How To Create A Music App Like Spotify?


The music industry has been developing considerably, especially in recent decades, largely led to advanced technology. Remember the days when we could listen to music on the radio or on television. And, in today’s modern mobile-driven culture; we all use mobile apps like Spotify.  

Music streaming apps are undeniably popular, particularly among millennials, across all app stores. These apps, like Spotify, have completely changed the way individuals listen to music. 

Individuals may listen to music as often as they want to see in their homes, offices, or any other location where their mobile phones can access the internet, owing to music-streaming apps like Spotify. 

There is a large demand for music app development companies as the desire and acceptance of music streaming apps grows dramatically. Individuals are enlisting the help of their music streaming app development services to create a music app like Spotify. 

If you really want to create an app similar to Spotify, you’ve come to the perfect place. This blog will teach you all you need to know about making a Spotify-like music app. So, here we go! 


Before discussing how to create an app like Spotify, let’s talk about,  

Quick Overview of Music apps like Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming app that dominates the online music streaming industry. Spotify is a prominent music streaming service that offers a unique music listening experience. Spotify, unlike other digital music services, does not force users to purchase unusual works in order to listen to them legally. It provides one-of-a-kind and amazing features with music streaming services in even the most convenient and cost-effective methods possible online. It has grown quite popular in all countries, and its distinctiveness has affected the entire world.  

Why is it a good business idea to create an app like Spotify?  

With famous music streaming apps like Spotify gaining millions of new users every day, the market is only likely to expand at a faster rate than it is now. By 2023, the global music streaming app is estimated to be worth more than $10 billion. And you won’t believe, Spotify owns 36 percent of the music streaming user market.  

Apart from these, here are some benefits to the user by developing music streaming apps like Spotify!  

  • Affordability 
  • Access to millions of songs 
  • Higher social engagement 
  • Secured  
  • Less competitive 

As of now, we’ve discussed the overview of Spotify and reasons to build an app like Spotify! But what distinguishes Spotify as the greatest streaming platform? It’s much better because of its eye-catching style and features. Let’s have a look at some of the functionalities of music streaming apps like Spotify. 

What features do you need to consider during music streaming app development?

To create an app similar to Spotify, an entrepreneur must first identify which critical app features to include in their own project. The most popular app feature set comprises the following: 

  • Streaming – Through this feature, users will be able to watch live events, virtual concerts, live bands, radio room debates, and other entertainment launch activities online almost anywhere and at any time, depending on their accessibility.  
  • Push notifications – Push notifications are really not a must-have feature, but they are a fantastic way to wow your subscribers with spectacular deals, recently added tracks, promotions, and much more. 
  • Playlist – What could be a better choice than providing your consumers with a platform where they can compile a list of all their favourite tunes in one place, organised by mood? This is available in your app includes a Playlist function. 
  • Login/Registration – The first thing that happens after a user installs the application is registration. Make sure that perhaps the registration process is as straightforward as possible and that the user understands it. Otherwise, the user may become irritated. Users can login using their email addresses or social media accounts. With social media integration, you may quickly gain new members and users.  
  • Recommendations – This is the most effective technique to communicate with users. This functionality can be added to your music streaming apps to suggest songs based on their searches. This functionality will assist in anticipating the user’s music preferences and providing recommendations based on those preferences.  
  • Search – A music streaming app’s entire purpose is to allow users to browse for the category of music they wish to listen to based on their mood. You must include a search feature in your application to make this possible. Users will indeed be able to search for their favourite albums, songs, picture tracks, and so on using this functionality. 
  • Social sharing – It is stated that promotion leads to success. The ability to share content on social media is critical to the company’s success. By allowing your listeners to share their favourite song, track, or playlist with you directly over WhatsApp and Instagram Direct Messaging.  
  • Upload – In most cases, the term “library” refers to personalised storage. When it comes to building a music app, users should be able to manage their favourite songs, channels they follow, and playlists. Developers may also include an uploading option, allowing customers to add their favourite compositions to the library even if they aren’t already in the app’s database.  
  • Settings – You must allow your customers to adjust the app settings in order to make your music app more accessible. For example, an automated download feature might be implemented, or the software could be simply synced across many devices.  
  • Offline mode – Offline music playback might be a pleasant addition to your application’s capabilities, attracting even more users. Customers who live in remote places or who travel frequently will adore an application feature that enables them to listen their favourite music without needing to connect to the Internet.  


As we’ve done with the features, now let’s talk about, 

How to build an app like Spotify? Steps to follow during Music streaming app development!

Follow below mentioned steps to build an effective bespoke app like Spotify: 

1. Research the target market and idea 

Before you hire music streaming app development companies, write down your ideas, such as how you need your application to look and how you’ll get it to work on your consumers’ phones. Investigate popular music applications and conduct thorough research. Take note of their achievements and make a list of the features they’ve implemented. Examine their techniques to see what sets them apart from the competition. You will be able to achieve your project objectives with ease if you do so. You must now define your target demographic after conducting an extensive study on prominent music streaming apps such as Spotify. Learn to know about them, including their location, music tastes, gender, age, and other pertinent details.  

2. Create Mockups/Wireframes 

Wireframes are used to acquire a clear picture of an MVP’s initial appearance. These are the aesthetic layouts which determine a mobile app’s visual framework. The fundamental goal of a wireframe is to condense ideas and organise visual elements such as icons, pop-ups, and text fields for a specific screen size. Wireframing an app also aids designers in overcoming technological challenges early in the development cycle. But, when selecting a reputed music app development company to create a music streaming app, make sure the UI/UX designer team has plenty of experience developing and designing an amazing design for the app. A greater solution can be produced through wireframing. 

3. Select the best revenue models  

Using revenue models will help you generate a lot of money from your music streaming app. Most apps of this type in the music industry use a variety of revenue techniques. Methods which you can take are: 

  • Go premium – Premium Spotify offers a more comprehensive feature set, including access to high-quality tracks and offline Spotify streaming. Users to Spotify can also momentarily download favourite songs to their devices and skip disagreeable tracks as many times as they want. Furthermore, Spotify Premium has no pre-listening limits or annoying commercial breaks. 
  • Advertisement – Advertising is the next the more significant source of finance. This will largely be determined by the numerous of free subscribers. Decide when and what form of ad to show, such as an audio commercial, sponsored sessions, homepage takeover, and so forth.  

4. Select the right music app development company 

After you’ve completed the investigation, you’ll need to employ a team of developers who can provide the best music streaming app development services. Don’t go with the cheapest music streaming app development companies on the market. Your time and effort, research, and idea will all be useless if you choose the wrong mobile app development company. To develop top-notch bespoke app like Spotify, you need following members in your development team: 

  • Frontend & Backend developers 
  • UI/UX designers 
  • Android & iOS developers 
  • Project manager 
  • Business analyst 
  • QA Engineers 

You can also contact top music streaming app development companies in order to hire developers for your app development project.  

Moving on, let’s check, 

How much does music app development cost?

The cost of building a music streaming app like Spotify is determined by a number of factors. Whether it’s for development, marketing, or licencing. It’s difficult to estimate the actual cost. The entire cost of developing a music mobile app is determined by features, design, technology, and platform. Matellio, for example, has indeed done the necessary work for you by analyzing and assessing the app’s functionality, design, subsystems, and methods. Contact us to get a complete quote of bespoke music app development. 



Music streaming services are at an all-time high in prominence, enticing an increasing number of companies to take their chances in the market. Spotify has carved up a commanding lead among the top music streaming apps, but that doesn’t indicate you can’t achieve the very same. So, do you have a concept for a music app in your thoughts? Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the music streaming app development industry? Contact us! 

Matellio, regarded as the top music app development company, has decades of work experience developing superior music streaming apps for businesses and startups. We build advanced solutions based on our clients’ requirements, utilising the most up-to-date technologies. So don’t really hesitate to contact us and start developing your music streaming app right away!