12 Must-Have Features for Your eLearning Mobile App

12 Must Have Features for Your eLearning Mobile App

From chalkboards to ipads and from notebooks to ipencil’s, we have come a long way. The educations systems have revolutionised and so have the ways to study with the eLearning mobile app.

The advancements in technology are continually changing the ways of teaching and learning. Thanks to the eLearning platforms and eLearning apps, the students or tutors need not be present physically in the classrooms. They can download an eLearning mobile app and have a vast world of learning right at their fingertips.

Amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19, the trend of learning via an eLearning mobile app has become so popular that many institutes and universities have switched to mobile apps for eLearning. 

Apart from offering a tremendous learning experience, the eLearning mobile app is also an outstanding business. With great popularity and high demand, these apps have become absolute favourites of people of all age groups alike.

If you also wish to make an eLearning mobile app and have an idea in mind, this blog is just the right place. Here you will get an insight into the benefits, reasons to invest, and must-have features in the eLearning app.

So let’s dive right in.

What is an eLearning app and its benefits?

Unlike the traditional learning system, E-learning apps are stored on the webserver and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. These apps allow the students to engage in learning activities like reading, taking a test, performing interactive activities, submitting responses, present a seminar in a virtual environment.

An eLearning web app exposes the students to various content that includes educational videos, books, pdfs, games, podcasts, etc. These learning platforms provide the learning material at the learner’s convenience so that the students are not burdened with a lot of information at a given time.

For instance, the most popular apps like Coursera, Udemy, and Udacity let the students take up the courses according to their preferred field and strat learning as per their convenience.

These eLearning apps have a lot of benefits as compared to the traditional learning system. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • A colossal collection of educational materials
  • Accessed from anywhere and at any time
  • Provides excellent learning experience to students.
  • Is customisable and provides learning opportunities depending on the student
  • Quick delivery of study materials in the form of videos, pictures, or pdfs
  • Reduced costs in comparison to tuitions.
  • Allows learners to track their progress in real-time.

With excellent benefits, let us know has the eLearning taken over the market in the last few years. 

Looking For eLearning App Development

eLearning App Market Trends

The rapid growth and evolutions in the learning industry are reshaping the study experience. In the year 2021, online education is expected to achieve high engagement and facilitate better learning to enhance students’ performance.

World wide eLearning market has increased by 200% between 2017 and 2020 and is expected to witness an exponential rise of over $300 billion by the year 2025. According to a study conducted by Gallup, a Washington based company, 71 per cent of the people have accepted that eLearning makes the concepts more precise and more understandable than the traditional way of classroom teaching.

In addition to the above facts, more than 60% of people use their mobile phones to search for study materials in the form of ebooks, pdfs or videos.

With so many stats pointing towards the exponential growth of eLearning mobile apps, we can say that apps for eLearning will be the next big thing when it comes to learning in the next few years.

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Why invest in a mobile e-learning app?

As mentioned earlier, the eLearning app market is booming; thus, investing in developing the eLearning mobile app will be wise.

By the next four years, mobile learning will be accessible to everyone, and the developers will focus more on the use of virtual reality. VR will help the learners to understand complex things efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, personalised learning will allow everyone to learn and grow more in their interest, which will boost a student’s performance. However, the eLearning mobile apps will still have scope for Instructor-led training (ILT), but more focus will be on self-directed learning.

Therefore, we can easily predict that online education will majorly shift to the eLearning applications, which is the best time to invest in one. 

And if you ask how to make the e-Learning mobile app successful and what should it include?

Well, we have you covered.

Top Features of On-Demand eLearning Mobile App

On Demand eLearning appA comprehensive learning environment depends upon the education tools and robust technological assets. There can be a variety of features that you can include in your eLearning app. The features should focus on making the whole learning experience easy, effective, and powerful, from videos to interactive games and self-assessment tests to online certificates.

Here we will talk about the top features of the on-demand eLearning mobile apps that are a must-have if you are looking forward to making an eLearning Mobile app.

1. Registration on the app:

For the students and the faculties to use the app, they will need to undergo a registration and authentication process. Thus, they will have to provide a unique phone number and password for logging into the app. They should also be able to sign in via their Facebook or Google accounts.

A learners account should include,

  • User info and profile pic
  • List of active/completed courses
  • Information about certificates/points/credits
  • Purchase history
  • Settings page

A faculties profile should have:

  • Info page (with information about degree or establishment they represent)
  • List of added courses

2. Search bars and filters

An eLearning app is a plethora of courses, and the students cannot flip through every course to search for the one that suits their requirements. Thus, the eLearning apps need to have a search tool that can assist them with finding the course of their choice. Most of the popular e-learning platforms offer:

  • Search bars where users enter keywords;
  • Categories on the main page;
  • Filters (by level, price, language, rates, and so on);
  • Recommending similar or most popular courses to students.

3. Students and faculties dashboard

A dashboard is a common place where users can track their progress and get insights about their studies or work. The students can see their courses, course completion, and stats, while the faculties can keep track of the number of students, hours they have attended, ratings, and earnings from the platforms.

4. Courses platforms

Most of the courses include study material like videos, podcasts, recordings, interactive textbooks. Thus, every course should showcase the course description, information about the creators, and the list of topics. This will help the learner analyse whether the course is suitable for them or not.

To make the course more authentic, you can also add the review sections that will inform the users about the course’s benefits.

You can also add a certificate section at the end of the course to make the course look more fruitful and effective.

eLearning Application

5. Payment procedures

If your eLearning app is based on paid courses, it also requires some convenient way for the students to pay for the courses. You can integrate some trustworthy payment gateways like PayPal, payment wallets, credit and debit cards, and internet banking.

Ensure that the payment procedures are secure, fast, and channelised, or else that will create an issue regarding the ease of using the app.

6. Personal course building

eLearning platforms should have convenient course-making tools for students to add or delete their study materials quickly. If the learners have hired teachers for learning, the teachers should also add videos, pdfs, ppts, or links to make the course more advanced and comprehensive. 

7. Notifications alerts

Notifications play an essential role when it comes to mobile apps. You should have a seamless notification feature to inform the students about any updates. You can easily inform about some new courses, recommend study materials, and notify about learning schedule. For instance, sending a newsletter or a monthly report with personalised recommendations is a better idea than sending out promotional emails.

8. Administration panel

An admin panel is the most vital thing that an app should have and all these features. The admins should be able to manage the content, and the users should be able to add to delete the courses as per their convenience. 

They should also be able to check stats, manage and send notifications and newsletters.

9. Compiling various tools

The best feature of the eLearning app is that it offers a mixed learning environment. Your eLearning mobile app should offer a blend of self-learning and faculty learning. Moreover, an effective learning management system can also include video conferencing to learn in a virtual classroom and the learners of the same course. 

e-Learning Mobile App

10. Regular Reporting

One of the most attractive features of LMS is reporting. The reports give you a complete picture of students’ performance, commitments, and fulfilment of the course. The eLearning app should have a feature of scoring and passing to evaluate their skills and prepare for further assessments based on the same. You can also add web-based preparation assets and guarantee that they are getting the data they need to accomplish the ideal results.

11. Natural User Interface

An eLearning platform does not succeed if it has a slow, choppy, or lousy interface. The LMS must be smooth to use and should have accessible features to be able to be accessed by people of all age groups. Ideally, it should have perfect alignment of the dashboards, courses, and panels that can be edited as per the users’ convenience. 

12. Chatbots

Chatbots are the new way of interacting with users. The users can quickly come to the platform and talk to integrated chat support to answer all their queries. In addition to it, they can simply enter their questions, searches, or courses, and a chatbot can answer them according to their preferences.

Moreover, the chatbots will also be able to respond 24*7. As a result, enhancing the user experience and leading to your app’s better performance.

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eLearning Mobile App

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