How much does it Cost to Develop a Bespoke IoT Mobile App?

How much does it Cost to Develop an Bespoke IoT Mobile App

The innovations of the 21st century have gotten further ahead of people’s imagination, especially with innovations. IoT (Internet of Things) is changing the world rapidly, and the wave of tremendous changes encompasses every major industry. Right from trade and commerce to real estate and housing, every sector makes way for enhanced internet use through custom IoT app development. 

The IoT market is massive and is ever-growing. Looking at the current scenario, it seems like IoT devices will soon be everywhere. It is noteworthy that all expert app developers are now familiar with IoT App Development and are undertaking their services. 

Talking about the statistics, 

IDC (International Data Corporation) says that the sales of wearable devices will grow 31 per cent from 2016 to 2020. 

Additionally, the real estate market is also turning its heads to smart homes. According to the Forbes survey, two-thirds of consumers are looking forward to buying IoT devices for their homes. 

Owing to these impressive stats, this is the best time to leverage the benefits of IoT and use IoT mobile apps to drive growth and profits. 

So how will you do that? 

Well, the answer is simple – opting for IoT mobile app development according to your niche. This blog talks about the benefits of IoT apps, things to consider before IoT app development and the cost to develop a bespoke IoT mobile app.

Bespoke IoT App Development Company

What do you mean by IoT and IoT app development? 

IoT is an amalgamation of two words – internet and things that bring together all the internet elements and things that can gather information via the internet. The Internet of Things refers to a system of interrelated objects that are interrelated and collects & transfer data over a wireless network without manual interference. 

The IoT components such as sensors, cloud computing, and electronic gadgets are linked via a network, and the data is shared and stored on online servers through wireless connections. 

When it comes to IoT, the personal and business possibilities are endless with a massive future perspective. The IoT apps are highly popular in our everyday lives and simplify receiving and processing data through special electronic equipment such as sensors, chips, video cameras, etc. 

Currently, businesses worldwide are driven by IoT and increased profit with reduced operating costs over time. The IoT app development improves business efficiency by providing data insights, streamlining the workflows, automating processes and allows them to compete in the changing business environment. 

According to a report by Marina research, IoT is expected to escalate to $3 trillion by 2025. The booming projection is a clear indicator of where the IoT app development services are heading to. 

So, what is the whole buzz about IoT mobile applications, and how is the IoT app development beneficial for your business? 

Let’s talk about them 

Key benefits of IoT app development 

The IoT devices and their inter-connected ecosystems are helping businesses in a multitude of ways. From the Bluetooth coffee machine to intelligent security, we are already experiencing the impact of IoT in everyday life. Thanks to the wide-ranging benefits of IoT app development, life has become more accessible, and business has become more efficient. 

Here are some of the key benefits of IoT website and app development 

1. Help identify the Customer Behaviour 

One of the basic requirements of businesses to stay ahead of the curve is knowing their customers and assessing their needs. 

The IoT apps can instantly transform businesses and help them get insights about customer interactions across various areas. With the help of IoT apps, enterprises can easily predict customer behaviour and develop accurate marketing strategies according to their responses. 

2. Offers real-time Customer Monitoring 

Real-time monitoring of data allows you to check on device interactions that help the business device plans more responsively. Additionally, the real-time monitoring feedback helps eliminate the security risks arising from customer interactions. 

Owing to the automated tracking of user behaviour and interactions, workplace productivity has dramatically increased the real-time data from the users helps reduce the issues and shortcomings.

3. Drives business Efficiency (and output) 

One of the primary reasons businesses worldwide are investing in IoT app development company is the tremendous ability of IoT devices to connect. Since the IoT devices can interact with multiple devices simultaneously, that allows them to do more than just the usual. 

The multi-tasking nature of IoT mobile apps result in optimum resource utilisation and enhanced, all-round efficiency. With the integration of IoT with mobile and web apps, multiple tasks are automated and streamlined, leaving a minimal scope of errors. 

The advanced devices, work processes, and use data result in better output and take the business on a hypergrowth path with IoT benefits. 

4. Leaves room for Innovation and technology 

Innovation and navigating new ideas are the need of the hour, and the IoT is helping businesses ride the boat of the latest developments across various industries. 

The enterprises empowered by IoT technology is helping the brands to come with solutions that customers no longer can stay away from. For instance, on-demand apps like Uber have changed the face of transport across the world. Similarly, IoT based mobile apps facilitate seamless connectivity across various gadgets, giving way to an increasing number of on-demand mobile app-based services. 

Moreover, the real-time data collected from IoT apps will further help businesses drive better innovations in their respective niches.

IoT App Solutions

After the insight into the IoT market, it is now time to know, 

What to consider before IoT app development? 

As the IoT brings together multiple areas of human interactions and behaviour into a cohesive system, mobile apps have become the connecting point amidst them. However, it is also essential to know things to consider before IoT app development to make a powerful impact. 

We have divided the IoT app development into two parts, 

  • Major IoT components to include while developing IoT mobile app 
  • IoT app development fundamentals to take into account 

So, let’s start with the former, 

1. Major IoT components to include while developing IoT mobile app 

Every IoT system consists of a few major components, namely, 


Includes various sensors that connect to the internet and work over Bluetooth. You can choose the third-party or custom hardware according to your IoT app development idea. Needless to say, that a mobile device will also be a hardware component of your IoT system. 


The IoT system is a cloud-based application and acts as a dashboard for managing and controlling all the IoT devices connected via the cloud. The clouds should also collect information from sensors and show it to users. 


As discussed above, the cloud forms the software part of the IoT network and is one of the essential technologies for IoT. The cloud helps in processing the data and arranges it. One of the significant benefits of the cloud is that you don’t need any physical resources for storing data that eliminates the possibility of losing the data. 


An efficient network links all devices within the IoT system and works both ways by sending the data from mobile phone to sensors and devices and vice-versa. 

2. IoT app development fundamentals to take into account 

The real deal is developing any IoT mobile app. The IoT development companies can help you bring your IoT app development idea to reality with the help of expert developers. 

But before you choose a mobile app development company, you should know the development fundamentals to yield profits from your bespoke IoT mobile app. 

Select a suitable platform with a good technology stack 

There are several platforms that you can use to bring your IoT application to reality. Although you can select any of them but ensure that you are aware of the technologies they use. 

To give you a head start, here are some of the significant platforms for IoT app development 

  • Azure IoT Suite 
  • Android Things 
  • Oracle IoT
  • ThingWorx
  • Xively
  • Ubidots
  • HomeKit
  • IBM Watson
  • Kaa

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Choose the hardware according to your needs 

Before choosing suitable hardware, you must understand that the hardware should support and be in line with your business needs. Furthermore, make sure that the hardware is reliable and offers seamless connectivity, as it’s it will be the key to the success of your app. Lastly, opt for the sensors made by a reliable device maker that can guarantee quality. 

Keep an eye on the speed of the app 

Due to the excessive use and heavy data integration, the IoT apps should be swift. For instance, no one wants an app that does not respond to their commands within seconds. In such instances, the price of each lag is your app’s popularity. 

Thus, the performance of the apps will govern its success; thus, the speed of the app should be your top priority. 

Do not Ignore the Security Systems 

Due to many connected devices and massive data transfer within minutes, there also arises a possibility of data infringement. Moreover, a data breach in homes, cars, and healthcare can expose private and sensitive data. Thus, the security of the data should be a top priority for your IoT application. 

This brings us to one of the main topics, 

Major areas of IoT application

Major areas of IoT application

The use of IoT based applications and IoT services are growing in a few major areas like real estate, health care, transportation etc. Let’s start talking about how the bespoke IoT development services are changing the face of some of the most significant industries. 

1. Real Estate and Smart Homes 

The IoT apps for the home have a system of responding to the voice commands that perform actions as per the voice command. The apps come with functions such as switching on or off the lights or fans, opening curtains, lighting the fireplace and opening the garage doors. 

With the help of IoT apps for smart homes, people can save time, energy and money while saving the Unnecessary movement around the home. 

2. Manufacture and Retail 

The IoT apps have ample opportunities in the retail and manufacture department. The trade processes like monitoring the storage conditions of goods and smart shopping based on customer needs are among the most prominent uses of high-end Internet of Things software. 

3. Health and Fitness 

Owing to the increased awareness of health and fitness, people are now looking forward to staying fit and working out from anywhere and everywhere. The IoT apps use features like intelligent calorie tracker, GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring and record the details on a person’s activity to offer better performance. 

4. Commerce and Trade 

The trading industry, by far, is one of the pioneer beneficiaries of IoT development services. The entrepreneurs and organisations are leveraging the benefits of IoT app to monitor the transactions, customers’ behaviours and market trends. With the help of custom IoT app development, it is easy to interact with customers and improve the services for better profits. 

5. Medical and Health care 

The use of IoT in the medical fields and the equipment is exceptional. The IoT has made modern healthcare & services more efficient and effective, from sensors and glucose monitors to activity trackers and smart beds. The IoT has also made wearable devices where the healthcare professional can remotely monitor a patient’s vitals. 

6. Transportation and Logistics 

Logistics use IoT in active and passive RFID tags equipped with integrated chips and GPS trackers that allow them easy transport and effective location tracking of transported goods. Thus, the logistic companies hire IoT app developers to develop highly specialised software based on the Internet of Things compatible with all mobile devices. 

So now your apparent questions will be, 

What is the cost of developing a bespoke IoT mobile app? 

According to a survey, IoT apps for smart homes, fitness, transport and healthcare solutions are the most expensive to develop. But on the other hand, they are currently in demand and will bring you significant profits in the upcoming years. 

However, the cost for IoT app development varies according to multiple factors that include, 

  • The complexity of the app idea 
  • The expertise level of IoT developers
  • Additional features of functionalities
  • The development companies
  • Location of the developers 

 Let us know your IoT app development idea, and we will quote the best price that will fit your financial brackets.

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 Rounding Up 

Considering the ever-growing popularity of the Internet of Things, there is an inclination towards IoT app development solutions. Additionally, the IoT market is estimated to rocket in the next few years, which is an obvious indication of profits and leads to the rapid development of IoT applications in the current scenario.  

Hence, it will not be an exaggeration to say that IoT development is one of the most promising sectors in the IT business and will strengthen the ecosystem on the whole. 

We at Matellio understand the need of the hour and work on the most advanced and futuristic technologies, and have delivered numerous IoT with seamless performance. If you are ready to bring your bespoke IoT app development idea to reality, the IoT developers are ready for you.  

Talk to us today and get a quote.