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With the robust Open Source CRM software, it's time to make the most out of your business and streamline your workflow. Our professional team of Open-Source CRM developers can design exceptional apps and integrate features as per your needs that empower you to do more.
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    What is Open Source CRM Software Solution?

    The CRMs falling under this category are an open-source platform, cloud-based, on-premise solution that handles sales, marketing, account management, and customer relationship management needs. Open-source CRM allows the organisation to take control over the CRM solution andfurther develop the open source CRM software to meet its business goals.
    Open source offers various features such as customisable home pages, a new-user “wizard” tool, an easy access shortcut bar and downloadable plug-ins. The software supports various systems and servers, including Windows, MySQL, SQL Server, Linux, and Oracle systems and can run on Windows or Mac operating system.
    Simple CRM Process
    Customised to Needs
    Third Party Systems
    Third-party Systems
    Mobile Access
    Mobile Access
    Offline Client Sync feature
    Offline Client Sync Feature
    Project Management
    Project Management

    Our Open Source CRM Services

    We customise open-source technology by making it fit for your business needs. We offer all the CRM enterprise solutions, IT infrastructure management, deployment and integration.


    Open Source Ecommerce Development

    Ecommerce Development

    We provide open-source eCommerce development services that lets you have complete flexibility and control over the stores and customer base, allowing you to create sites that provide excellent customer experience using engine optimisation, catalogue management, marketing tools etc.

    Open Source CMS

    Open-Source CMS

    Our experts CRM developers design open-source Content Management System solutions that facilitate multi-site functionality, allowing easy management and control of available content and integrating platforms with third-party technology such as content monetisation tools to increase revenue and brand awareness.

    Open Source CRM Solutions

    Open-Source CRM Solutions

    Our CRM development experts provide open-source CRM solutions that simply manage the pipeline, speeds up deal nurturing, fosters better collaboration with various communication tools, and automates day-to-day processes that frees up your workforce for other major tasks.

    Open-Source Software Solutions

    Matellio develops custom open-source software solutions along with the websites, web apps and services, databases, analytics, cloud, networking, CRM and ERP, automation testing, distributed systems, and more. Our solutions are customised according to the industry and business needs.

    Open Source Integration

    Open-Source Integration

    Our open-source integration solutions enable the customisation of software integrations and facilitate seamless on-premises or cloud applications. The open-source CRM components are designed for production deployments, such as performance supervision, high availability, and security.

    Open Source Software Development

    Software Development

    Our expert team of CRM developers are experts in open-source software solutions and services for various industries, providing end-to-end services including the custom development, UI / UX design, integration, rapid prototyping, customisations, migrations, security programming etc.

    Enjoy the Benefits of Open-Source CRM Software Development.

    Automate your business today
    Hire CRM Software Developers

    Benefits of choosing Open source CRM services for your business

    Make the most out of Open source CRM solutions & empower your business.
    Boost Sales

    Boost Sales

    With the help of Open source CRM, you can identify, cater and monitor the hot leads to turn your potential clients into the permanent customers.

    Work from anywhere

    Work From Anywhere

    Open source CRM mobile lets you take your business on the go and critical access data from wherever you like.

    CRM Software Solution
    Take Quick Decisions

    Take Quick Decisions

    Get accurate data from across your organisation using reports and analytic feature of Open source CRM software and make better decisions.

    Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    Enhanced Satisfaction

    Open source CRM offers all the customer data to your team and the history that lets you offer them personalised services.

    Why Choose Matellio for Custom Open Source CRM Software Development?

    Stay ahead of the curve with stellar Open source CRM solutions and fuel your business with a powerful CRM solution.
    Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    Matellio understands that your CRM solutions are vital to grabbing client attention. This is why our dedicated Open source CRM developers implement various tools to improve performance and make it flawless.

    Years of Expertise

    Years of Expertise

    Our skilled team of Open source developers with an experience of working across various projects across diverse industries verticals. With our years of experience, we craft the best possible solutions for your business needs.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Optimal quality and seamless integration are the core requirements for creating robust CRM solutions. Our Open source CRM development solutions are capable of working seamlessly with automated and manual tests.

    Customised Solutions

    Customised Solutions

    We provide tailor-fit solutions based on the individual needs of clients and your work processes. Our CRM team will work round the clock to develop custom Open source CRM solutions based on your business.

    Client Oriented


    With our agile technologies, we design solutions while keeping our clients’ needs in mind. Our clients are the centre of all our development processes without compromising the quality of the projects.

    Support Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    With the right team of Open source CRM developers, we have a fully optimised CRM development that will offer you support and maintenance for your software so that your business delivers excellent performance.

    Process of Hiring CRM Developers from Matellio

    We keep it simple for our clients to hire CRM developers for their next project with the most common hiring models.
    • 1

      Request For Quotation

      Talk to Experts
      Market Analysis
      Feasibility Check
      Cost & Time Estimation

    • 2

      Requirement Planning

      Initial Designs
      Estimated Work Hours
      Sprint Planning

    • 3

      Development & Testing

      Building the team

    • 4

      Support & Maintenance

      Software Updation
      Adding Custom Features
      Post-launch Support

    Client reviews

    We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
    Richard Sylwander

    CEO, Foxrey

    Our project was both complex & challenging, but Matellio has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, speed & communication.
    Drew Benson

    Founder, Ostrij

    Matellio successfully delivered a well-coded platform that our business essentially revolves around.
    Rajeev Sharma

    Director, Tracking Genie

    Matellio developed an efficient website and app to allow users to track a vehicle's speed and receive reports of vehicles seamlessly.
    Ticia Mcillwain

    Sky Valley, California

    We’ve worked hard to align with each other’s expectations and that makes for a great relationship.
    Jeff Lunceford

    CEO, Landscapper LLC

    I greatly appreciate the work that Matellio's team did for me. I would never been able to accomplish development without their skills.
    Chris Eberhardt

    Founder, TimeLock Documentation

    Matellio was involved in the design, development, and testing phases … They’re very well-rounded in that regard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to the most common Open source CRM development questions by the experts

    1. What are Open source CRM solutions?

    Open CRM gives organisations control over the CRM solution and can further develop the open-source CRM software to meet its own business goals best. Businesses of all sizes use open source CRM from small business to the enterprise across all vertical markets. Open source CRM solutions available today include OpenCRX, SugarCRM Community Edition and Zurmo Open Source CRM.

    2. How can Open source CRM solutions be beneficial for my business?

    The Open source CRM helps you with numerous aspects of business that includes,    

    • Boost sale    
    • Efficient. business process    
    • Tactical. decision making    
    • Data security and compliance    
    • Mobile. accessibility    
    • Better customer satisfaction


    3. How is Open source integration helpful to my customers?

    With the help of Open source solutions, you can work on a single platform and will not have to switch between different apps or platforms for various tasks which will help you in delivering faster and better services to your clients. You can also cater to the diverse needs of potential and existing customers quickly to market your business in a better way. Open source CRM software will also let you optimise your data, maintain leads and keep a check on marketing progresses.

    4. Can I opt for Open source software development for my small-scale business?

    Open source CRM integration will be one of your significant investments when it comes to business. You can easily manage your customers right from the starting of your business which is crucial for your growth. You can also save the costs of integrating multiple CRM software by investing in Open source development services.

    5. How is Open source CRM different from Salesforce CRM?

    Salesforce CRM offers a separate product Marketing Cloud with dedicated marketing features. At the same time, Open source has other products dedicated to customer service like Open source Desk. Open source CRM offers essential Customer Support and Service management features for tickets (cases), knowledge base, case assignment and escalation.

    6. How do Open source CRM works?

    Open source CRM helps users respond to customers across channels in real-time. Zia, Open source CRM’s AI-powered assistant can easily predict the best time to contact customers, scans emails for urgency, can display relevant statistics or documents when performing searches.

    7. Do you own Open-source CRM software?

    No, we do not own the Open-source CRM software. Our CRM developers will work on Open-source CRM software based on your business needs and integrate the same into your systems. We will also offer extended support and functionalities while integrating the CRM services for hassle-free use.

    8. Why should I choose Matellio as an Open source development company?

    Matellio offers the best in industry Open source CRM development solutions with a team of expert Open source CRM developers. With the help of our experienced team, we ensure excellent solutions and an array of services ranging from migration and Upgradation to mobile development and Open source API. Get in touch with us to explore various best-in-class solutions from Matellio.

    9. What are the pricing models for hiring Open source developers?

    We have a flexible engagement model for hiring developers that include,   

    • Dedicated Developers Model   
    • Turnkey Project Model   
    • Time and Material Basis Model

    10. Can I opt for NDAs?

    Yes, you can opt for an NDA at any stage of development, and we make sure to comply with all the NDA rules to maintain the security and integrity of the development process.