development agency before proceeding further.

The major decisions you would be making includes:

The Platform for Software Development

Choose the core development technology based on how you want your software to be. Python, Java, C++ stands on top of the charts when it comes to the most popular software development technologies. But you will need proper consultation and a thorough analysis of each feature and component to actually conclude which technology is most suited to your requirements.

Choosing Team Members for your Veterinary Management Software Development

You will be needing a team of different individuals for successful veterinary management software development. Choosing from a given set of individuals and building a team of your own is one way to do it; the other way is to let the software development company of your choice pick the best employees of theirs to work on your project. The key members you would need in the team are:

  • Project Manager
  • Developers of the technology you choose
  • Designers
  • Testers
  • Database experts

Technology Stack

You can build your software based on core technologies like Python, Java, C++, or other popular technologies. Apart from which you might need blockchain, AI, or ML, based on your particular requirements. The choice also varies greatly based on if you are making web-based software; top CRM choices would be WordPress, Salesforce, etc. Apart from choosing the core development technologies, you would also need to choose the mentions below.

Software Development Tools

  • Linx
  • Bootstrap
  • Cloud 9
  • GitHub
  • NetBeans
  • Zend

Data Analytics Tools

  • Python
  • Java
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • Kafka
  • Scala
  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon EMR
  • Apache Impala


  • Elastic Search


  • Chef
  • AWS CloudFormation


  • Aerospike
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • MySQL
  • Postgre

Step 3: Who to Hire?

Setting Up Your Own Team

Considering you will need to consult a software engineering expert separately anyway; this choice won’t make a lot of sense. For complicated veterinary management software, you need a big team of people to implement complicated features for you. But since you would already have office space to set up your own IT team, what you can do is get the software built by some professionals and let your team handle and manage it according to your needs.

Hire Freelance Developers

This point is a possibility as a hybrid with hiring your own team or a software development company, as the software development process is usually too complicated to be handled. Hiring individual freelancers and making them work as a team can be a serious challenge, and we won’t recommend risking it when it comes to such investments. Your software will hold your entire data, and minor errors can wreak havoc. But you can save high costs when you hire freelancers, so plan accordingly.

Bespoke Veterinary Practice Management Software

Hire a Bespoke Software Development Company

The best way to go is hiring a software company that already excels in building veterinary practice management software. They have both the experience and skills to create your software at the least possible costs and time. You would be saving more considering the ways you can go wrong and re-dos you might require if you choose to hire freelancers or building your own team. Find a good software development company; some even offer you free quotes, so nothing’s at stake anyway.

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Are You Ready to Develop Your Veterinary Management Software?

We at Matellio help our clients with all types of software and have built various veterinary software for different clients. If you are planning to create your own veterinary practice management software, we can help you build one at the least cost and time. Our team of experts ranges from Python experts to C++ experts, which enables us to create the software solution in the best possible way. All you have to do is contact us, and we will take end-to-end care of your veterinary practice management software. Call us, email us, or fill the form to get in touch with us.