How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Airbnb?


The ideal balance of technologies has completely transformed the e-hospitality landscape. The modern world has seen radical transformations. Many individuals, particularly young people, over the world, are enthralled by the concept of travel. Many people will travel in order to experience different cultures and expand their perspectives. The majority of the countries and cultures are welcoming to everyone. As a result, we now have more opportunities to learn new things about the globe and discover new places. An app like Airbnb has come to the aid of tourists who travel frequently and encounter a variety of issues along the way. 

What is the most common issue that many enthusiastic vacationers and business travellers face? It entails locating suitable accommodations in an unfamiliar location. With an app like Airbnb, though, it’s no problem at all; the entire process of finding the correct housing in the right area in an unfamiliar city, state, or country is becoming so smart and easy.  

Airbnb is among the most widely used travel apps in the world. It quickly became one of the world’s most popular platforms and the first pick of any traveller. As per Statista, the number of Airbnb users is predicted to increase to 45.6 million by 2022. The public sector has opened up a slew of new investment options, and many entrepreneurs are excited about the prospect of creating an app like Airbnb. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re wondering how to benefit from this approach.  

In this blog, we will discuss all travel mobile app development like: 

  • How much does it cost to develop an app like Airbnb?  
  • How to build an app like Airbnb? 
  • Features you need to consider during travel app development! 
  • Why to invest in travel app development? And much more. 


Let’s have a look at how Airbnb works before we get into the crux of how to make an app like Airbnb! 

Airbnb: what & how it works?

Airbnb is a rental booking application that allows users to book inexpensive and amazing accommodations all around the world. Users can hire everything from a single room to a suite and even a castle for their stay. Airbnb operates as a middleman between homeowners and customers looking to reserve a room. Airbnb works as a middleman between guests and house owners, charging both parties a 10% service fee. Based on the booking price, it charges between 6% and 12% of the total. In addition, for credit card processing, Airbnb charges the host 3% of each guest booking.  

Airbnb’s business strategy operates in the following manner:  

  • For Property Owners: The Airbnb app allows the owners of registered homes to list their properties. They must offer pricing, terms and conditions, amenities given, and other information. 
  • For travellers – Travelers can then use their app to browse their homes in any given place and examine the property’s information. Based on the homestay’s terms and conditions, travellers can reserve the homestay for a whole day, a week, or indeed a month.  
  • The homeowner then receives a request through the Airbnb app and confirms the guests’ booking. 
  • The guest then sends the remaining balance to the host after Airbnb deducts the bookings commission.  

This way Airbnb works. When creating an app like Airbnb, it’s critical to include some unique and novel features so that customers see the value in trying something new. However, there are a few functions that are absolutely necessary for such an app, and they must be included. Let’s move forward and discuss,  

Key Features you need to consider during travel app development!

Understanding the key functionalities of an app like Airbnb is critical to answering the question “how much does a hotel booking app cost,” as it covers the majority of the total expenditures. When developing an app like Airbnb, be sure to include the following features:  

  • Filter – Airbnb’s main feature is its powerful filtered search. They make it simple to select lodging based on location, price, preferred check-in time, and a variety of other factors.  
  • Wish list – When you browse anything, you’re likely to come across a number of items that you’d like to store for later – simply add them to a wishlist. This feature is critical for retaining customers. They can save favourite accommodations, and if the price of a wishlist choice reduces, you can notify the user and reclaim their attention. 
  • Manage bookings – Service providers must be able to identify their capabilities, which necessitates a strong available and booking management system. Users can schedule appointments on days that are suitable for them. This feature makes it easier to make a successful reservation and prevents double bookings. 
  • Live chat – When a user has decided on a house, the following step is to communicate with a host to confirm that it is available and to ask any follow-up questions. You’ll need messaging features like sending messages, tracking delivery, and indications that show how long the individual has been online.  
  • Check rooms – It allows consumers to see a variety of booking alternatives for a property. They can also acquire information based on photos, descriptions, maps, reviews, ratings, rates, house rules, cancellation policies, minimum booking periods, and other amenities.  
  • Dashboard – Allowing users to see their progress, such as how much they earn, is always a fantastic thing to keep them involved and inspired. There will be a lot of figures and graphs on this page, so hire a skilled travel app development company to make it easy to browse.  
  • Maps – Users of Airbnb have found that using maps has made the booking process much easier. Users can pinpoint the particular location or area in which they want to stay. The map then displays all of the possible rentals. 
  • Payment – Airbnb and other similar e – commerce sites must ensure that providers deliver what was ordered and that purchasers pay the agreed-upon fee. The ideal approach to accomplish this is to collect payment from the buyer in advance and then transfer it to the provider only after the service has been rendered.  
  • Booking history – The Booking History feature allows you to see previous and new bookings, as well as receive notifications about the current state of each reservation, which may be modified, amended, or cancelled. 
  • Cancel trip – It might be aggravating when the hosts cancel the reservation at the last minute. You must act in the best choice of your audience and charge a cancellation fee for last-minute cancellations. To reduce cancellations even further, you can add a number of cancellations to the host’s profile and block calendar dates, preventing the host from raising prices at the last minute. Another option is to provide a nearby rental location if the host cancels the reservation unexpectedly.  

As we’ve discussed the few, now let’s check, Planning-to-Get-a-Bespoke-Travel-And-Hotel-Booking-App

How to build a hotel booking app? 

In order to make your travel mobile app development a huge hit, then you need to focus more on below points: 

1. Research on your idea 

When starting any product development or entrepreneurial enterprise, the first thing you need do is make a plan for the project. Having a vision for what you really want to achieve is a critical metric for determining whether the development process is on track. 

That’s where you come up with the app’s concept. Try to figure out what the issue is that you’re seeking to address. Come up with several, original, and unique approaches to solve the problem to set your concept apart from others.  

2. Focus on App’s UI/UX 

The UI/UX design must have a user-friendly interface. The app’s purpose is to offer a completely mobile experience that is both intuitive and simple to use. 

A system application’s efficiency is determined by how well prospective customers perceive and use the application’s features. The goal of using UI/UX to develop a phone app is to create a one-of-a-kind user experience that is appealing, straightforward, and easy to use. Good interface design helps in the initial phases of development.  

3. Make Wireframes 

Colour frameworks and patterns are less important to wireframes than aesthetic profitability and customer experience. Wireframes are a quick and best approach to create app templates and iterate on them during the design phase. Keep the device-specific strategy in mind when creating wireframes. So it wouldn’t matter whether your app is used on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet; it enables for simple and device-specific usage patterns. 

4. Ensure QA 

Quality assurance (QA) testing is an essential stage of the mobile app development process since it guarantees the app’s reliability, performance, and security. You must create test scenarios that cover every aspect of checking the developed application to ensure that it has been thoroughly assessed. Your hotel booking app should push through the following testing steps to achieve a superb mobility outcome.  


5. Choose the revenue models 

Airbnb earns the majority of its money through service fees collected from bookings. Guests are expected to pay a service fee of between 6% and 12%, depending on the amount of the reservation. Here’s a breakdown of how Airbnb makes money.  

  • Host commissions – For each confirmed booking, Airbnb collects a 10% commission from the hosts. 
  • Transaction charge– To finance payment processing on the platform, hosts must pay a 3% transaction fee. 
  • Services charge – Airbnb levies a service fee of 6 percent to 12 percent of the entire reservation to the guest. 
  • Promoted listing – Airbnb charges hosts a fee to advertise their listings over others in order to acquire more attention. 

6. Security  

Straightforward security measures can be used to safeguard the safety of your users. Keep in mind to limit third-party apps or providers, and to provide a control that prohibits users from giving their agreement to a level of access they do not want. Encrypt data as it is stored locally, across a network, and on your servers. A comprehensive encryption database should be available. Simple tamper-proofing techniques should be included in the app. Finally, make advantage of authorization and authentication, and ensure that the API on which the app relies uses secure authentication.  

As you’ve seen the key points which you need to consider, now let’s talk about! 

How much does it cost to develop an app like Airbnb? 

The cost to build a hotel booking app depends on the factors like: 

  • Features 
  • Region 
  • Technologies used 
  • Application complexity, and many more 

If you want more in-depth information about travel mobile app development costs, then you need to contact a travel app development company. 



The tourism industry is among of those industries that never goes out of style. Building a travel mobile app that assists tourists in finding a place to reside will never go out of style.  

As a result, it is an excellent segment for mobile app development, but just before investing, it is critical to do a thorough research to ensure that the app’s potential for growth, such as Airbnb, has always been strong.    

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