How much does it Cost to Develop a Bespoke eCommerce Mobile App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop-a-Bespoke eCommerce Mobile-App

The way people do business in the pandemic era is radically transformed. Nonetheless, things seemed to be improving in the realm of e-commerce. With the phenomenal emergence of smartphones over the last decades, we’ve seen a completely different surge in on-demand eCommerce mobile applications; Thanks to mobile and Internet advancements, the e-commerce industry has grown exponentially. 

The eCommerce business is booming thanks to mobile applications. Almost anything, including clothing, food, technology, and other products, can now be bought online. As per eMarketer’s report, the mobile e-commerce marketplace could reach 3.5 trillion dollars by 2021. 

Implementing a mobile app for your eCommerce business might help you increase productivity by attracting and engaging more clients from all over the world. In today’s modern industry, eCommerce mobile app development is one of the most effective strategic moves. It is essential to invest in the bespoke eCommerce mobile app development process since it is a powerful tool that delivers more visitors and increases ROI. Besides, Businesses and corporations can use bespoke eCommerce apps to expand their business and reach audiences worldwide. 

But, the question of how much would it cost to develop a bespoke eCommerce mobile app remains a considerable concern. Don’t worry; we’ll help with this!

Bespoke e-Commerce App-Development Company

In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits of bespoke eCommerce mobile app development, eCommerce mobile app development cost, and must-have features of eCommerce mobile app. But first, let’s take a look at, 

What is Ecommerce Mobile App? 

An E-commerce mobile app is a shopping application that enables users to explore through a wide range of products and purchase them with a few taps on their mobile app. Companies can utilize a mobile e-commerce app to display their products and services for sale to app users.   

A bespoke E-commerce mobile app allows for more robust and real-time interactions between your business and its customers. Aside from searching and shopping at any time, the application allows your consumers to ask questions or make recommendations at any time. 

Moving on, let’s discuss, 

What are the types of eCommerce apps? 

It’s essential to understand the different types of eCommerce apps before deciding on a strategy for developing your on-demand eCommerce mobile app. This will assist you in selecting a more effective and long-term business plan for your company. It will assist you in more effectively targeting your audience and ensuring phenomenal business success. 

Here are the most prominent types of eCommerce apps. So, take a look! 

  • B2B Ecommerce App 
  • Online shopping App
  • B2C Ecommerce App
  • C2C Ecommerce App
  • C2B Ecommerce App
  • Booking Ecommerce App
  • Business to Administration Ecommerce App
  • Customer to Administration Ecommerce App
  • Ecommerce Aggregator App
  • AR/VR Integrated Ecommerce App
  • Retailer eCommerce App
  • Salon app
  • Bidding Ecommerce App 

Why invest in eCommerce mobile app development? 

E-commerce mobile app development should be considered by any business with an online store. Users are constantly making purchases using their mobile devices; a mobile-optimized business matches this increasing need. The convenience of e-commerce shopping is the sole basis for eCommerce companies’ worldwide growth.  

The eCommerce app development company develops an app tailored to your business strategy, supporting you in increasing brand awareness. E-commerce apps that provide a personalized service can be a valuable resource for effective customer engagement. 


How can bespoke eCommerce mobile app development benefit you and your business?

bespoke ecommerce app development

There are numerous advantages of eCommerce mobile app development solutions. If you consider all of these advantages, you will undoubtedly choose e-commerce mobile app development. Here are a few of the many advantages of bespoke eCommerce mobile app development for your company. So, take a look! 

  • Ensures Effective Communication – The most significant advantages of implementing an eCommerce mobile app would be that it enables customers to communicate with you at any time and from any location using any device. Customers don’t have to care about everything with the phone, chat, and one-touch functionalities. They can contact you right away and get answers to their questions or problems. 
  • Reduces Loading time – When compared to eCommerce mobile apps, typically, eCommerce websites take a little more time to load. The response speed of an app or website will significantly impact whether or not visitors will purchase from your store. Ecommerce mobile applications are often 1.5 times faster than mobile websites, and they accomplish tasks much more quickly. Bespoke eCommerce mobile applications save their data on your device locally. Information can be recovered in a short time. 
  • Uses Device Features eCommerce mobile apps have a solid capacity to combine with the smartphone’s built-in functions. GPS, camera, microphone, and accelerometer are just a few of them. Your bespoke eCommerce app can use the GPS abilities of the device to track and compute the user’s current position. Users could also take images of themselves with your products utilizing your eCommerce app and phone camera. In your app, user can even use the mic to enabling voice search. 
  • Improves Marketing – An eCommerce mobile app can be used as a low-cost, high-impact marketing strategy. It not only fits your consumers’ purchasing needs but also allows you to create app-based discounts and real-time advertising deal alerts. An eCommerce application for Android and iOS can, in some ways, increase customer retention. 
  • Boosts Customer Retention & Loyalty – A eCommerce mobile app allows you to develop your business relationships and is an excellent approach to bring value to customers and build credibility. You may even incentivize your customers and collect continuous feedback for your services with the eCommerce mobile app. 

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What are the must-have features of the eCommerce mobile app?

bespoke ecommerce mobile app development company

The eCommerce marketplace is a hive of activities and highly competitive. Furthermore, incorporating innovative features into your eCommerce app to make it as engaging as feasible is usually a good idea. Simple e-commerce mobile app functionalities would be sufficient to provide your users with a pleasant buying experience if you wish to design a basic ecommerce app. However, check out the list mentioned below if you’d like to integrate advanced features: 

  • Voice Search – It allows customers to order anything with the use of a voice command. It’s quick, easy, and precise, and it’s revolutionizing the manner people shop online. 
  • Payment Gateway – Integrating several payment options into your eCommerce app is a good idea. Your users will be able to make payments safely, quickly, and without difficulty, thanks to the various payment alternatives available in your app. Net banking, credit card, debit card, or third-party payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and others are some of the payment alternatives you can include in your bespoke eCommerce mobile app. 
  • GPS Integration – This feature allows the application to locate the client’s location. When client locations are retagged, it eliminates the need to include shipping information physically. It also directs the customer to your brand’s nearest physical store, if one exists. 
  • Login – The long sign-up procedure makes it difficult for users to complete. A simple registration process contributes to consumer satisfaction and decent conversions. Enabling social network integration alternatives for sign up and log in with a single click at maximum speed aids in quick onboarding to your app. 
  • Referral – These times, referral schemes are particularly prevalent. In order to receive discount offers, customers must share your application with others. And this chain continues to grow, assisting you in expanding your market share.
  • Push Notification – If notifications are thoughtfully developed to engage and deliver value to users, will they increase sales for your company. Sending alerts about new arrivals, holiday promotions, or simple discounts on items in their account is an easy method to achieve this. Get creative with your promotions and come up with a strategy that takes advantage of the current situation.
  • Behavior Tracking – Behavior tracking is a current functionality that tracks individual customers’ behavior on the app and uses that data to present the user with more appropriate suggestions. It’s also a significant factor in developing the application more user-friendly.
  • Rating – Your users may quickly give feedback on any offering or service report problems and give recommendations using the ratings and reviews functionality. You may make the necessary modifications to your eCommerce mobile app depending on their suggestions and substantially enhance your user retention.
  • Dashboard – The dashboards are built in such a way that they can display all of the application’s real-time data on different dashboards. It allows administrators to focus on the data without being distracted.
  • Analytics – Among the most useful features of any eCommerce mobile app is analytics, which allows you to track user activity and optimize the user experience depending on it. You could also use the statistics to conduct tailored, customer-focused advertising and help your eCommerce app succeed.
  • Warehouse management – This warehouse management aids in the administration of shipment, stock, product updates, order management, and other processes to boost productivity through automation. 

Bespoke eCommerce app development company

Moving on, let’s check some, 

Important to consider during eCommerce mobile app development 

There are numerous factors and points which you need to consider before starting eCommerce mobile app development. Below we’ve listed few important points. So, check them out! 

1. Decide the platform  

The multitude of platforms for which you wish to design your E-commerce app will significantly affect prices. The platform you’ve chosen your application must be determined on the audience you’re trying to reach. If you’re targeting users in the United States or the United Kingdom, it’s best to start with an IOS eCommerce app development. In addition, the platform you choose is determined by the type of app you intend to create. If you’d like an app that works on Android and IOS, cross-platform app development is the way to go. 

2. Decide the app’s design 

The user interface of your bespoke eCommerce app may build or break your company’s image. It is among the most crucial aspects to contemplate during the bespoke eCommerce mobile app development. Furthermore, the eCommerce application’s features and functionalities determine the user experience it offers; thus, there are no limitations to be taken here. The more functionality you add, the more money you’ll have to spend.  

3. Select the right tech stack 

Selecting the right tech stack plays a vital role in app’s development. That’s why hiring a professional eCommerce app development company to handle all of the technological aspects of the design so that you can concentrate on branding and other vital aspects of your E-commerce App is the safer and more straightforward alternative today. Besides, you can even hire eCommerce developers from the best eCommerce mobile app development company to ease all the project development tasks and activities. 

At Matellio, we provide highly efficient eCommerce development solutions based on your customized for a faster and more engaging buying experience for your clients for your eCommerce store. 

Why choose Matellio for eCommerce mobile app development? 

At Matellio, we build best-in-class eCommerce app solutions for all types of businesses. We worked with a variety of businesses to provide online eCommerce solutions that meet their needs. 

We have a brilliant team of eCommerce app developers with extensive expertise in designing, building, and managing eCommerce apps for both Android and IOS. We can give a best-in-class eCommerce solution at cost-effective pricing that enables you to go beyond your market rapidly, whether you’d like to transform your existing business into an eCommerce app or develop an application that came up with a new concept. 

Our development procedure is easy and transparent, and both developers and clients may track it at any time. We work according to the goals set forth in the project and finish them without delay to meet the deadline.

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Bespoke eCommerce Mobile App Development


Thanks to eCommerce mobile app development, customers will benefit in more ways than you may anticipate, which will enhance your profits. As you’ve been familiar with bespoke eCommerce app development, their benefits, the process of making them, and their beneficial features, you should consider developing one for your eCommerce company.  

If you are searching for the best eCommerce App Development Company for your project, you can contact Matellio. Before designing an app, we conduct extensive market research to determine the objectives to create an app that meets their and your needs to the greatest extent possible.